The University of Salford, UK, is a public university. It has 125 years of proud progress history. From standard courses to research programmes, it is an unstoppable institute. The university also has a dedication to environmental sustainability and industry initiatives.

Salford has a clear vision to serve people and the economy through their every activity. Studying in Salford will surely make the students feel their potential.


The University of Salford, UK, is a formation of two institutes. Back in the late eighteenth century, there was a demand for new industrial skills. As a result, Pendleton Mechanics Institute 1850 was formed. And after eight years, people got the Salford Working Men’s.

In 1896, York’s Duke and Duchess merged the two institutes. Then they opened the Royal Technical Institute in Salford.

Later history says:

  • 1921: The Royal Technical Institute, Salford, adopted another name: Royal Technical College, Salford.
  • 1958: The college was divided into two organisations. Those are the Royal College of Advanced Technology and Peel Park Technical College. Peel Park Technical College changed its name three more times.
  • Peel Park Technical Institute in 1961
  • Salford College of Technology in 1970
  • University College Salford in 1992
  • 1967: The Royal College of Advanced Technology became the University of Salford.
  • 1996: The University College Salford and the University of Salford became a single institute. We know it as the University of Salford now.

Ranking and Achievements

The University of Salford ranking in the UK and worldwide is appreciable. Here are some of its achievements:

  • 91st in the Times University Guide 2024
  • 88th in the Guardian University Guide 2024
  • The results of REF 2021 confirm the excellence
  • Salford QS rank for 2022 is 801–1000th.
  • The university was ranked 251–200th in the Young University Rankings 2017 by THE.
  • In 2020, the institute will own three awards from the Educate North Awards:
  • Student Experience Award—University Sector for Salford Now and Quays News
  • External Relations Team of the Year Award
  • Business/Industry Collaboration: University Sector Award
  • It secured 83rd place out of 130 universities in the University League Table 2022.
  • The Guardian University Rank of Salford is 103rd.


The university has divided the faculties into four schools-

  • Salford School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology
  • School of Science, Engineering and Environment
  • School of Health and Society
  • Salford Business School


Fee Structure

University of Salford fees for international students is- £15,720-20,340


The university has put great effort into providing financial support for education. At
any level of the University of Salford, graduation scholarships are available. In the last five years, it has
provided £5 million in scholarships and bursaries. And those brilliant international students are serving around the
world today. Five types of scholarships are:

  • NCUK Scholarships 2023- Up to £5,000
  • Health Heroes Scholarships 2023- Up to £3,500
  • Global Gold Excellence Scholarship 2023- Up to £3,500
  • Global Silver Excellence Scholarship 2023- UP to £3,000.
  • Salford International Excellence Award
  • Academic scholarships by programme
  • Partnership scholarships
  • Global Gold Excellence Scholarship
  • Global Silver Excellence Scholarship

Besides, there are two types of discount options for students. A student with a Salford degree can get a discount for choosing another programme. It is called the ‘Loyalty Discount, and the value is 20%.

Again, a student who pays full payment at a time gets a 3% discount. This is known as a prompt payment discount’.

Student Statistics

  • Female-55%
  • Male-45%
  • Other-0%
  • UK Students-87%
  • EU Students-2%
  • International-11%
  • Full-time-88%
  • Part-time-12%
  • First year-43%
  • Other years-57%
  • Postgraduate-24%
  • Undergraduate-76%

Facilities and Services

The University of Salford, UK, is concerned about students’ comfort. So, they maintain quality services to provide them. They run podcast series as well. New students can tune it in and hear insider information. Some common facilities include:

  • Clifford Whitworth Library
  • Wellbeing support
  • Faith centre
  • Student Store
  • Cafes and food outlets
  • Sports centre
  • Psychology labs
  • Counselling centre and service,
  • Event venues: Peel Hall, Robert Powell, Chapman Gallery, and Adelphi Studio Theatre
  • Tom Husband Leisure Centre, etc.

Student Life

The university is based in the centre of Greater Manchester. The main city is only 2 kilometres away from the campus. The beauty and diversity of Manchester amaze all types of students.

