The perks of getting a pre-registration nursing degree in the uk

What is a Pre-Registration Nursing Degree Programme?

Pre-registration programmes enable students with an undergraduate degree to enrol in an Adult nursing master’s degree programme of two years. These programmes are intricately designed for people who wish to pursue nursing as a profession in the UK. The pre-registration nursing programme provides you with master-level proficiencies. It gives exposure to theoretical and practice-based learning to attain your target of becoming a successful nurse.

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What Will You Learn in A Pre-Registration Nursing Degree Programme?

You will be part of a research-intensive environment. You will be studying under the staff that has spent years learning under the research and practice methodologies. The batch sizes are kept as small as possible in the pre-nursing. This ensures the best one-on-one knowledge to everyone throughout the programme.

Another advantage of this pre-registration programme is that you benefit from meeting people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. By mingling with them, you get a chance to learn about people coming from different walks of life and learn about their experiences. Such diverse experiences from other people enrich your knowledge in more than one way.

The pre-registration nursing programme helps you in multiple ways. It lets you assess the human characteristics and their complexities. It enables you to dive into the social structures of different countries. It further encourages you to understand their impact on the population and healthcare system. It empowers you to stay informed by giving you such insights.

While in the pre-registration programme, you can help build communities and become a part of existing communities. You give your input and ideas to serve health services. You can evaluate different healthcare systems as you get on-hand access to all these experiences. You can research improvements of a safe and effective healthcare system in these programmes.

As part of the programme, you will get an opportunity to learn and showcase various skills. You can leverage your leadership skills and attributes intertwined with critical skill analysis. This can only be achieved if you are working effectively with the teams. These teams work to accomplish effective patient care.

What is the Structure of the Pre-Registration Nursing Degree Programme?

In the pre-registration nursing programme, your course will be divided into two years. The compulsory courses will include:–

  • Becoming a practitioner
  • Life sciences in nursing care
  • Mental health in nursing care
  • Designing research in nursing

In the second year of your nursing programme, you will be offered an optional course as well. The compulsory courses include:–

  • Managing health and social care
  • Managing complex needs
  • Pathophysiology in nursing care
  • Dissertation

In both pre-registration nursing programme years, the teaching method will be engaging students with practice learning and clinical simulations. The practice learning will be like an internship as it will be in hospitals, community centres or even care homes. You will be on your way to becoming an expert nurse within no time with these extensive and insightful practices.

Trained practitioners always supervise the practices in the hospitals. It also connected with academic courses in Year 1. You may also be able to get yourself 4-week electives. During these electives, you may get a chance to practice in an international setting.

What does the Pre-Registration Nursing Degree Programme Entail?


The result of this pre-nursing programme is going to be a graduate-level Adult nurse with masters-level knowledge and understanding. You will excel in all the proficiencies required to ease your registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The pre-registration helps to become an accountable professional with NMC. It helps in clearing code of conduct and ethical and regulatory frameworks. It will earn you a position of safe and effective nursing care.

You also learn to manage people effectively with families and caretakers. In addition to this, you acquire enough skills to play any role in the same circuit of patient care. Your job would enable you to help serve your duties as a nurse. You are placed as an integral part of society. You can make a difference by contributing to support health improvement and communities.

In the pre-registration of a nursing programme phase, you are taught how to do a complete assessment. This includes assessment of a human’s psychology, biology, emotions, spirituality and social being. Based on these skills, you plan and implement safe and effective nursing care demonstrating critical understanding of an individual.
Pre-Registration Nursing graduates are offered various excellent career opportunity choices once their programme is completed. The job market is readily looking for talented individuals to bring their expertise to the table.

With the pre-registration advantages, you also get career opportunities with excellent career progression. It gives you an edge in higher levels of clinical and managerial practices. Within the NHS, after a certain period, a qualification requirement is included in the nursing practice.
You will also have the option to work in other sectors that may enhance your skills and knowledge. This may also open for your route to PhD if you wish to pursue it.

Pre nursing degree in uk
The Perks of Getting a Pre-Registration Nursing Degree in the UK 3

Pre-Requisites of Nursing Degree in the UK

Pre-requisite requirement for the nursing degree programme are as follows:–

  • An honours degree from the UK or an international equivalent to that.
  • GCSE Mathematics grade C/4 or above; National Mathematics Grade C or above or its international equivalent
  • Your personal statement should include details about your goals, motivation, and understanding of your registering programme.
  • People or applicants with lower degree classification may also stand a chance. They will need to demonstrate extensive relevant experience with a very strong personal statement.
  • You will also be required to meet the RPL requirements. You need to have 479 hours and 140 national theory hours to achieve the NMC requirement. They require 2300 hours in theory and practice.
  • You will also be required to demonstrate 479 hours of relevant practice experience before getting a pre-registration for the nursing programme. The experience must be in a role in a health and social care environment. Show proof that you supported people and demonstrated your skills and attributes. The role can be paid or unpaid. The experience should be within the time period of five years prior to the submission of the application.
  • You must meet all academic entry requirements and professional regulatory body requirements. The selection process must also be passed. It will be based upon skills, attitude towards people with protected characteristics, teamwork, and ability to communicate arguments. You must also be well-equipped with the knowledge of learning identified RPE1.
  • You will only be granted entrance into a pre-registration nursing programme by achieving a successful occupational screening. An entry to the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme is also required.

English Language Requirements

You must also possess an acceptable level of proficiency in the English language. This may enable you to succeed in your education regardless of your native country of residency. Your English Language test should not be more than three and a half-year-old from the beginning date of the programme.

Final Thoughts

The pre-registration nursing programme will open new horizons for your future success. You will be at the top of your career as soon as you finish the pre-registration nursing programme.

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