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UK Government Announces Plan to Gradually Ease Lockdown Restrictions


The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to ease the coronavirus lockdown restrictions cautiously. The Prime Minister provided a statement on 22 February 2021 that the country is planning to start face-to-face education slowly from 8 March. The first restrictions of covid-19 in England officially began on 26th March 2020. The government had to increase the lockdown period several times due to the world pandemic. It is been eleven months since the English people are away from all non-essential contacts. Finally, the government has analyzed every individual circumstance about the health-risks and decided when and how they can set [...]

UK Government Announces Plan to Gradually Ease Lockdown Restrictions2021-02-28T13:20:40+00:00

What Courses in Line With Your Career Get You Settled in the UK – Shortage Occupation


Every year, hundreds of thousands of students across the UK graduate at different academic levels, ready to join the corporate world and get settled in their professional careers. Most recent statistics show that there are currently over 2.3 million students enrolled in higher education institutes by doing Professional Courses in the UK. Approximately 485,645 of these students come from countries outside of the UK. While this number has increased the percentage of international students in the UK, it is bound to increase in the future with relaxed post-study work visa regulations. Previous regulations allowed international graduates from UK universities only 4 months [...]

What Courses in Line With Your Career Get You Settled in the UK – Shortage Occupation2021-02-26T08:53:40+00:00

Why People Should Consider Studying in London, United Kingdom


London – the capital city where opportunities for academics and professionals reside is a metropolitan that many people dream of making their home. Rich with history, this city has come a long way from the time it was lovingly known as “The Big Smoke” or “The Old Smoke”. Today, the city is home to some of the most venerated and extolled educational institutes that range from grammar and preparatory schools to colleges and universities. From learned professionals, academics and scholars to research, these pedagogical institutes have been held in high esteem for making notable contributions to sciences, arts, literature, [...]

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How to Write the Perfect SOP for UK Universities


Most UK universities require you to prepare a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement that goes with your university application. Universities in the United Kingdom look beyond the grades you received in school when deciding on student candidates for admissions. What Is a Statement of Purpose(SOP)? The Statement of Purpose summarises the purpose of taking a specific course offered by the educational institution. The SOP lists your abilities, goals, and how you plan to apply the knowledge you will receive from the university. With an SOP, you can stand out from other candidates and impress the Admissions department. [...]

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Does the UK leaving the European Union Affect Students from the EU?


The United Kingdom exited the European Union (EU), and its transition period ended on December 31, 2020. However, the UK’s exit has left students from the EU wondering how the country’s exit will affect them. If you are a student from the EU with the same question, you will find your answer here but first, let’s inform you about the timeline events that brought us here. Timeline of Events To quickly catch you up on UK’s decision to leave the EU, look at the timeline of events: June 26, 2017: The United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union [...]

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Post-Study Work Visa in the UK


The new post-study work visa or the Graduate Immigration Route allows international students to work in the UK after graduation from a UK university. Students can apply for the Graduate Immigration Route, which is available for students who have completed an undergraduate level or higher. Students Need to Have a Valid Tier 4 Visa or the Student Visa When They Apply for the Application If you travel down this route, you can stay and work in the UK or look for work after graduating from a university in the UK. You can stay in the UK and work at [...]

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How to Secure Maximum Scholarships to Study in the UK


Having a good amount of scholarship is a common desire for every international Student. Before applying for the scholarship, you should have the offer letter in hand. It is important to know what are scholarships you may be eligible before applying. You should apply for several Scholarships to study in UK as early as you can. If you want to secure more than one scholarship or increase your chances of securing at least one out of the many you have applied for, then earlier the better. You need to do your research. Find out the requirements and deadlines. You [...]

How to Secure Maximum Scholarships to Study in the UK2021-02-13T10:31:05+00:00

Study Options for International Students Inspiring to Study in the UK


The United Kingdom attracts more than 500,000 international students each year. With the UK ranking as one of the top three countries most international students choose for studies, the following statistics highlight the percentage of international students that make up all UK universities: International students make up 6% of the total student population in the UK. International students make up 14% of the undergraduate class in the UK. International students make up 2% of the postgraduate class in the UK. The research also discovered the top five subjects chosen by international students. Top 5 Subjects Chosen by International Students [...]

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Do You Meet the Requirements to Study in the UK


Students from all over the world aspire to study in the UK. Universities in the UK have one of the most diverse student bodies having around 500 thousand International students every year. International students can pursue either their Undergraduate degree or Master’s degree from an acclaimed university in the UK. The UK promises to provide international students with rich and promising experience. Studying in the UK means earning degrees and qualifications recognised by academics and employers worldwide. You will also graduate from the programme with the knowledge and skills needed to secure a good job. If you want to [...]

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Key Facts Behind Studying In The UK Without IELTS


Do you worry about your IELTS exam or English test in this pandemic? We all are suffering through the critical situation of COVID-19 and our day to day life is hugely impacted. Many students around the world are waiting for the news of opening the English language test centres. They need English language proficiency certificates to study at a UK University. But are those typical English tests really matter to secure your place at the UK University? Let’s discuss some of the interesting options for you to study in the UK without IELTS, step by step. It goes without [...]

