Golam mortuza
Golam MortuzaChief Executive Officer(CEO)

Message from Chief Executive Officer

UK qualifications are renowned and valued throughout the world; they will be a rock-solid base for building the future for individuals who wish to improve their careers and have an aspiring goal to lead a good life in every aspect of life. UK Universities, Colleges, and Schools provide a vibrant, ingenious, and challenging environment that is very friendly to developing individuals potential.

Law Course (LLB/LLM), Engineering Course, Business Course, Hotel Management Course, Health Care Sciences Course, Arts Courses are the top study interest areas among the students.

But overseas education structures can be multifaceted and often confusing to most people. As a student consulting firm, AHZ tailors Personal Education Plans to the individual who wishes to pursue higher education with professional competency.

We offer a complete A-Z approach to overseas education without the complications normally associated with the international admissions process. We work closely with prospective students and their parents to mould an EDUCATION PLAN based on their personal, academic, and financial limitations.

We provide advice on every aspect associated with studying abroad, such as accommodation, admissions to courses and educational institutions, insurance, air ticketing, the application of a student visa, reception and departure, etc.

We aspire to take care of every detail associated with studying abroad so that students can relax, knowing that there is a professional team working on the case to secure the best outcome possible.

We see learning as a journey. AHZ Associates is the gateway for this flight.

We look forward to welcoming students from all over the world to become a part of AHZ and helping to prepare them for their future success.

Golam Mortuza
Chief Executive Officer(CEO), AH&Z  Ltd.