There are a number of administrative obstacles to jump through in order to study abroad, such as filling out an application, passing English proficiency tests, writing a personal essay, and so on. In order to initiate the visa application process, particularly for the purpose of pursuing studies in the United Kingdom, it is imperative to furnish a CAS letter alongside other essential supporting documents.

Because it is a personalised letter from the institution that you’ve applied to, it is one of the most important pieces of evidence needed to obtain a UK visa. Do you need complete information on the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter from the UK? We will unveil the significance of this letter and guide you through the essential steps to obtain it.

What is a CAS Letter?

The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter is a vital document that UK institutions provide to offer holders to confirm their acceptance into a certain course of study. Students from outside the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland who plan to study in the United Kingdom for longer than six months must provide a confirmation of acceptance to study (CAS) letter. This essential document must be submitted with your application for a Tier 4 (General) student visa, which is required for international students to study in the UK.

Why is the CAS Letter Important for the students?

A CAS letter from the UK is required when applying for a student visa since it proves that the applicant has been extended an unconditional offer of admission to study at the designated institution. 

In order to obtain a valid student visa and enrol full-time at the university, students must either apply for one themselves or have the university issue one upon request. In order to verify whether or not a candidate has received an unconditional offer, the visa officer will use the candidate’s unique CAS number.

Importance of CAS number

The CAS number holds significant importance for international students intending to study in the UK. It is a unique reference number assigned to each student who has been accepted by a UK university for a particular course. 

How do I apply for a CAS Letter?

A CAS letter and number are sent by the institution to international students who have accepted the offer and paid the deposit payment for the programme. Students can begin the student visa application process once they have received their CAS acceptance letter. 

Once an offer is received, the next steps vary for each university in the UK. The university notifies UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) of the student’s acceptance to the university and requests the CAS number on the student’s behalf. UKVI issues the CAS number to the university, which then provides it to the student.

After an offer is accepted and the required deposit is paid, some schools immediately issue the letter. However, others, such as the University of Kingston, require students to register on the official website in order to obtain the letter.

Procedure of CAS

The UK university where you have received a place offer typically manages the multi-step process to obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter UK. Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Apply and Receive an Offer
  • Accept the Offer
  • Financial Documentation
  • CAS Request
  • CAS Assessment
  • CAS Issuance
  • CAS Confirmation
  • Visa Application

Remember that each university may have slight variations in their CAS issuance process, so it’s essential to carefully follow the specific instructions provided by the university you plan to attend.

What is the processing time for a CAS letter?

As a general rule, the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies letter is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to compete with other early birds, it’s best to submit your application as soon as possible. After the school confirms the legitimacy of the student’s submitted materials, the letter will be mailed out to them within two to three business days (but may take longer). Despite its significance, the time it takes for a university to distribute the CAS varies.

When is the CAS letter issued?

After the student accepts the offer and fulfils all other prerequisites, the CAS is issued. There will be sections for the recipient’s name, the course name, and the CAS number. Despite its significance, there is no standard time frame within which a university must issue a CAS.

CAS Payment 

International students are required to pay the tuition fees in full or provide proof of sufficient funds to cover their studies and living expenses. CAS Payment or CAS Deposit depends on students tuition fees, and every university has a different amount for CAS.

Here is a list of universities that issue CAS for less than £5000:

University Name Payment Amount 
University of York£2000
Cranfield University£1000
University of East Anglia£2000
University of Essex£1000
University of Strathclyde£2000
Swansea University£2000
University of Bristol£2000
University of Sussex £2000
Keele University £4,000
Birkbeck, University of London£2000
Birmingham City University£4,000
Brunel University London£3,000
Loughborough University£2,500

What to do if the CAS Letter delays?

The processing time for a CAS may vary depending on the institution. Generally, it is advisable to apply for the CAS well in advance, as it may take several weeks for the institution to issue the document. However, in the event of any delay or non-receipt of the CAS, students should promptly contact their institution’s international office or representative for assistance and guidance.

Can a Visa be rejected after CAS?

It’s unlikely that we’ll issue another CAS if we anticipate rejecting a subsequent application for the same reason. Instead of issuing a new CAS for a new visa application, we typically advise applicants whose visa applications were denied due to credibility issues to request an administrative review.

What is the CAS Interview UK?

Your first interview will be the pre-CAS interview. The admissions office of the institution is in charge of it. You need to pass the pre-case interview at any university in the UK if you want to enrol there.

CAS Requirements

You need an unconditional offer from a Tier 4 visa sponsor (a UK university with authorization to recruit overseas students) in order to receive it. The offer should be for a full-time course, and you must meet the UKVI‘s (UK Visas and Immigration) English language requirements. You must also provide proof that you have saved up enough money to pay for your UK higher education as well as cover your living expenses while you are in school.

