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Up to £4000 in PG & up to £9000 in UG Scholarships revealed in London South Bank University


London South Bank University(LSBU) is becoming a popular name among UK universities and also offering International LSBU Scholarship of £1,500 to £13,400 for Students. . After 100 years of its birth, it gained the status of a University in 1992. Previously it was called as Borough Polytechnic Institute. In 2003, The University adopts its new name ‘London South Bank University’. Being a proud diverse institute LSBU serves students from more than 130 countries. Its Teaching Excellence Framework is Silver. The most fantastic thing to mark about LSBU is that The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018 and [...]

Up to £4000 in PG & up to £9000 in UG Scholarships revealed in London South Bank University2021-02-26T06:53:48+00:00

The Times Higher Education University of the Year 2020 Winners Announced


WHAT IS "THE" ABOUT? Times Higher Education (THE) is a London based ruling education publication of the United Kingdom. Previously it was known as Times Higher Education Supplement (THE). From 1991 to 2008 it used to serve as a newspaper that mainly published higher education-related topics. On 10th January 2008 Times Higher Education (THE) started its new journey as a weekly magazine. Now, it serves the world of education by publishing The World University Rankings and Awards. The 2020 Times Higher Education announced the nominations in several categories, with the most prestigious category for the University of the Year 2020. [...]

The Times Higher Education University of the Year 2020 Winners Announced2021-02-06T05:47:01+00:00

The Ultimate Guide to Ace Your UCAS Interview


University interviews can be overwhelming, especially if you have never had a formal interview before. If you have been invited for interview at one or more of the universities to which you have applied, do not panic, this is your chance to shine. It is the mark of an outstanding application to be invited to attend an interview, but you will be competing against other strong candidates, so it is important to prepare well. We have prepared the ultimate guide for you to ace your UCAS interview. Practice Common Questions Try to prepare answers to common questions before appearing for [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Ace Your UCAS Interview2021-02-18T12:14:33+00:00

How to Write the Perfect SOP for UK Universities


Most UK universities require you to prepare a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement that goes with your university application. Universities in the United Kingdom look beyond the grades you received in school when deciding on student candidates for admissions. What Is a Statement of Purpose(SOP)? The Statement of Purpose summarises the purpose of taking a specific course offered by the educational institution. The SOP lists your abilities, goals, and how you plan to apply the knowledge you will receive from the university. With an SOP, you can stand out from other candidates and impress the Admissions department. [...]

How to Write the Perfect SOP for UK Universities2021-01-18T08:33:52+00:00

Does the UK leaving the European Union Affect Students from the EU?


The United Kingdom exited the European Union (EU), and its transition period ended on December 31, 2020. However, the UK’s exit has left students from the EU wondering how the country’s exit will affect them. If you are a student from the EU with the same question, you will find your answer here but first, let’s inform you about the timeline events that brought us here. Timeline of Events To quickly catch you up on UK’s decision to leave the EU, look at the timeline of events: June 26, 2017: The United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union [...]

Does the UK leaving the European Union Affect Students from the EU?2021-01-18T08:36:24+00:00

Chevening Scholarship 2021


Chevening is an international awards programme established by the government of the United Kingdom and funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) and partner organisations. Since 1983, more than 50,000 professionals have studied in the country through Chevening. Chevening is a fully-funded scholarship that provides future leaders, decision-makers, and influencers from around the world with a unique opportunity to secure a Chevening Scholarship. The scholarship provides people with the chance to develop academically and professionally, experience the rich UK culture, network extensively, and create long-lasting and positive relationships. If obtaining the Chevening Scholarship interests you, here, you’ll [...]

Chevening Scholarship 20212020-11-03T10:00:24+00:00

What Should You Expect From Fresher’s Week at a UK University This Year?


