If you are pursuing an MBA from a UK university, you are halfway through the path to success. This is because a UK MBA degree holds great significance in the job market. There are over 6 million private business organisations in the United Kingdom, serving as a huge opportunity area for MBA graduates. Today, we will be shedding some light on the top career opportunities for UK MBA degree holders.

Career Opportunities for MBA in Finance Graduates

The financial sector is one of the most promising fields when it comes to career opportunities. With an MBA degree in finance, you can land some of the highest-paying jobs in the UK.

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From becoming an investment banker to a financial manager, MBA graduates can expect to earn up to £60,000 per year. Students with an MBA in Finance degree are sought out by one of the world’s top financial firms and other organizations. This includes big names like Deloitte, Morgan Law, Amazon, and AG BARR PLC, etc. to name a few.

As per a research study by the Statistics Research Department, it is estimated that the finance sector will have over 300,000 job opportunities in the next six years.

Here is a list of the most popular jobs in the UK for finance graduates:

Job RoleRecruitersAverage Monthly Salary
Finance AnalystAG BARR PLC£24,000
Finance ManagerAmazon£51,000- 122,000
Manager, Financial MarketsDeloitte£62,356
Finance OfficerGoodman Manson£30,000- 35,000
Finance ManagerMorgan Law£40,000

Career Opportunities for MBA in Information Technology

It has been successfully established that IT is the future of the world. Hence, career opportunities for MBA in IT graduates are limitless. Tech skills have always been in demand, especially in the UK. This is the reason why most tech-skilled employees get a higher salary than those with non-tech skills.

Here is a list of highest paying IT jobs in the UK that MBA graduates should watch out for:

Job RoleAverage Salary
DevOps Engineer£40,000
Software Engineer£35,000
Python Developer£35,000
Data Scientist£31,000
DevOps Engineer£40,000

Career Opportunities for MBA in Marketing Graduates

The marketing and advertising sector in the UK is constantly booming, creating several job opportunities for new MBA graduates. With the rise of the IT and digital industry, most marketing-related jobs are now seeking tech-savvy individuals with strong analytical skills.

Graduates with an MBA in marketing have various career options to choose from. They can either go for Product Specialization, Communications & Marketing, Brand Management, etc.

Here is a list of the top recruiters in marketing and the career opportunities in the field:

Job RoleRecruitersAverage Salary
Product SpecialistTPP£39,000
Communications & MarketingTPP£45,000
Business Management ProgrammesBabcock£29,500-32,500
Marketing & Sales GraduateMichael Page£30,000
Marketing GraduateNestle£30,000

Career Opportunities for MBA in Sales

MBA in Sales graduates have the option to choose from various job roles within the Advertising & Sales department. This includes sales executives, sales manager, PR manager, etc.

Here is a list of the most popular jobs in the UK after an MBA in sales specialisation:

Job RoleRecruitersAverage Salary
Sales And Business Management Graduate SchemeNFU Mutual£27,000-29,500
Financial Services Sales Graduate SchemeNFU Mutual£27,000- 29,500
Medical Sales- East of EnglandChase People£25,000- 30,000
Business Development RepresentativeEgress£27,000
Marketing & Sales GraduateMichael Page£30,000

Career Opportunities for MBA in Operations

If you are looking to do MBA in Operations from a UK university, there are various opportunities for career growth. Operations are part of all business organisations and the demand for them will continue to increase with time.

Graduates with a specialization in Operations have excellent prospects in terms of career advancement. Many Operations-MBA graduates start their careers as analysts before moving on to roles of project lead, principal analyst, etc.

Here is a list of one of the highest-paying jobs in the field of operations for fresh MBA graduates:

Job RoleRecruitersAverage Salary
Pricing AnalystNFU Mutual£27,250
Research AnalystWine Intelligence Ltd£26,000-32,000
Communications Troop OfficerBritish Army£32,800
Commercial ManagerTPP£45,000
Graduate Business AnalystTPP£45,000

Career Opportunities for MBA in Human Resource (HR)


Human resource is an ever-growing industry not just in the UK but all around the world. Students who chose HR as their MBA specialisation can greatly benefit from the promising industry that offers multiple jobs to fresh and experienced graduates.

The average salary of an HR resource in the UK goes up to £30,000. When it comes to career opportunities in the HR sector, names like the British Army, IBM, and Veolia, etc. come to mind.

Let’s take a look at the highest-paying HR-related jobs that MBA degree holders should aim for:

Job RoleRecruitersAverage Salary
HR OfficerBritish Army£32,800
HR GraduateVeolia£24,000-25,500
Trainee Nursing Recruitment ConsultantsGlobe Locums£20,000-35,000
HR Graduate SchemeNFU Mutual£27,250
HR PlacementIBM£18,000-19,000

Top Recruiters Seeking to Hire UK MBA Graduates

As we have already seen how UK MBA graduates have various career opportunities at their hands to choose from. No matter which field of specialisation they choose for their MBA degree programme, the job market is promising and full of opportunities.

Below is a list of top recruiters in the UK who are on the lookout for UK MBA degree holders to join their organisations.

RecruiterAverage Annual Salary
Oliver Wyman£75,000
Roland Berger£54,000
FTI Consulting£64,000
Bain and Company£83,000
JP Morgan Chase & Co£143,000
Barclays Bank PLC£79,000
Ernst Young£125,000
Lloyds Banking Group£66,188
Santander£40,000- 60,000

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Final Words

We hope that the information in this blog helped increase your knowledge of top career opportunities for UK MBA degree holders. If you have done MBA from a UK university or are planning to do so, just know that landing on your dream job would be a whole lot easier for you.

If you wish to find out more about UK career opportunities for students, get in touch with our experts for counselling and professional advice. Good luck!


Which MBA gives you more chances to get a job in the UK?

When it comes to job opportunities, the financial sector is one of the best places to be. With an MBA in finance, you can get some of the best jobs in the UK that pay the most.

Can I live there after getting my MBA?

You don’t have to take the Resident Labour Market Test if you have a full-time MBA. But you’ll need to fill out an application for the Tier 2 work visa. You also have to work for a sponsor who has a license.

Which MBA will help you get the most jobs?

The BLS says that marketing management, computer and information systems management, human resources management, and financial management are some of the highest-paying management jobs that require an MBA.

Which degree offers the greatest number of employment chances in the UK?

The most employable degree programs in the UK are those connected to medicine and dentistry, boasting a rate of 99.4 percent employability within 6 months.