Validity of CAS Letter 

Once you have been issued a CAS letter, it is essential to act promptly. The CAS has limited validity, typically being valid for six months. A student visa application must be submitted no later than six months after the CAS is issued. Failure to do so may lead to your CAS becoming invalid, and you will need to request a new one from your educational institution.

CAS Statement

The CAS statement tells you the following information:

Cas letter for uk study visa

The institution where a student plans to study has a 14-digit Sponsor Licence Number (SLN). It proves the institution’s sponsorship license and is required for a UK Tier 4 student visa.

Certain details are needed for university admission. Share your entire name, passport number, and course start and end dates. Students must also enter their academic title, indicating their academic programme.

Candidates must also disclose the cost of their first year or programme. The university’s previous tuition payments and room and board charges are also needed. Finally, English fluency is essential. University entrance generally requires IELTS or TOEFL scores to demonstrate English competence.

Students can improve their chances of enrolling in their preferred university and getting a UK student visa by providing these vital facts and a valid Sponsor Licence Number.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

A. Delayed Responses from Universities: Sometimes, universities may take longer than expected to issue a letter, which can cause anxiety for students. To tackle this, it is essential to apply to your chosen institutions well in advance and keep in regular communication with their admissions department. You can also seek assistance from educational consultants or agents who can help expedite the process.

B. Meeting Financial Requirements: Proving that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while studying in the UK can be daunting. Ensure that you have the necessary bank statements or financial sponsorship documents to demonstrate your financial capability. Many universities provide guidance on the specific financial requirements for a CAS application.

C. Dealing with Rejected Applications: If your application for a CAS is rejected, don’t panic. Reach out to your educational institution to understand the reasons for the refusal. If your application was rejected, you can fix any mistakes or missing information and reapply. Don’t give up; instead, keep at it with diligence and focus on the details.

Key Points to Remember 

  • Essential documents for a Tier 4 student visa
  • Proof of acceptance from the university
  • The outline outlines important details, such as course dates and tuition fees.
  • To obtain a CAS letter, students must adhere to the precise steps outlined by their university.
  • Payment of tuition fees or proof of sufficient funds is a prerequisite for the CAS.

What will I do after receiving a CAS LETTER?

Once you have received your CAS letter from the UK, it’s time to move forward with your student visa application. To apply for a student visa to the United Kingdom, you must fill out an online form and then visit a Visa Application Centre. During the appointment, you will submit biometric information, photographs, and relevant documents. Be sure to double-check the specific requirements for your country of residence, as they may vary.

What you should never forget about CAS letters

  • The CAS is not a visa itself; it is a vital document required for your student visa application.
  • Ensure that your application accurately reflects the course details and any scholarship information, if applicable.
  • Comply with the CAS validity period and apply for your visa within six months of receiving the CAS.

Documents required for CAS application 

  • an unconditional offer letter from a licenced Tier 4 visa sponsor institution.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Passports and passport-sized photographs.
  • Academic transcripts and certificates.
  • English language proficiency test results

Student Visa

Upon receiving your CAS letter, you can proceed with your UK student visa application. Remember to provide all necessary documents, pay the application fee, and attend the biometric appointment. You can begin your exciting journey as an international student in the UK after your visa has been accepted.

Final Words

And finally, now is the time to never forget the importance of the CAS letter throughout the visa application process and get started on your visa application.

We wish for a seamless journey and hope this information will help you the most. By following the correct procedure, fulfilling financial obligations, and submitting the visa application on time, you can navigate the process successfully and pursue their educational aspirations in the United Kingdom.


What is the processing time for a CAS?

A CAS might take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to process. It can take a little longer at our busiest times.

How can I pay my fees?

The quickest way to pay your fees is by debit or credit card, or else you can contact your representative to pay through the university’s online payment portal.

Does my dependent require a CAS?

No CAS is needed for your dependent, but you will need proof of financial stability in order to submit a CAS application.

Does CAS mean visa approval?

If you want to study in the United Kingdom, you’ll need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number. It’s an electronic document made with the Home Office’s system that you need to apply for a student visa.

How long does it take to get a CAS letter for the UK?

Usually, universities take 10 days to send the CAS number after confirming the details in the statement.

What documents are required for CAS?

You’ll need to bring in your most recent passport in addition to your transcripts or mark sheets from the last undergraduate or graduate programme you attended. Verify the authenticity of all documents and make sure they include the correct information. Following confirmation of the information provided, a CSA number will be issued to you.

Can I apply for a UK visa without a letter of CAS?

Make sure that everything is filled out and accurate. Until you verify your CAS number, we will not submit an application for it. If you want to study in the United Kingdom but don’t have a CAS number, you can’t apply for a student visa.

How long is a CAS valid in the UK?

The validity of a CAS begins on the date it is issued and ends six months later. All required original documents listed on your CAS must be submitted with your student visa application (low-risk nations are exempt from this requirement).