If you are preparing to come to the UK for University, you will have heard of our infamous fresher’s week. That first week of the first term when thousands of students up and down the country let their down, meet new friends and get familiar with the campus and course. But with Covid-19 still disrupting our lives, it’s unlikely that the big social gatherings and fresher’s fairs will go ahead as planned. So, what can you expect instead? Nightlife and Entertainment The first few weeks of University are designed to ease students into academic life. It’s a time for [...]

What Should You Expect From Fresher’s Week at a UK University This Year?2021-01-21T05:35:23+00:00

Why You Should Move Out When You Go to UK University


One of the biggest decisions you make when it comes to university is whether you should move into student halls or stay at home and commute in every day. If you don’t know which is best for you, here are some examples of why moving out from home for university in the UK is a major positive. You’ll gain more independence Living away from home means you no longer have your parents around to tell you what to do. This means you’ll be learning how to provide for yourself, cleaning and cooking your own meals. It sounds like a [...]

Why You Should Move Out When You Go to UK University2021-02-18T12:15:11+00:00

What Are the UK University Courses in Demand Right Now?


Picking the right course when you enrol at university should obviously factor in your passions and you might want to know the UK courses in demand. However, it's also worth taking note of the industries and sectors which are on the lookout for aspiring new job seekers as well. Below we have included a list of five industries which are currently employing staff at an unprecedented rate: 1) Education Due to a retention crisis in schools, the education sector has become extremely committed to enabling graduates to train as teachers. Employability is quite high and the average annual salary [...]

What Are the UK University Courses in Demand Right Now?2021-02-03T11:11:56+00:00

4 Things You’ll Regret Missing During University Life in the UK


University is an incredibly valuable experience which graduates often reflect back on fondly. However, there is much more to your education than the university course. Below are four extremely useful pursuits that you should consider during your university life in the UK. 1) Attend extra lectures and seminars with guest speakers. Some of the top universities in the world can be found in Great Britain. They're at the forefront of the latest research and employ some of the world's leading minds. Occasionally these experts will provide lectures completely free of charge to any willing students. While free time is [...]

4 Things You’ll Regret Missing During University Life in the UK2020-12-01T11:35:10+00:00

What Are the Benefits of a Placement Year at a UK University?


One of the biggest problems, when students graduate from university, is that, although academically qualified, they lack experience in the workplace. University courses that include a year in the industry are a brilliant solution to this problem. The University of Bath and the University of York offer placement years for many of their courses, alongside other UK universities. When making your university choice, it is certainly worth considering a degree with a work placement. Usually completed between the second and final year of a degree course, the student works in a relevant industry for up to a year. This [...]

What Are the Benefits of a Placement Year at a UK University?2020-12-01T11:41:04+00:00

Why a UK Campus University Could be Right For You


When you’re going to university, you want to make sure that you get the best experience possible. After all, looking at university courses in the UK might seem like every institution is similar, but the biggest differences between the universities UK wide can be found in the facilities. Here are just a few reasons that campus university that are built separately to their host cities could be for you. Building up a strong community When the campus is split away from the rest of the city, as is the case with Lancaster University, you’re immediately immersed in the social [...]

Why a UK Campus University Could be Right For You2021-01-10T05:06:56+00:00

UCAS Personal Statement – Mistakes to Avoid


Writing a UCAS personal statement can be quite daunting, as you'll need to relay a great deal of information about yourself in a short piece of writing. In order to make your personal statement a success, we've listed a few common mistakes to avoid. Clichés and exuberant language "I've been passionate about Biology since I first watched David Attenborough's 'Life' documentary and became overwhelmed by the beauty of our planet." While the above statement is a positive and grammatically correct reason why a student might want to study Biology, it is quite vague, cliché and slightly melodramatic. While positive [...]

UCAS Personal Statement – Mistakes to Avoid2020-11-22T05:37:33+00:00

How to Choose the Right University for You?


