Pursuing further education in a foreign country is an exciting adventure that will undoubtedly enrich your life in many ways. In this guide, we’ll go deep into the steps needed to study in UK from Morocco. Students from Morocco are more likely to be drawn to the United Kingdom because of its excellent educational system, diverse student community, and wealth of cultural and educational opportunities.

The information, advice, and step-by-step assistance in this guide will be your trusted companion, whether you are a recent graduate, a professional trying to upskill, or an adventurous person exploring new vistas.

Join us as we explore the fantastic possibilities available to Moroccan students who choose to pursue their education in the United Kingdom. Your academic journey starts here.

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Moroccan Students in the UK at a glance

Morocco, the second-largest source of international students seeking higher education abroad, has seen a remarkable 51% increase in the number of Moroccan students studying in the UK between 2014–2015 and 2019–2020, according to a survey by Erudera. Additionally, during the 2020–2021 academic year, Hespress EN reported a substantial 30% growth. In 2019–20, there were 975 Moroccan students in the UK, which surged to 1,265 students in the following academic year. These students were mainly located in England (1,140), with smaller numbers in Wales (45), Scotland (45), and Northern Ireland (35).

To summarise the international students journey from Morocco to UK:

  • 760 Moroccan students in 2017/18
  • 870 Moroccan students in 2018/19
  • 975 Moroccan students in 2019/20
  • 1,265 Moroccan students in 2020/21

This surge in Moroccan students studying in the UK underscores the growing importance of UK degrees in their pursuit of professional success.

Why Choose to Study in UK from Morocco?

Here are the top reasons why you should choose the United Kingdom as an optimal study abroad destination:

Internationally recognised institutions

It is worth noting that the United Kingdom is home to two out of the three highest-ranking universities globally, according to QS Top Universities rankings, with a total of 26 institutions being included in the top 200 esteemed establishments for educational pursuits.

According to the British Council (2016), a notable proportion of Nobel Laureates, specifically 38 percent, received their education in the United Kingdom. Additionally, as reported by University Business (2023), over 25 percent of global leaders have received their education from UK universities. These statistics position the United Kingdom as the top-ranked country in terms of producing highly educated individuals who have achieved recognition in the fields of academia and leadership.

Unique culture

The United Kingdom is a nation characterised by its multicultural structure, a factor that exerts a significant influence on its cultural landscape. Irrespective of one’s geographical origin, individuals tend to experience a sense of belonging and familiarity within the United Kingdom.

Respected by employers

UK study guarantees global recognition and respect. British universities for Moroccan students will give a solid foundation for practical work and help them land their dream job.

Employability and career potential

According to the past employability stats of last 5 years , it is evident that graduates from the United Kingdom possess a high level of employability. This is supported by the fact that three UK universities are positioned among the top 20 globally, while an additional 14 institutions are rated within the top 100.

Preferred Intakes

If you are planning to study in UK from Morocco you should be well aware of the upcoming intakes. to Based on student numbers and characteristics, UK admissions are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary categories.

The most popular admission period is the initial intake. The UK’s main intake period is in September.
The secondary intake is the second most popular in the UK and offers fewer degrees. The May intake, or tertiary intake, is the least popular in the UK.

IntakeTime-durationApplication time
SeptemberSeptember to DecemberDecember to July
JanuaryJanuary to AprilSeptember to November
MayMay to AugustOctober to November

Required Visa Documents for International Students

When applying for a UK student visa from Morocco to pursue studies in the United Kingdom, it is advisable to refer to the following checklist in order to verify that you possess all the necessary supporting documents.


  •  Copy of passport or visa
  • Academic transcript
  •  Certificate of graduation
  • Certificate of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other)
  •  Personal statement
  •  Reference letters
  • CV (if applicable)
  • Bank statement


  • Certificate of graduation or bachelor’s degree


  • Certificate of graduation or master’s degree
  • Research proposal

Application Process

Studying in UK from Morocco as an International students demands a clear understanding of the application process. UK higher education offers a fantastic opportunity to develop the skills, views, and self-confidence needed to reach their best potential. The UK study application process is simple, and we will guide you through each step.

