The Chevening Scholarship is an excellent option for Cameroonian students who want to study in the UK. This scholarship programme is the UK government’s international scholarship programme, which provides fully funded master’s degree courses for one year. This esteemed educational programme will enable you to pursue a world-class postgraduate study in the UK, growing your knowledge, strengthening your connections across borders, and developing your abilities. Together with partner organisations, the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office provides funding for this programme.

The scholarships for Cameroonians include a wide range of fields and attract students from around the world, including Cameroon. There are specific benefits to being chosen, including fully funded tuition costs, unique networking opportunities, and the opportunity to experience the UK’s rich culture. Furthermore, Chevening gives Cameroonians admission to prestigious UK universities, enabling them to receive an education that will advance both their personal and national development.

As Cameroon strives to advance, the Chevening Scholarship is an important tool for developing talent and promoting good change in the country. After completing the scholarship programme, you will join an international network of nearly 55,000 global graduates. You’ll go back to your country with the knowledge and networks you need to implement new ideas and have a progressive career.

As you read on, we will look at the scholarship in further detail, including the application process, qualifications, and tips to ace the Chevening essay questions.

Chevening Scholarship for Cameroonians

The fully funded scholarship allows promising Cameroonian students to pursue their academic goals. This means that academically sound Cameroonians with great potential like you can get a high-quality education without having to worry about funds.

According to the UK government, the fully funded scholarships for Cameroonians include the following:

  • University tuition costs.
  • Allowance every month.
  • travel allowance to the United Kingdom and back.
  • an arrival allowance.
  • the fee for one visa application.
  • an allowance fee to travel back home
  • Travel costs are covered to attend Chevening events in the United Kingdom.

Chevening scholarship courses and requirements

One of Chevening’s unique aspects is the diverse range of courses available, which appeal to a variety of academic interests. Everyone can find something to suit them, from the arts and sciences to business. 

Below are the Chevening Scholarship 2024 requirements:

  • You must be a citizen of one of the countries that are qualified for the scholarship.
  • After you have completed your award, you must go back to your home country for at least two years.
  • To be eligible for admission to a postgraduate programme at a UK university, you must have met all the requirements for an undergraduate degree programme by the time you submit your application. This is often the same as obtaining a 2:1 (second-class upper) honours degree in the United Kingdom; however, specific course and university requirements are subject to change.
  • At least two years of work experience are required.

Send an application to at least three different UK universities eligible for the scholarship and get an unconditional offer from at least one of them by the date specified in the application timeline.

Application Process

The Chevening scholarship selection process normally lasts at least eight months, during which applications are thoroughly reviewed before being approved under certain conditions.

Applying for the Chevening scholarship requires careful planning and preparation. Here is how to apply for the Chevening scholarship:

1. Research and confirm eligibility

To check eligibility, conduct in-depth research on the Chevening scholarship and its conditions. Make sure you meet the academic and personal requirements set for Cameroonian applicants because it is the foundation of each successful application.

2. Choose your course and university

Research Chevening scholarship courses. Also, conduct thorough research on Chevening scholarship partner universities. Carefully select a master’s programme and a university to ensure they align with your career and academic goals. Consider the particular requirements of the course and university you’ve selected.

3. Prepare the required documents

Prepare the required documents well in advance. This normally consists of academic records, a recommendation letter, and a valid passport. Pay great attention to the document requirements to ensure their accuracy and timeliness.

4. Set up a Chevening account

Go to the official Chevening website to set up an account. This account functions as your platform for applying. Make sure you enter the correct information throughout the registration process.

5. Begin your online application

Once your account has been set up, begin the Chevening online application. Fill out each area carefully, providing correct and honest answers. Be prepared to explain your career goals, leadership qualities, and reasons for selecting your specific course.

6. Write compelling essays

During the application process, Chevening requests that students write and submit essays. Write essays that will capture the reader’s interest and set you apart from the other candidates. Discuss your professional and personal background while describing how the scholarship will enable you to realise your long-term goals.

