The UK is globally renowned for its academic excellence. A Postgraduate Degree means having postgraduate capability. It is also known as a master’s degree. Postgraduate study in the UK. It is a highly competitive job market out there and you need to enhance your skills in order to stand out from the pack. Postgraduate degree in the UK is a respected qualification and it helps in adding value to your CV, thereby increasing your chances of employability. Over 430,000 international students study here every year, from over 180 countries worldwide.

Students who pursue Postgraduate study in the UK and diplomas have the option of learning something new or expanding on the abilities they already possess from their undergraduate degrees. They normally don’t need you to write a thesis or dissertation and are usually shorter than master’s degrees.

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What is a Postgraduate Certificate?

A postgraduate degree is shorter than a graduation degree. It takes less time than a graduate program. A postgraduate degree is a sort of qualification that is completed after an undergraduate degree. It has around 225 “contact hours” for students to study, which is around one-third of a full academic year for postgraduate degrees in the UK.

It has some Abbreviations, such as:

  • PGCert
  • pgCert
  • PG Cert
  • PGC

Although they are essential and both mean the same thing.

You will be able to learn more and grasp a subject better if you are pursuing a master’s degree in UK in a discipline similar to your undergraduate degree.

However, some people decide to take a totally new path and enter a field that they have never previously studied properly. If you want to pursue a degree that is very different from what you studied as an undergraduate, check the prerequisites on each university’s website or contact the admissions offices to learn more.

Types of postgraduate degrees in UK:

There are some types of postgraduate degrees, such as-

  • Master’s degrees
  • MBA courses
  • PhD or doctorates
  • Postgraduate diploma’s
  • Professional and vocational qualifications
  • Conversion courses

Taught masters

Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Engineering (MEng) are the four primary categories of taught programmes, each of which lasts one to two years full-time.

In a taught program, similar to an undergraduate degree, students are expected to attend weekly seminars, tutorials, and lectures. Assessment options include exams, dissertations, and projects.

Research masters

With a research degree, students are expected to assume greater responsibility for their workload and schedule, organize their research around a thesis, and work under the guidance of an academic advisor. The most common research degree is a PhD, which can be earned in three to four years. To earn a PhD, you must write a thesis of between 60,000 and 100,000 words, which you must then present during an oral examination.

The Master of Science (MSc), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Master of Research degrees are additional varieties of research degrees (MRes). These degrees are comparable to a PhD but less intellectually difficult due to the shorter length of the papers.

Benefits of study a master’s degree in UK:

For international students, UK is the right choice for study and to develop your career, it is a great opportunity to improve your English skills too. There are some number of benefits, you can-

  • Improve your skills
  • Certified by world recognized universities
  • Be able to study a practical learning system
  • Can be an international explorer
  • Improve your career prospects

What is Postgraduate Research?

The students in the postgraduate level UK, research is an area of formal study that is world recognized which is approved by your university.


At the University of Birmingham, there are some simple steps for applying their research program. They are –

  • Select your degree
  • Focused on your mode of study
  • Meet the entry requirements
  • Contact details of the stuff
  • Select the funding opportunity
  • Submit your research proposal

Students Opportunity:

The next step is to decide what mode of study you’d like. Studying abroad is not much cheap. Even as an international student, if you have got a scholarship, a job can help you live a little more comfortably during your degree. You can discus about various job which is appropriate for you, such as-

  1. Part time jobs (for main course 20 hours and for foundation course 10 hours per week)
  2. Summer jobs (During summer vacation for full time) 
  3. Graduate jobs (After Graduation you can get job permission for full time/part time)

Costs for postgraduate degree:

The average cost of a postgraduate and master’s degree in the UK for an international student is almost £14,620. Tuition fees for postgraduate studies vary depending on the type of master’s degree you have, where you want to live in the UK, and which university you want to attend. 