Step-by-step guide to applying for UK universities

  • Select a university or college along with your desired course
  •  Complete the registration and application process
  • Confirm acceptance of your offer
  • Organise your funding and financial arrangements
  • Submit your visa application
  •  Get ready for your upcoming stay

Entry Requirements for Moroccan Students

English language requirements: All candidates must have a globally recognised English language certification, such as IELTS. The minimum

entrance score is 6.0 or comparable IELTS UKVI Morocco score for undergraduate studies and 6.5 for postgraduate studies. Some departments require higher scores.

Undergraduate programme: Direct admission to a bachelor degree from Morocco can be granted based on a range of qualifications. It is imperative that all applications for undergraduate studies be submitted only through UCAS.

  • Candidates who possess a minimum of three A-level qualifications will be eligible for direct admission into undergraduate programmes.
  • Undergraduate programmes will grant direct entry to individuals who possess an International Baccalaureate diploma.

Postgraduate programme: Direct entry to the postgraduate programme is available to applicants having a recognised bachelor’s degree from an officially acknowledged Moroccan university and three years of relevant professional experience.

Application Deadlines and Tips for a Successful Application

The process of applying to universities can evoke both excitement and a sense of being overwhelmed. In order to effectively navigate this trip, it is imperative to possess a comprehensive understanding of the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) deadlines and admission process for Moroccan students in the UK.

Choosing the right university to study in uk from morocco

Check out what you should remember:

  • Application deadlines
  • Personal statement precision
  •  Academic excellence
  • Thorough research
  • References matter
  • Financial planning
  • English proficiency
  • Visa readiness

Research, plan ahead, and present yourself in the best possible light to secure your spot.

Choosing the Right University

While choosing the right university for your higher education opportunities in the United Kingdom, you have to be careful in some matters. Here is a list you should always remember.

Factors to consider when selecting a top UK university

In-order to study in UK from Morocco you must consider some major related aspects. Budgeting for studying in the UK as a foreign student is a big decision. However, choosing a university requires serious thought. Even abroad, there are several ways to find the best university.

  • Check the ranking of universities
  • Obtain a prospectus
  • Explore the virtual environment
  • Read student evaluations
  • Attend education expos and festivals
  • Get help from university representatives
  • Join a student organisation

Popular Universities in the UK for Moroccan Students

University nameRanking
University of Sunderland93rd in the UK Times University Guide 2024
University of Roehampton99th in the UK Times University Guide 2024
Coventry University58th in the UK Times University Guide 2024
University of Greenwich105th in the UK Times University Guide 2024
Ulster University40th in the UK Times University Guide 2024
University of Westminster123rd in the UK Times University Guide 2024
University of Portsmouth65th in the UK Times University Guide 2024
University of Birmingham22nd in the UK Times University Guide 2024
Oxford Brookes University61st in the UK Times University Guide 2024
Durham University7th in the UK Times University Guide 2024

Affordable Universities to Study in UK from Morocco

Here are some affordable universities in the UK for international students:

  1. University of Sunderland
  2. Teesside University
  3. University of Suffolk
  4. Ulster University
  5. Wrexham Glyndwr University
  6. Birmingham City University
  7. University of Chester
  8. University of Bedfordshire
  9. London Metropolitan University
  10.  Leeds Beckett University

Available Courses and Programmes for Moroccan International Students

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for higher education because it is home to some of the world’s best universities. The United Kingdom has a large selection of degrees (over 50,000), making it a popular destination for professionals and students from outside.

Overview of diverse academic programmes in the UK

In the United Kingdom, it is customary for institutions to provide undergraduate degrees that typically span a duration of three years, as well as master’s programmes that typically last for one year.

Ultimate guide to studying in uk from morocco

UK higher education

  • Undergraduate
  • Pre-masters
  • Postgraduate
  • Two-year degree
  • PhD/research degree

Pre-university Study

  • Foundation
  • English-language schools
  • Summer school
  • A-levels
  • Colleges of Further Education

Popular Courses Among Moroccan Students

Here are the lists of popular courses among Moroccan students pursuing degrees in the UK:

Supply Chain Management 

Supply Chain Management has become a popular course among students especially who are from Middle East and North Africa. The courses demand and career prospect is day-to-day increasing as well. If you study supply chain management in the UK from Morocco, you must have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 and a second-class honours degree in a relevant area.