Deciding which universities to apply to can be an overwhelming and difficult task. This task is made even harder if you plan to go to an international university, and may not be able to visit different universities in person. Below we have developed a handy guide that will help you choose the right university to study abroad, without having to visit them. 1. Look at course rankings The best way to determine whether or not a university will meet your needs is by looking at course league tables, and seeing how highly your course is ranked. For example, if [...]

How to Choose the Right University for You?2021-01-06T13:22:52+00:00

How To Choose the Right Accountancy Course in the UK for You


Studying accountancy can lead to a whole range of career opportunities. If you are good at managing money and have an analytical mind, then this subject might be for you. With so many options to choose from, finding the right accountancy course in the UK can be difficult. While some people opt for a degree in accounting, others prefer to undertake a diploma. Either way, you will have the opportunity to achieve a successful career in accounting. Before you choose from the accounting courses in UK, it's important to understand the different options available to you. An Undergraduate Degree [...]

How To Choose the Right Accountancy Course in the UK for You2021-02-07T05:49:57+00:00

What Can You Do By Getting an Accountancy Degree from the UK?


Accountancy is one of the most useful and versatile fields in the UK, with most businesses and companies requiring at least one accountant on the team. But whether you'd prefer to work within a company's internal accountancy team or work in the finance industry, an accountancy degree from the UK can lead to a wide variety of career paths. Accountancy Becoming a chartered account is perhaps the most obvious career path after studying for a degree in accountancy in the UK. Accountants in the UK give financial advice, audit accounts, and may provide help with financial reporting, tax, and [...]

What Can You Do By Getting an Accountancy Degree from the UK?2020-09-26T13:49:06+01:00

Study at Bangor University – UK


QS World University Rankings by Subject’ featured, listed in the top 200 universities. Bangor University is one of the top 10 university in the UK. Key facts: Type: Public Location- Bangor, Wales, UK International students- 10% Known for- Agricultural Forestry, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Linguistics, engineering, and for its’ amazing location. Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): GOLD   History of Bangor University On 18 October 1884, Bangor University first began its’ journey as University College of North Wales. The remarkable thing is that voluntary contributions by local people and others helped to the foundation of this university. In 2007 it finally became Bangor University. By gaining [...]

Study at Bangor University – UK2020-10-25T10:22:41+00:00

How to Get to Grips With Online Learning During a Global Pandemic


As Covid-19 sweeps the globe, many educational establishments are quickly shifting their teaching provisions online. For many, this change will feel a little jarring and confusing, particularly if they have never taken an online course before. If you’re getting ready to start learning online or to enrol in an online course in the UK to make the most of your time indoors, we’ve put together some helpful tips for online learning: 1. Get motivated With face-to-face learning, many students are motivated by interactions with their professors, parents, and peers, who will often remind them when essays are due and [...]

How to Get to Grips With Online Learning During a Global Pandemic2021-02-03T11:15:34+00:00

How Educational Courses and Practical Experience Can Improve Your Own Life


A job in education is tough. If you’re planning to teach or assist there’s planning lessons, times when you’ll need to improve your subject knowledge, meet job targets and talk to parents (if you're working with children). Students also wonder how education and experience are interrelated. And then there’s masses of paperwork. But, in return you'll make an enormous impact on your students' lives, along with benefitting your own life in a number of ways. So, what are these ways? Here are four of them. 1. Managing emotions Managing your own emotions and helping others to control theirs is [...]

How Educational Courses and Practical Experience Can Improve Your Own Life2020-09-27T07:48:52+01:00

5 Key Benefits of an MBA Course in the UK


If you're reached a point in your career where you're looking for one of your finest advancements, then you should consider taking an MBA course in the UK. There are a variety of benefits that come with having taken an MBA course. From seeming more credible in your current role, to developing your soft skills such as presentation and self-discipline, there are so many reasons why an MBA course will benefit you. 1. Credibility Becoming a master of knowledge within both your workplace and in your industry will help to establish your credibility. Even if you do all the [...]

5 Key Benefits of an MBA Course in the UK2020-11-22T05:34:44+00:00
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