If you are looking to pursue a career in law and are contemplating studying the subject, then you should consider universities in the United Kingdom. Home to some of the finest universities in the world, research is required before you can narrow down the best universities in the UK for law.

Our objective is to recommend the best university in UK for law for students who wish to establish their careers in this respective field. Here are a couple of options which you could explore.

Cambridge University

According to the Law league table published for 2020, Cambridge University secured top spot in the national rankings for legal studies. A world famous institution, Cambridge offers fantastic law degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Their programs are comprised of modern teaching methods and some of the most highly qualified faculty in the country. The courses are also designed to allow students to maximize and realize their potential.

By the time they graduate, students are able to cultivate a comprehension of legal issues in a modern society. The degrees offered at Cambridge include BA Law, LLM Law, and Masters in Corporate Law and a Doctorate in Law as well.

Glasgow University

Another excellent choice for a law degree is Glasgow University in Scotland. It boasts competitive law degrees, brilliant minds in their student body and faculty, a focus on research oriented studies and modern facilities for students also.

Graduating in Law from Glasgow University enables students to gain an excellent understanding of Scottish and Common Law. They are able to develop critical skills during their degree program as well.

Furthermore, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to the courses on offer. Glasgow has various degrees such as Scotts Law LLB, Common Law LLB, Corporate and Financial Law LLM, Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy LLM, International Economic Law LLM and many others!

Best law universities in the uk

London School of Economics

Although it has economics in its moniker and is synonymous with the subject, the law degree taught at LSE is also one of the finest anywhere in the world. When you enrol at the London School of Economics, you can expect the highest quality in education and exposure. It goes without saying that LSE law prepares you for a market that can be competitive and challenging in equal measure.

Last but not least, LSE offers LLM Bachelors of Law, LLM Masters of Law, PhD Law, MSc Law and Accounting and an Executive LLM also.

Aberdeen University

Another Scottish university with an outstanding law program is Aberdeen. The School of Law offers degrees like LLB Law, LLM International Trade Law and LLM International Public Law. It is not just the latest league tables that reiterate Aberdeen’s credentials. In fact, it is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in UK for law.

The courses taught at Aberdeen University are comprehensive in nature and cover a number of pertinent legal areas which allow students to broaden their legal horizons in the process. By opting to study here, you would no longer have to look for the best university in UK for law.

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