Deciding to study In UK from Morocco opens up a world of new opportunities, especially if you want to learn proper English like the British. With its high standards of education, rich cultural legacy and variety, booming cities, and gorgeous countryside, it is the perfect place to study English in the UK for international students. Deciding to study In UK from Morocco opens up a world of new opportunities, especially if you want to learn proper English like the British

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing area of study because current businesses are progressive and digital. Brands are becoming more interested in utilising digital marketing since it is more cost-effective than more conventional strategies and can reach a massive audience. Research shows that studying digital marketing in the UK can reach a far larger audience at a lower cost than more conventional techniques.


British medical graduates are highly sought after around the world for their combination of theoretical knowledge, scientific rigour, and humane qualities, including professionalism and compassion. Studying medicine in the UK is a good idea if you have excellent grades and can demonstrate a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the medical field.

Culinary Arts

Learning how to make dishes in the United Kingdom is a great way to see the country and experience its rich culture. Experience wonderful food, famous landmarks, and the warm hospitality of the inhabitants. In the United Kingdom, students are pushed to think creatively and critically through class debates and collaborative projects while studying culinary arts.

Cyber Security

The industry is dynamic and widely regarded as critical for protecting all global internet-connected systems from cyberattacks. If you want to fight the good fight in the digital information war and have a propensity for cyber security, studying Cyber Security in the UK will equip you with the tools you need.


If you want to study economics at either the undergraduate or graduate level, the United Kingdom is a great option. London, its capital, takes great pleasure in being one of the world’s preeminent financial centres. Because of this, international students studying economics in the UK have even more to gain from doing so.


The legal system in the United Kingdom has been in place for over 900 years, making it one of the world’s oldest and most influential. In and out of the legal field, a degree in law from the United Kingdom can open doors to high-paying positions. Studying Law in the UK is taken in tandem with others in related fields, such as business, medicine, or international human rights.

Research opportunities and specialisations

Many UK universities for Moroccan students and educational centres provide short-term and long-term academic degrees. International students and researchers can apply for UK bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral programmes.

UK summer schools and conferences attract academics and scientists, making it a popular academic destination.

Thus, students, researchers, and teachers can always find and apply to suitable programmes in the country.

Student Visa Requirements for the UK

In order to pursue studies in the United Kingdom, individuals originating from Morocco need to get a student visa. Here is UK student visa requirements for Moroccan applicants:

UK student visa application process

According to GOV.UK, UK student visa application process for Moroccans provides:

  • A valid passport or travel document
  • A CAS from your course provider

You may also need:

  • Proof that you have adequate money to maintain yourself and pay for your education (varies by situation)
  • ATAS certification if your course and country require it
  •  Proof of parental or legal guardian consent for under-18s, proof of relationship, tuberculosis test results, and written consent from financial sponsor for course fees and living costs in the past year are required.

Tier 4 (General) student visa

Students 16 and older must apply for a Tier 4 (general) student visa to study in the UK.

Before applying for a Tier 4 (general) student visa, you must get an acceptance letter from a recognised school. After that, the university or college will provide the student a CAS, or Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies. The chosen educational institution must have a UK government-accredited institution sponsor to proceed.

Visa compliance and responsibilities

Visa limitations and accompanying responsibilities must be followed for a successful and intellectually gratifying academic career in the UK. Individuals can maximise their educational experience in this vibrant and culturally diverse nation by staying educated and following UK government guidelines. For any inquiries or apprehensions pertaining to your visa status, it is advisable to seek assistance from the designated international office of your educational institution or the relevant authorities at UKVI.

Funding and Scholarship Opportunities for Moroccan Students

The tuition costs of the university in the UK imposed on overseas students are comparatively elevated, and the cost associated with flying internationally to pursue education at a university in the United Kingdom can help mitigate the financial strain of studying abroad by offering crucial financial assistance.         

