AHZ Associates is a proud representative of higher education institutes based in the United Kingdom with many branches in all over the world.

We understand international students need professional guidance and trustworthy organization for their University admissions. Therefore, we organize UK Education Fair, Education Expo, open day’s assessment and seminars for every intake. The main ideology is to open a door for the students to meet the University representatives directly under the same umbrella and get their desired courses. We also provide free student education consultancy in UK.

AHZ Associates is a unique organization having dedicated approach towards the welfare of the students and always acts as a bridge between the institutes and prospective students. Our main strength is our experts who are graduated from UK Universities, British Council Education UK Agents Training Certificate, and Partner Agency Certificate ENGLISH UK and participant of UCAS international Teacher and Advisers Conference since 2015 to extend the knowledge of higher education within the UK.

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Who We Are

AHZ Associates provides a platform where the students can select their right institutes. Simultaneously, institutes can recruit the most suitable talents for them. We provide counselling to the prospective students based on their career plan, previous qualification, future ambition, expectation, affordability, budget and the entry requirements of the institutions. In the same way, we promote our partner institutes to the prospective students and recommend students on their behalf, checking eligibility criteria and other required country-based information. Our education counsellor is always available for our partners and for our clients.

AHZ Associates offers high-quality and effective marketing services to the education establishment (i.e. Universities and colleges) for recruiting their prospective students. We organize education fairs, open day assessments, seminars and events from time to time where both the institutions and students get opportunities to explore each other. AHZ Associates maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency and fair practice with the students as well as with our partner institutes.

Our members from the education counsellor team are well qualified and selected from diverse background having international qualifications. Our team has professional skills, expertise and industry experiences in respect of assessing, guiding, selecting and recruiting students for admission deploying their highest professionalism. Very recently AH&Z added new version team call in-house compliance team, who are checking local and international students credibility, academic excellences, and taking comprehensive interviews before they proceed forward to the University and ECO.

Your comments, recommendations and feedback are highly appreciated which will help us improve our services.

Company History

  • 2012 – Company established in UK.

  • 2013– AH&Z commence UK Education Fair (in UK) and start recruitment.

  • 2014 – AH&Z started Global Recruitment Operation

  • 2015 – AH&Z have presence in Kuwait, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia.

  • 2016 – AH&Z Have established and Opened office in Dhaka in Bangladesh.

  • 2017 – AH&Z Launch (overseas) UK Education Expo organised by British Council and started recruitment officially.

  • 2017 – AH&Z Opened new wings –Compliance to control and manage the Quality.

  • 2017 – AH&Z started recruitment from EU countries, Vietnam and Philippines.

  • 2017 – AH&Z Opened new branch Sylhet in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Singapore and Cameroon.

  • 2018 – AH&Z Opened new branch Morocco.

  • 2018 – AH&Z officially started India.

  • 2018 – AH&Z officially started Romania

  • 2019 – AH&Z rebrands its India office

  • 2019 – To provide one stop service we become accommodation partner with Uniplaces and Casita

  • 2020 – AH&Z Opened new branch Chattogram, Bangladesh

  • 2020 – AH&Z Opened new wings –Pathways, customer relationship and Assigned Direct Partners recruitment branch for its internal and local competitions

  • 2020 -AH&Z Opened new branch in Kerala -Kochi, Tamil Nadu, Kanhangad, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi

  • 2020 -To provide one stop service we become IELTS and PTE registration centre

  • 2021 -AH&Z officially started recruitment in Egypt

  • 2021 -AH&Z officially started recruitment in Pakistan

  • 2022 – AH&Z Opened new branch in Islamabad, Hyderabad & Gulshan

Ahz associates- uk education made easy

Company History

Expertise & Activities

Who we are 1

Dedicated Team and Industrial Strength

  • Most of our colleagues are graduated from UK Universities.
  • Train by the British Council and certified
  • Joining UCAS International Teacher and Advisers conference every year since 2015
  • Regularly attending British Council conference-2018 to get the most updated information
  • AHZ Team trained by the Partner Universities and hold up-to-date information
  • Well trained Compliance team who manage Quality control and who hold right to reject any application at any time
  • Served over 1, 60,000 students
  • Organised more than 47 UK Education Fair and Expo aim at bridging the gap between students and Universities
  • Organised more than 300 UK Educational Event/ seminar/ Assessment days
  • Organised around 300 virtual events
  • IELTS and PTE registration centre
  • Accommodation partner with Uniplaces and Casita
  • Award winner for highest recruitment for a number of UK Universities
  • Recruitment segments – Pathways and Assigned Direct Partners Recruitments Dedicated Team
  • 50,000 Application submitted
  • 22+ Countries and regional offices
  • 50+ Nationalities
  • Experience to visit most of the UK Universities

  • Organize local & international Education Fair and Expo
  • Spot assessment day
  • University open admission day
  • Seminars
  • School visits
  • Virtual Events
  • Promote newly introduced courses by our partners
  • Study tour events (in process for the future)
  • All service is completely free for students and our partners

(English UK, UCAS centre and British Council trained Agent, UKCISA Membership)
AH&Z ASSOCIATES LIMITED Company Register No: 08110262

Ahz associates
Ahz associates promotional activities
  • Online Advertisement
  • Google Advertisement
  • Metro & evening standard advertisement
  • Local and International community newspaper advertisement
  • Local and International TV advertisement
  • Flyer distribution
  • Text and E-mail Marketing
  • Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Blog and LinkedIn
  • Student admission advice
  • Advise for parents
  • Admission service for School, College and Universities
  • Government and Private organisation aboard education service
  • Partner University Recruitment Service
  • END-TO-END service (Which means AHZ keeps in contact with the existing student and
    University until the student completes the course)
  • Compliance team: We maintain a separate compliance team for every application those paid fees and will guide them to submit visa applications without error. The compliance team is led by Mr Golam Mortuza who is an industry expert and three of the UK graduates work with him on only in the compliance matters to maximise our visa rate
  • The compliance team go with the file close by and do comprehensive guidance and counselling to the students, understand their financial condition before they apply.
  • The Compliance team also submit Admin Review and judicial reviews with the help of lawyers if required
Ahz associates
Ahz associates uk
  • Direct appointment with our partner universities if required
  • Providing highest professionalism
  • Find out the right courses for international students
  • Prompt response
  • Standard admission application service
  • Free & quick admissions guideline

We do international newspaper advertisement covering all regions that we worked for, Facebook advertisement for partner, Google Advertisement, Local TV advertisement, Flyer distribution, Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Page(Country based) about 160000 (BD)+44,000(UK) fan & many more in other countries, YouTube, Twitter, Blog, Skype.

To manage our student we have online system for partner institutes like -EMS data management system(CRM), Centurusone, students & agent Management System, Project Management System, Express Email Marketing tool for email campaign, Responsive website- ahzassociates.co.uk.

  • CRM management system

  • Centurion, students & agent Management System

  • Project Management System

  • Express Email Marketing tool for email campaign

We Are Planning To Have Our Own Presence In The Following Countries.

  • Korea
  • China
  • Uzbekistan
  • UAE and Middle-East
  • Central Asia
  • Malaysia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bulgaria & Other EU countries
  • North America

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