The UK university admissions cycle is almost upon us, which means a new intake of students. Many universities in the UK are using the May intake as a chance to get more students so they can keep up with the growing demand for higher education.

The busiest time of the year for UK universities is the September intake. At the beginning of May, college results are released to prospective students and their families. It is also the last chance for students to apply to college before clearing starts. In this blog we’re going to take a look at some of the common and important things about the May intake in UK universities. May is the month when universities in the UK receive almost half of all student applications. So why not be one of them and increase your chances of admission to your first-choice university?

If you missed the September or January deadlines, summer is a good time to apply to mid-intake universities in the UK. Even though this is not the most popular time to apply because there aren’t as many options, there are some benefits to doing so now. There shouldn’t be any doubt about whether or not the school you choose has the program you want at the time you want to start.

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Why do UK Universities accept May intake?

International students tend to choose the January intake in the United Kingdom over the mid-intake in UK 2023, which marks the beginning of the summer semester in the United Kingdom. Since the academic year begins in April or May, most international students who intend to return for another semester take that time off. 

However, despite the disadvantages (fewer Universities accepting Mid intake 2023 in the UK, fewer available degrees), there are a few benefits (described below) to choosing this intake 2023-

  • Admission in May can work well with the schedules of some students. If you’re worried that the January intake is too soon, the April/May 2023 intake gives you a little more time to get ready. Those who weren’t accepted during the September or January intakes still have a chance to enroll in the program of their choice at a university in the United Kingdom.
  • Students with a less-than-stellar academic background still have a shot at getting into a university in the UK in 2023 because to the relatively low levels of competition during the May intake universities in the UK.
  • The smaller class sizes that define the UK’s May/June intake 2023 can prove useful come graduation time. After finishing the program, you will have more options and less competition during placement season.

Top UK Universities for Mid Intake 2023

Here are some top universities for Mid intake universities in the UK –

You’ll likely want to know which British universities will be accepting students for master’s and bachelor’s degrees in May 2023

The following is a list of UK universities that will be accepting new students this May intake 2023, along with the courses they offer:

Coventry University

The QS has given Coventry University a prestigious five-star rating, and it is now ranked among the top 600–650 universities in the world. The Times Higher Education lists Coventry University as one of the 200 best universities in the world. It is ranked third in the UK. International students can apply at Coventry University for the May 2023 intake.

Surprisingly, out of about 34,000 students, over 15,500 are international students. This puts the university in the top 30 in the world for its number of international students, according to the QS Rankings 2022.

Offered courses-

Course Title Course Name
International Foundation Year Accounting and Finance
International Foundation Year Art, Design and Media
International Foundation Year Biosciences
International Foundation Year Business
International Foundation Year Computing
International Foundation Year Engineering
International Foundation Year Law
International Foundation Year Nursing
International Foundation Year Public Health
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Cyber Security Management
Master of Science (MSc) Business and Organizational Psychology
Master of Science (MSc) Civil Engineering Project Management
Master of Science (MSc) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Healthcare sector
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Artificial Intelligence
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Sustainable Tourism

University of Kent

More than 3,500 international students from 150+ countries are currently enrolled at the University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom. Both London and Brussels are home to the university’s postgraduate centers. The University of Kent was ranked among the top 50 by Complete University Guide 2022, with excellent instruction and facilities that meet industrial standards. It is one of the top 50 institutions in the United Kingdom and is ranked 383rd in the world by the QS World University Rankings for 2022.

Offered courses-

Course Title Course Name
Bachelor of Science(BSc) Applied Chemical Science
Bachelor of Science(BSc) Chartered Manager
Bachelor of Science(BSc) Applied Bioscience
Foundation Degree Sciences(FdSc) Applied Bioscience
Foundation Degree Sciences(FdSc) Applied Chemical Science

Northumbria University

Its city campus is in Newcastle upon Tyne, and Northumbria University is a public institution serving the region of England known as the North East. Northumbria University was placed among the top 100 universities in the world by THE’s Young University Rankings 2021. As of the 2022 edition of the QS World University Rankings, it is among the top 700 educational institutions worldwide.

Offered courses

Course Title Course Name
Master of Science (MSc) Hospitality and Tourism
Master of Science (MSc) International Project Management
Master of Science (MSc) Global Logistics Operation and Supply Chain Management
Master of Science (MSc) Technology for Sustainable Cities
Bachelor of Arts (BA) International Banking and Finance
Master of Science (MSc) Artificial Intelligence Technology
Master of Science (MSc) Big Data and Data Science
Master of Science (MSc) Business Analytics

Brunel University London

The United Kingdom is home to Brunel University London, which is placed 351st in the world by the QS World University Rankings for 2022. 

More than 5,300 of the university’s 13,000+ students are from outside the United Kingdom, making for a richly multicultural environment on the campus in scenic Uxbridge, West London. Brunel University London was listed in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 as one of the universities with the most global focus.

