With an ever-evolving commercial world, businesses today are becoming increasingly global. Hence, there’s an increasing need for a degree in International Business as it equips applicants with an in-depth understanding of the global societies and cultures, markets, and various operations of organisations within an international setup.

If you are interested in pursuing an MS in International Business and are looking for the top universities in the U.K. that offer the perfect Master’s programme with a global focus, this post is for you. Here we share a list of seven top U.K. universities for MS in International Business.

So, let’s check out the list.

7 Top Universities for MS in International Business

#1. MS in International Business – Hult International Business School

Perhaps the most highly regarded Master’s program in International Business in the U.K. is offered by the Hult International Business School. The London-based study programme focuses on preparing students to work in an ever-changing business world. Moreover, it fosters an understanding of the latest international trends while preparing students to deal with the challenges of the ever-changing global markets.

For students who opt for the September intake, the degree programme lasts for 11 months. However, an accelerated track is offered to students starting the programme in January, allowing them to complete the degree in only eight months.

The Hult International Business School offers another layer of flexibility to the students. It allows students to choose the number of electives for module selections, which allows them to pursue their degree programme per their career goals.

#2. MS in International Business  – Nottingham Trent university

The other great choice of university in the U.K. offering Master’s in International Business is Nottingham Trent University.

The MS in international business offered by Nottingham Trent University focuses on maximising the untapped potential of globalisation. The broader idea of this degree programme is to develop a generation of internationally-minded businesspeople.

The MS in international business degree programme requires students to be on-campus for full terms followed by a semester abroad which gives students a first-hand experience of what an international business career may look like. The work experience required for the successful completion of the degree programme also allows students to build their network of contacts which proves to be a great asset following graduation.

#3. Master’s Programme in International Business – University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers a Master’s programme in international business and emerging markets, which is also considered one of the top-notch programmes to consider in the U.K.

The MS in international business degree programme focuses on emerging markets and prepares students to untap the global economy’s potential. Students who undertake this Master’s degree programme are expected to learn about appropriate strategies for emerging markets that aid in attracting foreign investment and equip students to manage cultural differences in various contexts.

The degree programme offered by the University of Edinburgh is a one-year programme that is particularly well-suited for students looking forward to working in emerging economies.

With its unique focus, this degree programme is definitely one of the best Masters in international business offered in the U.K. today.

#4. MA in International Business Management – Middlesex University

Next on the list of top universities for a Master’s in International Business in the U.K. is the MA in International Business Management at Middlesex University. It makes a comprehensive degree program for students looking forward to pursuing education in London.

The programme follows a comprehensive and holistic approach to business education, aiming to equip students with knowledge in a wide range of fields. The course enables students to turn out to be great International business leaders in future careers that they pursue.

The course is designed by professionals with years of experience in research and academia and is delivered by qualified and experienced professionals who possess extensive real-world knowledge along with research expertise.

The well-rounded degree program makes a perfect choice for any student looking forward to pursuing and progressing their career in international markets.

#5. Master’s Programme in International Business – Durham University Business School

Ms in international business in the u. K

Consistently ranked as one of the top ten U.K. universities for higher education, it’s no surprise that Durham University has made it to the list of top universities in the U.K. that offer a Master’s degree in International Business.

The degree program covers courses like business economics and accounting, global marketing, global organisational behaviour, and global business. Moreover, the study programme also involves a dissertation module followed by elective modules, which allow students to specialise in a field of interest. The programme also offers the flexibility to the students to travel abroad while researching for their dissertation to gain an insight into the international perspective and enhance their exposure, which is essential for a rewarding career.

#6. MBA Programme  – University of Birmingham

Next on the list of top universities for a Master’s in International Business in the U.K. is the University of Birmingham. The institution offers an MBA degree which is considered to be one of the best Master’s in international business in the U.K.

The degree programme focuses on academic knowledge but is more inclined towards practice, enabling students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a professional setting. Moreover, the programme also requires students to complete a dissertation while providing them with an option to combine it as a consultancy project which allows students to use their findings in an end-of-course research project. Hence, students are equipped with practical skills and theoretical knowledge that better prepares them for real-life work challenges.

#7. MBA in International Business – University of Greenwich

London has a long history of quality business education and one of the best universities offering quality education for years is the University of Greenwich. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it also makes it to the list of top universities offering International Business degrees in the U.K.

The University of Greenwich offers an MBA in international business, a two-year degree program. The educational program involves academic knowledge shared among small groups (between 15-30) and an internship requirement that equips students with industry insights and real-world experience. While it makes a longer degree program than most others mentioned on this list, it includes real-world experience through which students get insightful, real-world experience.

Key Takeaways

At AHZ Associates, we hope this list provides insight into some of the top universities offering Masters in international business in the UK. We hope that this list helps you narrow down your choices and serves as the right place to get started with your research on pursuing your studies in the area of your choice.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a Master’s in International Business in the U.K. or are gathering information to clear your mind, this information will help you in one way or the other. Reach out to AHZ Associates to find out more about which programmes and universities make the best choice for you.


Is a Masters in International Business worth it in the UK?

Yes, it is often beneficial due to global business insights and networking.

Which universities provide an MSc in International Business in the UK?

Various: Manchester, Birmingham, Warwick, and Edinburgh.

Which university is best for international business in London?

London Business School, Imperial College, UCL, and more

Which business course is best in the UK for Masters?

It depends on interest: finance, management, marketing, and international business.

Which business master’s degree is most in demand?

The most sought-after graduate degree is an MBA, or master of business administration. People who work in a variety of business management fields, such as supply chain management, marketing, finance, accounting, and accounting, will find it useful.