Disability support for international students in uk universities

As international students, you might need to have support from university or other places while you are planning to study in UK. There is Disability support for UK Universities.

International students can contact their Disability advisor to get disability support for academic-related issues or can enrol at UCL to be eligible for UCL fund for disabled International students. Register with Student Disability services as well.

Disability supports for international students include:

  • An assessment of independent needs
  • Any special types of equipment you may need for your studies such as a special software or a voice recorder
  • Travel costs you may have to pay due to disability
  • If you want a note-taker, the funds can bear the costs.
  • Other costs relevant to your course of study

Students are advised to apply early so that support can reach them on time.

What information you may need to get disability support

To get the disability support, you need to prove your disability. It may be a long-term health issue, mental health problems or learning difficulty such as dyslexia that may affect your studies in a way that you will have to bear extra costs.

So, those of you who are eligible for the disability support, make the most of it. Don’t let disability hamper your studies and confidence!

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Uk university september intake 2022