What Courses in Line With Your Career Get You Settled in the UK – Shortage Occupation


Every year, hundreds of thousands of students across the UK graduate at different academic levels, ready to join the corporate world and get settled in their professional careers. Most recent statistics show that there are currently over 2.3 million students enrolled in higher education institutes by doing Professional Courses in the UK. Approximately 485,645 of these students come from countries outside of the UK. While this number has increased the percentage of international students in the UK, it is bound to increase in the future with relaxed post-study work visa regulations. Previous regulations allowed international graduates from UK universities only 4 months [...]

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What Are the UK University Courses in Demand Right Now?


Picking the right course when you enrol at university should obviously factor in your passions and you might want to know the UK courses in demand. However, it's also worth taking note of the industries and sectors which are on the lookout for aspiring new job seekers as well. Below we have included a list of five industries which are currently employing staff at an unprecedented rate: 1) Education Due to a retention crisis in schools, the education sector has become extremely committed to enabling graduates to train as teachers. Employability is quite high and the average annual salary [...]

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What Are the Benefits of a Placement Year at a UK University?


One of the biggest problems, when students graduate from university, is that, although academically qualified, they lack experience in the workplace. University courses that include a year in the industry are a brilliant solution to this problem. The University of Bath and the University of York offer placement years for many of their courses, alongside other UK universities. When making your university choice, it is certainly worth considering a degree with a work placement. Usually completed between the second and final year of a degree course, the student works in a relevant industry for up to a year. This [...]

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How a UK Law Degree Can Help You Out in the Real World


Studying for a UK law degree can open up lots of doors. The degrees prepare the students with core legal theories and practical expertise. You will be able to pursue a variety of fantastic careers, from helping people to gain justice in the field of law to areas like management. But, the benefits don’t stop there. Alongside this, it can be useful in the outside world in everyday situations, some of which will be looked at below. Arguments and managing emotions Lots of things happen in the home. There will be times when couples argue. [...]

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Are UK humanities course degree still worth it?


Often when people are deciding what academic route to take at university, they are put off a humanities course by someone well-meaning. They argue that technical or vocational subjects are more likely to secure you a high paying job. As a result, people with a passion for a humanities subject often follow a subject less close to their hearts. For example, maybe you are interested in art & design courses in UK but are being persuaded to consider law instead. Perhaps when a few people attended university, the choice of the subject didn’t matter. Now it’s almost essential to have [...]

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Study Health Science in UK | 3 Key Benefits of the Course


A degree in Health Science offers you a broad education in health and healthcare-related topics. You will study a range of topics on human health and disease, so it is a great starting point for a career in hospitals, social care or education. Whether you choose a clinical or non-clinical career path, there are huge benefits to studying the fascinating topic of health science. There is a large range of career paths open to you Your career in health science will never be boring. Opportunities for professional development are numerous and your career can go in many different directions [...]

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UK Engineering Courses – Get the Most Out of Them


Studying an Engineering course in the UK is fascinating. There are lots of career options after you complete your course, from finance to designing products and prototyping, as well as teaching. Along the way, you’ll learn how to approach problems creatively and see how science is making an impact in the real world. But, while you’re studying for an Engineering course, here are some things that can help you to get the most out of your studies. Take up a science-based hobby Whether it’s building model aircraft or creating items with a 3D printer, you’ll find a science-based hobby [...]

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What Can a UK MBA Degree Do For Your Career


An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is no easy undertaking, with thousands of people applying to study an MBA in UK universities each year. But, having this exciting further degree alongside your university education can have transformative effects on your career, in both the short and longer terms. Whatever area of business you specify in – and wherever you see your future career progressing – many higher-level managerial and executive jobs ask for a candidate with an MBA or the strong desire to undergo one. If you need a little more convincing, however, we’ve put together just a few [...]

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Study Health Sciences in the UK


Are you interested in becoming a health sciences professional? Well if you want to study and research human health and wish to apply that knowledge to improve health, then it could be the route for you. A world of opportunity The health sciences are a field with high rates of employability. Nursing, in particular, sees over 94% of students in work within six months of their course ending. Health sciences is a field in which you can make a real difference to people's lives, every day. A good health sciences degree will provide plenty of practical study and hands-on [...]

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An MBA or a DBA: Which Should You Choose to Study in UK?


To be a doctor or a master, or both? A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degrees have merit, but for different reasons. What is an MBA? The MBA is a wide-ranging generic degree that combines a practical approach with techniques to solve business problems. So an MBA is quite common and is a widely accessible qualification. An MBA has often been considered the gold standard for employability in the widest sense of the business world. What is a DBA? A DBA equips you with the tools to conduct research and delve into [...]

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Considerations for Starting a UK Career in Education


When deciding whether to begin a career in education in the UK, there are a few factors you may wish to consider. 1. What do I want to teach? We all have our own set of skills and passions and it's worth moulding them into a specialism so that we can be experts in our field. With plenty of education courses in UK to choose from, there will be support available to you when deciding on a specialism and how you can continue to build on your knowledge within it. 2. Who do I want to teach? To begin [...]

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Top UK Courses for Graduate Employability


Top UK Courses for Graduate Employability It's always challenging or tricky to choose a course for a degree in the UK for prospective students. A number of things students need to consider before choosing a course here. In the UK tuition fees begins with £9,250 for Home and EU Students in Universities which is even more for the International students. So, it is the most important thing to get the Course selection right where students spending a good amount of money for their courses. It becomes essential to choose the right course for student's expected career and here we are the [...]

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