You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re in search of the finest postgraduate health courses in UK. The healthcare sector is booming globally, and U.K. universities are adamant about providing quality education in every sector for international students. Whether you are a nursing professional or have studied psychology, social work, medicine, or physiotherapy, you can find several postgraduate health courses in the UK that can allow you to progress with your career in the healthcare sector in the U.K. or worldwide.

Depending on your existing qualification and career objectives, you can go for postgraduate health courses in the U.K., which features a major research component, or you can opt for a shorter diploma or certification course which only has an academic component.

Let’s learn more about the postgraduate health courses in the U.K. for which international students can enrol.

Postgraduate Health Courses in the UK for International Students

1. Nursing

The U.K. is home to quality healthcare facilities, including world-renowned hospitals, which is why U.K. universities have to prepare an advanced specialist skill set among nurses so they can cater to the needs of the patients. However, the nursing courses offered by U.K. universities are not limited to local students but are also offered to international students.

The postgraduate health courses in the U.K. for nursing, which is the MSc program for nurses, is a highly regarded program offered by the U.K. universities for international students as it aspires students to take up higher roles in clinical practice, leadership, education, and research. Most MSc programmes range between one to two years and allow you to specialize in one of the four disciplines; adults, children, mental health, and learning disabilities.

Some of the universities offering nursing degrees include the following:

Most universities require a Bachelor’s degree in nursing or other relevant degrees in other relevant disciplines, such as Sociology, Medicine, and Psychology.

2. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy makes another one of popular postgraduate healthcare courses in the U.K. universities for international students. Most universities in the U.K. offer MSc programmes for international students designed to develop individuals into competent and qualified physiotherapists so they can register as a physiotherapist and pursue their careers successfully.

The MSc program for physiotherapy usually takes two years to complete and requires a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline along with a minimum IELTS score of 7.0 as the English Language requirement. International students applying for the MSc program will be required to complete all other admission requirements of the specific university which they choose.

Some of the popular choices of universities for an MSc in physiotherapy include

3. Clinical Research

Postgraduate health courses in the UK can be based on clinical research, and they often make a great choice for individuals looking forward to a career in the field of health-related and clinical research. International students can choose between the longer MSc program or can opt for a more comprehensive P.G. certificate or diploma, which are designed to cover the fundamental concepts and methods of clinical research.

Postgraduate certification and diploma can be completed without any research work; however, if you complete the research requirement following the training, you can get an MSc degree.

Postgraduate programmes offered in clinical research can range between one to three years. The actual length of the program will depend on the level of study and the university of your choice. International students applying for this program must have a Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects and meet all other university admission requirements of their choice.

Top 6 postgraduate health courses in uk for international students

Some of the universities offering postgraduate health courses in the UK in clinical research include the following.

4. Nutrition

One of the other postgraduate healthcare courses in the U.K. that has an increasing global demand is nutrition. Students who enrol in postgraduate programmes related to nutrition are equipped with an insight into the knowledge of nutrition and its implications on health and health conditions.

Completion of a postgraduate degree in nutrition allows you to specialize in related fields like clinical nutrition, public health and nutrition, obesity, weight management, and exercise and sports nutrition.

A Master’s program in nutrition typically takes one year to complete and requires students to have a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition or any other relevant science subject. You can check the specific requirements of your desired university prior to seeking admission. Some of the universities in the U.K. offering postgraduate programmes in nutrition for international students include

5. Health Informatics

Health informatics makes one of the growing professional fields in the U.K. and around the world. Thanks to the increasing importance and need for the digitisation of healthcare. When you enrol` in a postgraduate health course related to health informatics, the degree program will introduce you to the role of I.T. in creating patient-oriented healthcare systems, integration of multiple healthcare systems and use of data to analyse trends and drive improvements.

Health informatics makes an ideal career choice for individuals who wish to pursue a career in healthcare outside the clinical domain. Completion of a postgraduate degree in health informatics takes around one year. A relevant Bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite.

Some of the universities that make an excellent choice to pursue a postgraduate degree in health informatics include

6. Mental Health

Mental health conditions affect around 25% of the population in the world. Globally, around 20% of children and adolescents have a mental health condition. And the numbers are increasing in a post-pandemic world. Hence, individuals and practitioners who are trained to care and support individuals with mental health concerns are in high demand in the U.K. and around the world. Therefore, overseas students interested in studying healthcare will find that postgraduate health courses in the UK in mental wellness are among the best options available..

Completing a postgraduate programme in mental health takes one year to complete. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology, nursing, or any other relevant discipline is a must, along with other admission requirements such as English Language requirement, a personal statement, and other necessary documents, which may vary from university to university.

Some of the universities in the U.K. offering postgraduate degree programmes in mental health include

Enrol in Postgraduate Health Courses in the U.K.

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Which health care course is best in UK?

Top specialisations for healthcare courses in the UK
• Toxicology
• Mental Health
• Optometry
• Physiotherapy
• Pharmacology
• Clinical Research
• Leadership and Management in Healthcare
• Occupational Therapy

What are the eligibility criteria for international students applying to postgraduate health courses in the UK?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific course and university. Generally, applicants need a relevant undergraduate degree or equivalent qualifications. Additionally, English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL might be required for non-native English speakers.

Are scholarships or financial aid available for international students pursuing postgraduate health courses in the UK?

Many universities offer scholarships, grants, or bursaries specifically for international students undertaking health-related courses. Applicants can explore various funding opportunities provided by universities, government schemes, or external organisations.

What is the duration of postgraduate health courses in the UK?

The duration of postgraduate health courses typically ranges from one to two years for master’s programmes. However, the duration may vary depending on the specific course structure and mode of study (full-time or part-time).

What career prospects can international students expect after completing postgraduate health courses in the UK?

Graduates from postgraduate health courses in the UK have diverse career options. They can pursue careers in public health, healthcare administration, clinical research, healthcare consultancy, epidemiology, health policy-making, and more, both within the UK and globally.

What is the highest paid job in healthcare UK?

Here are some of the highest paying medical roles:

• Medical director
• Neurosurgeon
• Anaesthetist
• Plastic surgeon
• Psychiatrist
• Cardiologist
• Director of nursing
• Clinical director