7. Secure solid References

References are important for Chevening’s selection process. The names of two referees must be given when you submit your application. If your application has advanced to the next level, upload two reference letters to the Chevening online application platform before the deadline. Select referees who can provide insightful as well as relevant information on your achievements in both your academic and professional lives. Ensure they understand the Chevening scholarship and its value.

8. Review and submit your application

Review all parts of your application for mistakes and missing information. When you are sure everything is good for submission, submit your application before the given deadline. Plan your time wisely because entries are not accepted.

9. Await the Interview

If chosen, you will be invited to a Chevening interview. This step is quite important in the selection process, so you need to prepare well.

The Chevening application timeline

Chevening application timelines are often organised, but the applications for fully funded Chevening Scholarships 2024–25 are currently closed. Always refresh the official Chevening website to be the first to find out when applications reopen in 2024.

The chevening application timeline - ahz

How to prepare for the Chevening interview

The interview stage is the most stressful part of the application process for several Making a positive impression in such a short time may be challenging. It is crucial to spend time on preparation because of this.

Below is how to prepare for the Chevening interview:

1. Be yourself

The first thing you should realise about the Chevening interview is that there is no correct response to any question. The scholars are aware of the different backgrounds and goals and are very understanding. Instead of trying your best to give the right answer, they prefer a truthful, unique answer. A candidate’s outstanding qualities are honesty, confidence, genuine excitement, and passion. Let these qualities shine in your interview.

2. Clearly state how Chevening will help you achieve your goals

One of the aims of the Chevening Scholarship is to assist students in advancing their present ambitions and achieving success more quickly or on a wider scale than they could on their own.

It’s crucial to clearly state how the Chevening Scholarship can help you accomplish your goals to your interviewer, such as by referencing:

  • The academic programme will be made available to you.
  • How the Chevening network could benefit you.
  • The government connections that it would provide in your home country.

3. Set achievable goals

While thinking broadly is beneficial in a Chevening application, you must have a practical path planned out to achieve your goals, even if it is ambitious or difficult.

4. Don’t hold back

There is no time for being modest during a Chevening interview. What they want to hear about are your biggest accomplishments, so don’t hold back on sharing your best experiences. While long and unstructured replies might be dull, selecting your finest example and explaining it properly can earn you points. Read up on what the Chevening Board is looking for in their scholars and provide a few compelling examples of how you have displayed these characteristics. Having at least one strong story that you have practiced and know how to deliver is essential.

5. Use the STAR method

For structuring your main examples, use the STAR method:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

This will enable you to respond with excellence within a fair amount of time. Candidates who apply the STAR method and highlight what they accomplished stand out regarding response structure and flow to questions about their competency.

Guide and tips for cheating essay questions

The Chevening essay questions can be challenging, but with the right approach and tips, you can craft compelling responses that showcase your potential as a future leader. Below are the Chevening essay questions, guides, and tips. 

1. Read carefully

Break down each question into essential topics and prompts. Identify the specific qualities and experiences they’re looking for.

2. Focus on your individuality

Chevening seeks diverse leaders. Don’t only write regular responses. To stand out, make use of your unique experiences and goals.

3. Show, don’t tell

Give genuine instances of your qualities in action rather than just listing them. Tell stories about challenges you’ve overcome, projects you’ve led, and lessons you’ve learned.

4. Structure and Flow

Begin your essay with a strong opening that captures the reader’s attention and expresses your main message. Organise your thoughts wisely, using words that show the relationship between your paragraphs to guide the reader. End with a powerful statement demonstrating that you qualify for the Chevening Scholarship.

5. Clear and simple words 

Make use of simple language and stay clear of jargon and complex sentences. There isn’t much time, so make your words count by speaking clearly.

6. Honesty

Make sure your writing is real and honest. Allow your unique personality and passion to show through. Don’t overstate or lie about your successes.

7. Proofread and edit

Make sure your essays are free of grammatical errors and typos. Get feedback from trustworthy friends or a writing teacher to help you improve your work.

