Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is a public university situated in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. The university was formed as Manchester Polytechnic in 1970. Later on, in the year 1992, it got the status of a full university. Moreover, the university has collaborated with Manchester School of Art, Manchester School of Theater as well as the Manchester School of Architecture.

This institution acts for the key areas in higher education excellence. These indicators mean this university’s teaching, research, and citation are up to the mark. This is how the university maintains its international outlook. The university believes that they are a great, modern university, in a great global city and they are here to make an impact.


Manchester Polytechnic gained university status on 15 September 1992 under the wide-sweeping Further and Higher Education Act 1992. Manchester Metropolitan University joined and started a lot of other organizations after getting full university recognition.

Such as-

  • Manchester School of Physiotherapy (nowadays it offers a 3-year undergraduate Hons. degree)
  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Wethington Hospital

Ranking & Achievements

  • NSS 2021 Rank-124
  • QS Ranking- 801-1000
  • THE- 601–800
  • The Guardian-62

Purpose of the University

The university wants to build a culture where:

  • Fairness and inclusion are the foundational part of everything they can do
  • Diversity is valued and celebrated in the campus
  • The university committee promotes good relations between diverse people
  • The university also makes sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity in the campus



The university has 5 faculties, research centers and a large number of departments, schools and professional support service.

The faculties are:

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities (13 departments/ schools)
  • Faculty of Business and Law (7 departments/ schools)
  • Faculty of Education (2 departments/ schools)
  • Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care (5 departments/ schools)
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering (5 departments/ schools)

Student Statistics

  • Undergraduate – 79%

  • Postgraduate – 21%

  • Full-time students – 85%

  • Part-time students – 15%

  • UK students – 92%

  • EU students – 3%

  • International students – 6%

  • Female – 58%

  • Male – 42%

Fees and Scholarship

The tuition fee £14,500-16,500 of Manchester Metropolitan University has three categories.

Such as-

  • UK Students
  • EU Students
  • International Students

If you want to study at a UK university as an international student, a scholarship will be a big help. The university offers scholarships from two different sources for international students.

Such as-

  • The university they’ll attend
  • Other international organization

Furthermore, the university offers multiple scholarships for international students. They are:

General and Chancellor’s International Award

The university analyzes the profile of international students. If the university thinks the student is eligible for getting an offer letter they can also get a general scholarship. The students do not need to apply separately for this scholarship. Moreover, the foreign student can receive the prestigious Chancellors and vice-chancellor’s international scholarship as well. The scholarship is only awarded to the most brilliant brains. Also, you need to apply for this university.

Postgraduate Course Specific Scholarship

The five faculties of the university also provide scholarships to international students. The available scholarships are:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Law
  • Education
  • Health, Psychology and Social Care
  • Science and Engineering
  • Research Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Leading Athletes
  • Other University Benefit
  • Other International Funding
  • Students from the United States

Facilities and Services

The students of this university can enjoy state of the art teaching and learning facilities that includes:

  • Dedicated Student Hub
  • Career and Employability Hub
  • Lectures Theaters
  • Seminar Rooms configured for various learning styles and activities
  • Dedicated IT and technology suites with PCs, Macs and laptops
  • Group study and discussion zones
  • Individual study space
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the campus

There are laptop bars on every floor of the campus. The students can plug in their laptops there and can connect to the internet for studying. The students have some other facilities for postgraduate and PhD students.

Such as-

  • Dedicated facilities for postgraduate and PhD students
  • Teaching and Learning spaces
  • On-site facilities
  • Sustainable building
  • Business School Awards

Student Life

The university understands that the lives of the students in the campus are busy and their circumstances are unique. The university expert tutors offer support with academic writing, numeracy, specific learning difficulties, study skills and assistive technologies. Moreover, the students can access support through one-to-one appointments, live webinars or online resources. In addition, the university believes that the place is more than educational studies rather it’s an opportunity to learn something new.

The Manchester students can do a lot of things from societies and sports groups, to trips around the city. Furthermore, the campus of Manchester is vibrant, friendly and a fun place. There are lots of ways a student can get involved in university life, and facilities and services to support their study experience. Also, Manchester is one of the best cities to live in.


The university offers guaranteed accommodation for full-time undergraduate students. The students need to apply for accommodation within the given time. The residential houses of this university are located near the university campus.

The students’ accommodation is also fully equipped with everything the students require. Such as internet, inclusive bills, study space, contents insurance, social areas and many more.


The campus is located within a short walk of Manchester City Center and walking distance, or a short bus ride, from their accommodation. With a range of public transport options, getting further afield and exploring the city from your new home is easy. The students will explore frequent bus and train service throughout the city. There is a discount option for the ongoing students as well.

Moreover, the students can use the free metro shuttle in Manchester City Center. Metro Shuttles are free buses linking the main rail stations, car parks, shopping areas and businesses of Manchester City Center. There are also trams and bicycles available for the Manchester citizens. Manchester is highly connected with its tram service (metro link) that offers a convenient way to move around the city. Moreover, the city has an extra bicycle lane for the citizens.

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