Contact for research study:

You should contact the convenor of the program you want to apply for. Contact the Head of research Study; it means a supervisor. Contact in advance before applying, it will help you to get advice on your research proposal for which topic you are choosing to study.


Moreover, you should explore the funding opportunities. Students can manage funding from Research Council for UK University scholarships and foundation funding. Many universities, private organizations, NGOs, and governmental institutions offer scholarships and grants to international students.

A Masters degree in the UK makes you a specialist in your area of study by giving you in-depth knowledge about the subject and you will be better able to get through interviews and tests. So international students can save money, time and begin their career much quicker with a highly regarded in postgraduate degree UK.

While a postgraduate degree can get you good job prospects, getting a Masters degree in the UK is even more valued. This is because UK is known for prestigious institutions and high academic standards.

Why Postgraduate degree in the UK?

Multicultural society:

You can get out your comfort zone, make some new friends and have a really good time on your heard time in your life. UK is made up with four different nations. They are- England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and they are all different countries with different dialects, customs, music, and languages.

World known education system:

  • Higher education in the UK is popular for its teaching quality and research. Many UK Universities have top- class facilities for research. The quality of education and academic Excellency are the main factors that makes the UK one of the most popular study destinations in the world for international students.
  • UK Universities let you think creatively. You can learn independently in a stimulating environment. This enhances your thinking ability and makes you more confident too. Practice and research creatively. You can reduce the gap between your academic and practical knowledge to improve your skills. This course offers, research differently with creativity from home or office. So, over benefits of weekly, one to one, face to face contact creatively expects in the working place.
  • A UK degree is valued and recognized across the globe. Universities in the UK provide their high standards of teaching and qualifications that are world-renowned. They are committed to maintaining their best research quality and an outstanding teaching method and learning experience for the postgraduate study in the UK.
  • There is no better place to study English than in the UK. You will enjoy the experience of a lifetime when you take an English course in a postgraduate level UK. You can improve your English by studying in the UK and thereby increase your chances of employability anywhere in the world.
  • You can improve your English by studying in the UK and thereby increase your chances of employability anywhere in the world.
  • The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) will assess the teaching quality in UK institutions for Higher Education. This leads to excellent quality education.

Entry requirements for a Postgraduate degree in the UK

The entry requirements differ with each university and you will need to consider the entry requirements. Typically, British universities are looking for a really good Honors degree. If you’re studying for a Master’s programme, after a good Master’s degree you can applying for a PhD programme.

Obviously, if the university has a higher ranking, the requirements will be higher. You need to have a first degree besides English language skills.  If you are unable to meet the entry requirements, you can take up a Pre-Masters programme in your chosen area of study.

UK Postgraduates have a clear advantage over others in the job market. There are many options in the job site as an international student with the main course, has work permission of working 20 hours a week. Moreover, students will get opportunities for working different places in the UK. Like -shopping malls, Hospitals and Restaurants etc. A postgraduate degree in the UK takes you to the top of your career ladder, so why think any longer? Come and visit our office to meet our student advisor.


What is postgraduate degree in UK?

The UK is globally renowned for their academic excellence. Postgraduate Degree means the postgraduate capability, it is also known as master’s degree. Postgraduate degree in the UK is a respected qualification and it helps adding value to your CV, thereby increasing your chances of employability.

Is postgraduate the same as master’s in the UK?

Postgraduate degree is shorter than under graduation degrees and same as master’s degree. It takes less time than under graduate program. Post graduate degree is sort of qualification that is completed after undergraduate degree.

How long is a postgraduate degree UK?

It has around 225 “contact hours” for students to study, which takes around one-third of a full academic year for postgraduate degree in UK. It takes one or mostly two years.

How do you do a postgraduate in the UK?

Apply for a postgraduate Degree in the UK, some documents are same as you provide for undergraduate in the university. Need to search for student accommodation and applications being accepted. Need to prepare your all-supporting documents, funding, and scholarships and write key deadlines in your calendar.