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UK University facilities are mostly student – friendly. Especially if you are an international student, you need not worry about anything- you get a red-carpet welcome here! They respect all religious and castes equally. It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with the local culture and practices or not- you will be guided and you will have a student life to boast about. So, there are huge facilities for international students in UK.

Facilities for the international students:

Best campus facilities:

Once you are accepted by a university in the UK, you will receive all assistance to get a visa. The university authorities will also help you find an accommodation as soon as you land in the UK or even before that. Some universities also have on- campus accommodation. They invested heavily for their student facilities and learning resources. Some number of worlds recognized universities provide their best campus facilities and each university looks very different, such as-Lancaster University, University of Birmingham, University of Glasgow, Bangor University, University of Nottingham and so on.

According to Student crowd’s survey, based on student reviews -19,323 students who choose their universities for campus facilities. Some universities spend all most £ 6.2 billion for increasing their campus facilities in 2014/15.

Transport facilities:

Most UK universities receive you at the airport. They arrange transport system for the students from the airport. You will have an orientation week to make you accustomed with the place and university. You will be introduced to the student communities, the campus, canteens and other areas of necessities. Some number of UK universities, they provided childcare, sports facilities, teaching spaces and laboratories for the international students in UK.  So just relax and enjoy the new environment!

Excellent counseling system:

International Students Advisors will always be there for you! You will also be provided with counseling and career support. Students will find out in details from the student advisor, how they will provide their living cost, how much scholarship will be given by the Universities, course fee and course duration.  From some online news and blogs students who wants know about the facilities in UK.

Scholarship facilities:

If you are eligible, you can avail the various scholarships exclusively available for international students. Public and private universities are offering the scholarship bases on student’s subject, academic score and level of degrees. This will help you to cut down on your educational costs largely. If the students pay full for their course the discount is given by the university, so the course fee comes down a bit. They offered academic help for the international students and provide previous access, so the students can understand very easily their academic lessons. Student facilities are fixed for each student in every course so the student gets enough amount of facility from the University.

Best learning system:

For the international students in UK, the teaching method of UK universities are highly designed, they encourage the students to get new idea, good communication, new research method and help the students to complete their creative assignments. Teachers are often help their students through various quizzes, debates, open study, presentations and classroom discussion to complete their courses. No one has faced a problem; UK graduates have been rejected anywhere.

Language improvement facilities:

If you wish to enhance your English language skills, there are courses offered for that as well. BBC English or Queens English, mainly it is the high slandered English, if the students can learn this English language skills it will help a lot for the students personally and professionally also.  Master the language and feel more confident! Student qualification tests are conducted through a number of official exams for the international students in UK university, such as-

Uk university facilities

Moreover, students can study in the UK without IELTS, if their previous education was English and they scored at least 75% in English, more than ten to fourteen Universities may consider your application to get best university facilities.

Introduce with new technologies:

You will be given access to new technologies. Classrooms are well furnished and follows a digital approach. Though the Universities use practical learning system rather than text book, so their lab rooms also have all digital facilities. Some numbers of universities have arranged some short courses in online through E-Book and E-learning system so it help the students to complete their courses very easily.

Part time job facilities:

UK universities also offer Internships. Their education time is very flexible for the students who want to get the highest facilities from their universities, so they can easily increase their experience by part time job in the UK along with education, that will help them to apply for a professional level job. If the student’s study in the main course, they will get weekly 20 hours work permission and if they participate the foundation courses, they will get weekly 10 hours work permission. Part time wages are fixed per hour and it depends on their age. Suppose if your age is 21-25 your wages will be minimum 8.5 to 10 pound per hour.

Why you should choose a uk university - uk university facilities

However, UK universities offered their term time around 8 month and 4 months for vacation, during vacation time students can earn a lot for providing their course fee. So, from the student life, they become independent by own and gather work experiences.

Free health services:

You need not worry if you fall sick. The universities will have a medical Centre that will take care of your health. As a UK international student, you will get free medical treatment under the International Health Surcharge (HIS). By using the health card their family members can also get some tests and doctor checkups for free.  

Extra curriculum activities facilities:

The universities will also support sports, recreation and social activities. Some paid social activities are offered by some social organization for the students and you can join different clubs for exciting activities.

Secure place:

UK is very safe for living and it ranked 33rd out of 160 countries all over the world. Accident, mugging, natural disaster risks are not so high.

If you decide that you are eligible and manage your dream career, UK universities may be your right destination. So, you can check out for disability support of different universities. Make the most of your study time in the UK and do not let any kind of disability hamper your career.

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Uk university september intake 2022