Offered Courses

Course Title Course Name
MSc/ PG Diploma/ PG Certificate Advanced Clinical Practice (Neurological Rehabilitation)
MSc/ PG Diploma/ PG Certificate Advanced Clinical Practice (Cardiovascular Health)
Undergraduate Pathway Life Sciences
MSc/ PG Diploma/ PG Certificate Advanced Clinical Practice
MSc/ PG Diploma/ PG Certificate Advanced Clinical Practice (Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation)

Ulster University

Due to its strong level of research, Ulster University is included in the 651–700 range of QS Top Universities in 2022. Over 90% of Ulster University graduates are either working or going back to school within 6 months of graduating. More than 1,800 students, out of a total of 25,000, are not from the United States.

For the first time in the 15-year history of the Complete University Guide (CUG) 2022 League Table, Ulster University has landed among the top 50 universities.

Offered courses-

Course Title Course Name
Master of Science (MSc) International Business
Master of Science (MSc) Marketing
Master of Science (MSc) International Business with Data Analytics
Master of Science (MSc) International Business with Human Resource Management
Master of Science (MSc) International Business with Advanced Practice
Master of Science (MSc) Marketing with Advanced Practice
Master of Science (MSc) International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice
Master of Science (MSc) International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice
Extended Master of Science (MSc) International Business
Extended Master of Science (MSc) Marketing
Extended Master of Science (MSc) International Business and Data Analytics
Extended Master of Science (MSc) International Business and Human Resource Management
Extended Master of Science (MSc) International Business and Advanced Practice
Extended Master of Science (MSc) Marketing with Advanced Practice
Extended Master of Science (MSc) International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice
Extended Master of Science (MSc) International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice

Richmond University of London 

Richmond University of London is well-known for its adaptability and breadth of subject matter. A genuinely international student body with over 100 nationalities and small class sizes, internationalism and personal attention, with generous scholarships, are at the heart of Richmond.

Offered courses-

Course Title Course Name
Master of Business Administration (MBA) General/ Marketing/ HR
Master of Arts (MA) Advertising and PR
Master of Arts (MA) International Relations

University of Hertfordshire

The Guardian University Guide placed the University of Hertfordshire as the 103rd best in the country for 2021, while the Times University Guide ranked it 99th. The Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) gave the University of Hertfordshire a gold award for its excellent academic performance in the United Kingdom.

In 2015, the Guardian University Award was given to the University of Hertfordshire for Outstanding Student Experience.

Offered courses-

Course Title Course Name
Master of Science (MSc) Cardiology and Stroke
Master of Science (MSc) Data Science with placement year
Pre-sessional English course

Teesside University

Over the past few decades, Teesside University has grown to offer over 270 full-time programs and 145 sandwich/placement courses in fields as diverse as computer science, sociology, art history, engineering, biology, and more. 

In 2021, the university placed 68th in the Guardian University Guide and 87th in the Times/Sunday Times. 

Seven National Teaching Fellowships were awarded to faculty at Teesside University, helping the institution achieve Silver status in the TEF.

Offered courses-

  • Accelerated Bachelor in Business
  • Accelerated Bachelor in Engineering and Computing
May intake in uk universities – what you need to know 1

Keele University

According to the Research Excellence Framework, 80% of the university’s research is either world-leading or internationally good (REF 2021). 

In addition, in the Student Crowd University Awards 2022, Keele University was voted the best university in the UK. Times Higher Education’s 2022 world university rankings put Keele University between 501 and 600, which is in the bottom half of all universities around the world. 

However, if we look at how the university is ranked in the UK, we find that it is one of the top 100 universities in the country. Keele University is ranked 58th by The Complete University Guide and 48th by The Guardian for the year 2022. 

In 2022 and 2023, Keele University will be ranked 751–800 by QS.

Offered courses-

  • Learning Disability Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Adult Nursing
  • Children’s Nursing

When to Apply to a May intake in UK Universities?

If you want to apply to a May intake university in the UK, you need to be aware of when the deadlines are. There is no set schedule for when application forms for May/June intake universities in the UK are due. Universities in the UK usually accept applications between October and February for students who want to start in May.

Check out the following chart for an idea of when things typically need to be done in order to apply to mid-intake universities in the UK:

  • August to September month-

Check out the universities offering May admission in the UK and narrow down your choices based on the courses they offer.

  • September to October month-

Prepare for any entrance exams, such as the IELTS, that you might need for postgraduate study in the UK in May.

  • October to February month– 

Do some research to make sure you’re qualified to enrol in a May intake in UK universities. You’ll need to submit your application for a student visa to study in the UK by January.

  • February to March month-

Complete your application and gather any further enrollment materials your chosen university may require.

  • April to May month-

Get your finances in order, plan your trip, and make sure that your visa paperwork is in order.

In the United Kingdom, applying to college takes a long time, is hard, and is full of surprises. Before you apply to study in the UK, you should look over the relevant information and the next steps in the admission timetable. This will help you avoid any delays, problems, or rejections in the application process. 