The vibrant city allows students to enjoy colourful nights. Students can easily explore the city’s restaurants, bars, and all kinds of shops. Again, Manchester City is the second biggest in the UK.

So, students can easily reduce their monotony. They can choose to spend quality time alone or with friends. Moreover, this city was recognised as the third-kindest city in the UK.

Opposite recreation facilities are available at the MediaCityUK campus. Students can travel in Quays free of cost. Here, they can find a peaceful environment far from the business of the city. The Lowry Theatre, shopping centres, restaurants, and other exciting places are here. Students can visit them all and gather new experiences.

To ease life on campus Salford Student Union makes a great effort. SU makes students love studying here. Through them, students can do socials, clubs, events, and other activities. Thus, they can show their talents and make new friends. Also, SU provides suggestions for students’ wellbeing and financial matters.


For any level of student, finding safe and well-facilitated housing is important. Salford understands this and offers world-class accommodation options. The University of Salford accommodation partner is Campus Living Villages (CLV). CLV provides two housing options:

Peel Park Quarter

Any undergrad and postgrad student can choose University of Salford accommodation. It takes only a few minutes to reach classes from Peel Park Quarter. The security system, gym, social area, cinema room, and bike storage are all here. For different budget students, there are six types of rooms:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond, and
  • Accessible

John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts

This option is best for postgraduate students and returning students. But the facilities are all the same here. Of course, students can utilise and enjoy University of Salford student accommodation well.

Again, off-campus residences are also available nearer to the campus. Manchester Student Homes helps in this regard. Students can use their support to find secure, cheap, and comfortable private accommodations.


The university students have several options for transports. Manchester is a 20-minute walk from the campus. Yes, walking is cost-free and safe to travel nearer distances.

Yet, local vehicles like buses, trains, and trams are also available. Salford has its own train station too. It takes only 10 minutes to reach Manchester by train. Manchester Airport can also be reached by direct train.

The 50 bus gives free service to students to travel between Peel Park campus and MediaCityUK. For every mode of transport, students can buy season tickets.

Also, students can find three electric vehicle charging points around the campus. And there are options to park cars on campus by paying fees.


The University of Salford is situated in Greater Manchester, in close proximity to the bustling metropolis of Manchester in the northwestern region of England. Manchester attracts a significant number of students, with over 99,000 opting to reside in the city, thereby establishing it as a highly accommodating environment for student life. Salford boasts a renowned music and creative scene, accompanied by a plethora of art galleries and museums in close proximity to the university.

If you have a passion for sports, it is worth noting that the city is the residence of Manchester United, which is recognised as one of the largest football clubs globally.

The University’s Peel Park campus is situated adjacent to Peel Park, a serene sanctuary amidst the urban commotion. Students can take advantage of this verdant area while also being within a convenient 20-minute walking distance from the bustling Manchester city core.


Is Salford a good university?

The University of Salford is positioned at 801 in the World University Rankings conducted by Times Higher Education. It has received an overall rating of 4.2 stars.

What is the acceptance rate for University of Salford Manchester?

The University of Salford, a highly regarded public institution in England, has a 62% acceptance rate, indicating a fairly selective admissions procedure.

Does University of Salford require IELTS?

If English is not your primary language, you must provide proof that your proficiency in English satisfies the necessary criteria for pursuing postgraduate studies (often requiring an IELTS score of 6.5 or its equivalent).

What is the qualification for University of Salford?

Students are required to possess a bachelor's degree from a recognised institution, which should have a duration of either three or four years. The degree should have an overall average of 55% (equivalent to a 5.8 CGPA).

Does Salford University give scholarships for international students?

Unless noted, the international scholarships are open to full-time, on-site, independent students who have been classified as international learners for fee reasons and are submitting applications to the first academic year of their studies for an undergraduate bachelor's degree or postgraduate taught master's course.

Which city is University of Salford located?

The institution is situated in Salford, a municipality within the Greater Manchester region, located in the Northwestern part of England.

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