Scholarships and financial aid options for Moroccan students

Scholarships additionally facilitate the educational and vocational pursuits of international students who may otherwise lack the financial means, thereby enabling them to acquire valuable expertise and understanding that can afterwards enhance their prospects for professional advancement. Take a free appointment and speak to the best UK educational consultant in Casablanca, Morocco, who specializes in helping students pursue higher study in the UK from Morocco. They will help you find a suitable scholarship.

Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarship in Morocco provides comprehensive financial support to international students through fully paid scholarships. The application period for the 2024-2025 Chevening Scholarships is currently underway, commencing on September 12, 2023, and concluding on November 7, 2023. The United Kingdom government is funding the Chevening Scholarship Scheme, a global initiative.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The primary objective of the Commonwealth Scholarship scheme is to provide financial assistance to students from various Commonwealth countries, who would otherwise have financial constraints in pursuing their studies in the United Kingdom. The programme provides financial support for various formats of postgraduate studies, thereby contributing to the development of future innovators and leaders.

Nottingham Development Solutions Scholarships

The Developing Solutions Scholarship Programme caters to international students hailing from Africa, India, or specific Commonwealth nations who aspire to undertake a Master’s Degree at the University of Nottingham with the aim of contributing to the progress and advancement of their respective home countries.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

Bristol University has committed £500,000 to recruit brilliant international students. For the 2023 academic year, the Think Big Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships are accepting applications.

In addition to government sources, business organisations give international students scholarships. These awards are usually based on academic performance, financial need, or both.

Scholarships are available for students studying a specific subject. Scholarships for engineering, business, and medicine students are available.

Tuition fees and living expenses in the UK

UK tuition fees vary by level of study and location. Humanities and social science degrees are cheaper, but laboratory and clinical programmes are more expensive. Tuition fees start with around £10,200 to £24,500.

The mean household expenditure for four people, excluding housing, is £2,268. A UK resident or student’s monthly cost of living, excluding housing, is £651.

Financial Management Overview

When it comes to managing personal finances, many young Moroccans encounter their first real challenge when they travel overseas for higher education in the UK. Unfortunately, a significant number of these students struggle to efficiently handle their finances during their time abroad.

Required documents for international students

Here are some easy ways:

  • Put together a spending plan.
  • Study and organise
  • Homemade Menu
  • Financial institutions on the local level
  • Earn more money on the side
  • Cut costs
  • Cover yourself with insurance
  • Seek out student assistance programmes

Accommodation and Student Life in UK

In the United Kingdom, most universities offer on-campus living, which is a practical choice for students. Nevertheless, the cost of these accommodations might be somewhat high, leading numerous students to choose to reside outside of the college premises.

On-campus and off-campus housing options

On-campus: On-campus housing usually includes utilities. Before signing a contract for off-campus accommodation options for Moroccan students in the United Kingdom, ask about utilities. Off-campus options are likely to be cheaper.

Off-campus: Students who live off-campus can focus better on their studies since they can escape the bustling and chaotic university environment. Off-campus landlords can help in critical areas.

Campus facilities, clubs, and societies

A university club or society is a group of students who organise events around a common interest. Team sports, knitting circles, and political discussions at local establishments are options.

Student involvement in clubs and societies in their first years at university shapes their university experience.

Adjusting to student life in the UK

If you have never been to the UK before, starting student life there can be a frightening experience. To meet people, travel, budget, and maintain a positive attitude, you undoubtedly feel both anxious and excited.

Pre-Departure Checklist for Moroccan Students

To avoid a last-minute rush and a hassle-free journey, you have to remember some things.

Here are the lists:

Travel arrangements and visa requirements

A passport or other travel document is required to enter the UK. The document should be valid throughout your stay. Provide proof of your intention to leave the UK after your visit.

Health insurance and medical care in the UK

As a student residing in the United Kingdom, you are inherently eligible for healthcare services provided by the National Health Service (NHS). Private medical insurance is not necessary unless the duration of your course is shorter than six months. Alternatively, individuals may opt to acquire private healthcare insurance as a supplementary precautionary step.

Packing essentials and tips for a smooth transition

Uk pre departure checklist

As an international student studying in the United Kingdom, there are certain goods that are essential to bring, while others may not be necessary. Below is a comprehensive packing list designed to assist overseas students who are preparing to travel to the United Kingdom.