Planning ahead and getting started with plenty of time to spare can help you avoid making any mistakes during rush hour. 

Otherwise, you risk squandering your time and potential gains. Since fewer students opt for the May intake universities in the UK than in 2023, this could be seen as a competitive advantage.

Essential Documents you need to apply to the UK universities for Mid intake

To avoid any last-minute craziness when applying for April/May intake universities in the UK, be sure to have the following materials prepared in advance-

  • Proof of completion of the tenth and twelfth grades in school.
  • Previous qualifying exam transcripts (Undergraduate or graduate level, if applicable). If the official certificates are not available at the time of application, the provisional ones will be accepted in their place.
  • Test results for the Graduate Management Admissions Test or the Graduate Management Admission Test. (If relevant to your current study)
  • Scores from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are required for admission to universities in the United Kingdom.
  • Include a two to three-paragraph personal statement and two recommendation letters with your college application.
  • Acceptable Passport
  • Newest photos in passport size

The process of applying at the UK University in Mid Intake

Before the admission portal opens, be prepared with all the necessary paperwork and verification of eligibility if you intend to enrol in the May intake universities in the UK in 2023. Here are some considerations for the UK May application period- 

  • Create a comprehensive list of all the universities offering courses during the Mid intake universities in the UK period. And then pick the one that appeals to you most. Don’t put things off until the last minute because that usually results in chaos.
  • Once you’ve decided on a major and school, be sure to regularly check their website for any announcements or changes.
  • Take any and all qualifying exams before enrollment opens.
  • The earlier you apply, the better your chances of being accepted to the University of your Choice. Don’t lose out on this chance by not knowing when the admissions site will open.
  • After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation mail. And as soon as you do, submit an application for a UK Student Visa.

Application Deadline for May Intake

  • Application deadline: Please note that the application deadline is the first week of April. So don’t miss the date for the May intake.
  • Deposit Date: Second week of April, When prerequisites are met and a deposit is made. 
  • Pre-CAS interview: We recommend scheduling your pre-CAS interview for the third week of April. Mark the date it’s very important.
  • CAS release date: First week of May (CAS release)
  • Training and orientation Date: Start of training and orientation is May 2nd
  • Scheduled beginning of class: May third. 

How to get scholarships for May 2023 Intake 

International students can get scholarships and grants at a number of UK schools, including through UCAS. Scholarships for students are awarded based on several criteria at each individual institution. This decision is usually based on how well the applicant did in school and how much money they need.

The typical expenses covered by a scholarship are as follows:

  • A student’s tuition costs
  • Allowance paid on a regular schedule, monthly or weekly
  • Cost of housing and food
  • Free premium health insurance

In the United Kingdom, a student may get a scholarship for a period of up to 36 months.

Final Thoughts

University admissions are competitive, and finding the right course can be a daunting prospect. However, if you have your sights set on a May 2023 intake university in the UK, you can increase your chances of getting in by planning ahead and knowing exactly what to do to get onto the course you want at the institution you hope to attend.

Are you considering pursuing your education in the United Kingdom? If so, you’ll probably want to get an idea of what is required for admission to a mid-intake university in the UK. While there are certain requirements you will have to fulfil regardless, each university is different, and it’s always a good idea to do your research before going through with an application.

Hopefully, this information will be useful to you as you make your decision about where to study in the UK in the May Intake of 2023. Keep in touch with AHZ members to find out about new opportunities and the latest information on UK higher education. Our experts will help you to get admitted into top UK universities.


What is the major intake in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the primary admissions periods are in September/October and January/February. There are a select number of courses offered in April and May by a few UK universities.

When is the best time to apply for May intake in the UK?

Beginning in October of the preceding year, applications will be accepted. If you want to apply early, check the university’s website to find out when applications will be made accessible.

Is May intake available in UK?

Institutions in the United Kingdom can begin classes in May; yes. The summer intake, which occurs in April/May, is the least sought-after admissions period. During the summer admission session, universities in the UK typically only offer a select few of their full-year courses and degree programs.

What is the deadline of 2023 May intake in UK?

Prepare the necessary paperwork and try to take the exam between September and October of 2022. Apply to university between October 2022 and February 2023.

Will I need to meet any other criteria to be accepted into the UK’s May session?

The entry requirements for UK institutions in May are not different from the entry requirements for any other intake. 

If you want to know if you need to do anything else to get admitted to the university for the summer semester, you can do so by checking the admission requirements listed on the program page of the university’s main website.

Where can I start a Master’s degree in May 2022 at a UK university?

Coventry University, University of the West of Scotland, University of Hertfordshire, BPP University, Salford University, Richmond University of London, Ulster University, Brunel University of London, Northumbria University, and Brunel University are just some of the universities in the UK that will be accepting master’s degree students in May of 2022.

Is enrollment for May starting at UK MBA programs?

Yes, several universities including Coventry University, University of Chester, and University of the
May intake universities in the UK can enroll in an MBA program at either the University of the West of Scotland or the University of Richmond in London.