Chevening partner universities in the UK

The Chevening scholarship programme partners with various prestigious universities across the UK, offering diverse Master’s degree programmes. Here are Chevening partners in the UK:

Imperial College LondonUniversity of Wales Institute, Cardiff
Loughborough UniversityUniversity of Wales, Aberystwyth
Lancaster UniversityUniversity of South Wales
Bangor UniversityThe University of St Mark & St John
Nottingham Trent UniversityUniversity of St Andrews
Cranfield UniversityUniversity of Stirling
Newcastle UniversityUniversity of Sunderland
University of BathUniversity of Strathclyde
University of YorkUniversity of Surrey
University of EssexUniversity of Sussex
University of WestminsterUniversity of Abertay Dundee
University of HullUniversity of York
University of WarwickUniversity of Glasgow
University of StirlingUniversity of Southampton
University of SussexUniversity of Bradford
University of SurreyUniversity of Sunderland
University of SouthamptonUniversity of Brighton
University of South WalesUniversity of Bedfordshire
University of SalfordUniversity of Bristol
University of ReadingUniversity of Wolverhampton
University of NottinghamUniversity of Bolton
University of LiverpoolUniversity of Derby
University of LeedsUniversity of Greenwich
University of KentUniversity of Gloucestershire
University of GlasgowUniversity of East Anglia
University of ExeterUniversity of Dundee
University of East AngliaUniversity of Essex
University of DundeeUniversity of Edinburgh
University of BirminghamUniversity of Cumbria
University of BristolUniversity of Chester
Swansea UniversityUniversity of Central Lancashire
Robert Gordon UniversityUniversity of Cambridge
Queen Mary University of LondonUniversity of Bath
LSEUniversity of Aberdeen
Durham UniversityUniversity of Wales, Bangor
University of CambridgeUniversity of Wales, Lampeter
Cardiff UniversityUniversity of Wales, Newport
Bournemouth UniversityUniversity of Wales Trinity Saint David
Brunel University LondonUniversity of Wales
Birkbeck, University of LondonUniversity of the Highlands and Islands
University of PlymouthUniversity of Winchester
University of StrathclydeUniversity of Roehampton
University of St AndrewsUniversity of Buckingham
University of HuddersfieldUniversity of Greenwich
University of EdinburghUniversity of Abertay Dundee
Trinity College, University of OxfordUniversity of Aberdeen
University of Central LancashireUniversity of the Arts London
University of KentUniversity of Oxford
University of LeicesterUniversity of London
University of Manchester


The Chevening Scholarship offers Cameroonian students a great opportunity to pursue fully funded master’s degree courses in the UK, providing specialised learning, skill development, and global networking. This prestigious programme provides financial support and grants access to top-ranking UK universities and several alumni networks.

As Cameroon progresses, the fully funded scholarship for Cameroonians serves as a crucial tool for talent development and positive change. With thorough preparation and determination, you can create a brighter future for yourself through Chevening.


Does Chevening provide scholarships for undergraduate degrees, PhDs, or DPhils?

No, Chevening does not provide scholarships for undergraduate degrees, PhDs, or DPhils. The scholarship is only provided for a fully funded master’s degree.

Can I change my university and course options after submitting my application?

Not at all. You cannot change your course or university selections once you have submitted your online application. You have to inform your interviewers during the interview if you wish to switch courses or universities.

Can I apply for a course that lasts more than 12 months and cover any additional fees myself?

You cannot. Courses are limited to one year. In any case, Chevening will not provide funding for a course that exceeds 12 months.

Do I have to create a bank account in the UK?

Yes, you will be required to open a UK bank account shortly after you arrive. Your allowance will be sent to your cash card and, afterwards, to your bank account.

If I have already accepted a Chevening fellowship, can I apply for a Chevening scholarship?

If you have already received support from the UK government, you will only be able to apply for a Chevening Scholarship five years after the completion of your last Chevening Fellowship.