  • Money
  • List of contacts
  • Clothes and toiletries
  • Passport and visa
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Adapter for electrical appliances

Academic Support and Student Services

In the United Kingdom, Student Services encompasses various teams dedicated to facilitating the successful integration and retention of students within the university setting. These teams are equipped to address any challenges that may impede academic support for Moroccan students in the UK, offering expert guidance and assistance.

Cultural and Social Experiences

Subsequent waves of immigration have influenced British culture. Experience the UK’s rich cultural heritage by taking part in nearby activities like tea and scones and vintage trains.

One of the finest ways to discover UK culture is by visiting museums. Free admission to many UK museums makes them excellent resources for learning historically significant material. In UK culture and education, food is significant.

Best Cities in UK to Study From Morocco

If you are from Casablanca, Morocco you might be wondering which UK cities would suit you best to make your study abroad journey a colourful one. According to QS top universities, the top 10 best student cities in the UK are-

  1. London
  2. Manchester
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Glasgow
  5. Coventry
  6. Nottingham
  7. Birmingham
  8. Aberdeen
  9. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  10. Brighton

Career Options for International Students

Career options are a vital point for you to consider before embarking your journey from Moroco to study in UK. If we told you that, as an international student, you could earn enough money to cover your expenses in the UK after your education ended, would you believe us? In addition, having a job after finishing school is a fantastic way to build up your resume.

Top-paid jobs in the UK:

  • Software Developer
  • Lawyers
  • Physician
  • Actuary
  • Pilot
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Financial Manager
  • Director
  • Marketing

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Moroccan students studying abroad receive much more than a degree. It’s about reaching new heights, discovering new things, and preparing for an unlimited future.

All those Moroccan students who are eager in British higher education, take the jump. Everything is possible with the right resources for your schooling future. Grab the chance to study in a top-notch educational nation. Let your Study in UK from Morocco journey be a memorable one.

Best of luck!


Can I study in the UK without IELTS?

To answer your question, yes, it is feasible to study in the UK without IELTS if you meet the following criteria. A transcript from a crash course in English or an English grade of at least 70% from High School/Class XI and Class XII. Verification that English is used as the language of instruction at your institution. Participate in a university-administered online interview.

Can I study in the UK for free?

There is no such thing as free higher education opportunities in the UK, although many institutions do provide substantial costs or even full UK scholarships to international students. Students can also supplement their income by working during semesters to pay for tuition and living costs.

What is the British scholarship for Moroccan students?

The United Kingdom’s overseas scholarship programme is called Chevening. They provide grants to study for a master’s degree in the United Kingdom for a year, with tuition covered by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and other organisations.

How long does it take to process a UK student visa application?

If you are applying from outside of the UK, you must submit your visa application no sooner than six months before the commencement of your programme. GOV.UK states that the visa decision process typically takes about three weeks.

How much money is required to study in the UK?

The tuition fees for courses in the UK vary based on your academic level and the location of your studies. For instance, humanities and social science programmes generally have lower costs, while laboratory and clinical degrees tend to be more expensive.

What are the accommodation options for international students?

University-managed housing, private student housing, shared houses or flats, homestays, and private rentals are the most common types of housing available to international students in the United Kingdom.

What support services are available for Moroccan students in the UK?

It is recommended to look through both subject and university rankings while deciding on a university in the UK. The application process can be daunting, but AHZ is here to help with a free application service for all Moroccan students.

What are some of the best business universities in the UK?

According to the best UK universities for business degrees using Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2024 data-

● University of Oxford
● University of Cambridge
● London School of Economics and Political Science
● University of Warwick
● University of Manchester
● King’s College London
● University of Edinburgh
● University of Nottingham
● University of Surrey

What are some of the cheap universities in the UK?

Some of the cheapest universities in UK-

● University of Sunderland
● Teesside University
● University of Suffolk
● Ulster University   
● Wrexham Glyndwr University

Can I study supply chain management in UK?

You’ll need a 6.5 on the IELTS and a second-class honours degree in a related field to enrol in a supply chain and logistics programme in the UK.