Key Facts Behind Studying In The UK Without IELTS2020-10-19T12:55:49+01:00

4 Tips for Making the Most of Online Learning


As UK universities return to teaching during a global pandemic, students may be faced with the prospect of online learning. Whether your university provides a ‘blended learning’ model with limited in-person teaching, or you are an international student unable to travel to your university yet, here are 4 tips for getting the most out of your online classes. 1)Make Some Space Set up a designated workspace for studying and attending online lectures, preferably in a quiet place with little distractions. This is particularly important for students who don’t have access to an on-campus library or study space. Keeping one [...]

4 Tips for Making the Most of Online Learning2020-10-12T08:53:26+01:00

What Should You Expect From Fresher’s Week at a UK University This Year?


If you are preparing to come to the UK for University, you will have heard of our infamous fresher’s week. That first week of the first term when thousands of students up and down the country let their down, meet new friends and get familiar with the campus and course. But with Covid-19 still disrupting our lives, it’s unlikely that the big social gatherings and fresher’s fairs will go ahead as planned. So, what can you expect instead? Nightlife and Entertainment The first few weeks of University are designed to ease students into academic life. It’s a time for [...]

What Should You Expect From Fresher’s Week at a UK University This Year?2021-01-21T05:35:23+00:00

What Are the UK University Courses in Demand Right Now?


Picking the right course when you enrol at university should obviously factor in your passions and you might want to know the UK courses in demand. However, it's also worth taking note of the industries and sectors which are on the lookout for aspiring new job seekers as well. Below we have included a list of five industries which are currently employing staff at an unprecedented rate: 1) Education Due to a retention crisis in schools, the education sector has become extremely committed to enabling graduates to train as teachers. Employability is quite high and the average annual salary [...]

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4 Things You’ll Regret Missing During University Life in the UK


University is an incredibly valuable experience which graduates often reflect back on fondly. However, there is much more to your education than the university course. Below are four extremely useful pursuits that you should consider during your university life in the UK. 1) Attend extra lectures and seminars with guest speakers. Some of the top universities in the world can be found in Great Britain. They're at the forefront of the latest research and employ some of the world's leading minds. Occasionally these experts will provide lectures completely free of charge to any willing students. While free time is [...]

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What Are the Benefits of a Placement Year at a UK University?


One of the biggest problems, when students graduate from university, is that, although academically qualified, they lack experience in the workplace. University courses that include a year in the industry are a brilliant solution to this problem. The University of Bath and the University of York offer placement years for many of their courses, alongside other UK universities. When making your university choice, it is certainly worth considering a degree with a work placement. Usually completed between the second and final year of a degree course, the student works in a relevant industry for up to a year. This [...]

What Are the Benefits of a Placement Year at a UK University?2020-12-01T11:41:04+00:00

A guide to Top UK universities ranking for medical studies


A guide to UK universities ranking top in medical studies We will be discussing 3 top UK universities ranking that is known for its excellent medical programs Oxford Cambridge Swansea University University of Oxford The University of Oxford enjoys an excellent reputation in the medical and scientific fields. The teaching methodology of this university is much similar to Cambridge, few students under each tutor resulting in better focus. The University of Oxford has different small colleges that are part of the leading university. The medical program is of 6 years, which entails preclinical studies in the first three years, and [...]

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Where to Study in the UK?


Anyone considering studying at a UK university has a lot to consider before they finally make a choice. What subject do I want to study? Which university has the best teaching for my subject? What kind of extra support does it offer to international students? The town or city where your university is based can also have a big influence on your student experience. Where you choose to study should take into account your own personality, and what you hope to gain from your student experience. Getting good results is important, but to get the most out of your [...]

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Why UK Should be the Top Choice of International Students


According to the Times Higher Education publication, the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom is the number one university, worldwide, in overall terms. This was the finding of a survey, released in September 2019, that considered a variety of factors - including teaching, research, citations, industry income, international outlook, and student ratios. Ranking at a close second is the California Institute of Technology. With the competition for that top spot being so close, why is UK a top choice among international students who wish to study abroad? A diverse, international community Over 500,000 international students enrol in UK [...]

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How a UK Law Degree Can Help You Out in the Real World


Studying for a UK law degree can open up lots of doors. The degrees prepare the students with core legal theories and practical expertise. You will be able to pursue a variety of fantastic careers, from helping people to gain justice in the field of law to areas like management. But, the benefits don’t stop there. Alongside this, it can be useful in the outside world in everyday situations, some of which will be looked at below. Arguments and managing emotions Lots of things happen in the home. There will be times when couples argue. [...]

How a UK Law Degree Can Help You Out in the Real World2021-02-07T05:52:28+00:00

Study at Bangor University – UK


QS World University Rankings by Subject’ featured, listed in the top 200 universities. Bangor University is one of the top 10 university in the UK. Key facts: Type: Public Location- Bangor, Wales, UK International students- 10% Known for- Agricultural Forestry, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Linguistics, engineering, and for its’ amazing location. Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): GOLD   History of Bangor University On 18 October 1884, Bangor University first began its’ journey as University College of North Wales. The remarkable thing is that voluntary contributions by local people and others helped to the foundation of this university. In 2007 it finally became Bangor University. By gaining [...]

Study at Bangor University – UK2020-10-25T10:22:41+00:00
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