Most demanding courses in the uk

Picking the right course when you enrol at university should obviously factor in your passions and you might want to know the UK courses in demand. However, it’s also worth taking note of the industries and sectors which are on the lookout for aspiring new job seekers as well. Below we have included a list of Eight industries which are currently employing staff at an unprecedented rate:

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The high demand for this subject in the United Kingdom is very well known. The reason behind this is that the degree offers a broad-based study program that includes both contemporary and traditional views of education. However, Due to a retention crisis in schools, the education sector has become extremely committed to enabling graduates to train as teachers. A Bachelor or Master’s degree in Education focuses on planning learning, classroom assessment, and most importantly teaching. Moreover, a student can specialize in various subfields under this department. Such as elementary education, secondary education, adult education or any special education (Biology, Linguistics etc.). Education degree focusing on developing a wide variety of skills. The students will learn how learners from different age groups learn things. Education graduates can successfully start their career as teachers, trainers, tutors, school administrators, school counsellors, educational specialists etc. Employability is quite high and the average annual salary is roughly £27,000, which includes a wealth of benefits.

Computer Science

As the age of information continues to expand, so does the need for cybersecurity, data management and technical support. The students of this field will achieve knowledge in computational theory, software development on a variety of devices and platforms, database development, Computer Hardware and Networking. Moreover, the students will gain knowledge of social, legal and ethical aspects of the IT industry.

Furthermore, the degree has a strong priority on practical skills which are highly in the workplace both in the UK or any other countries. Since nowadays a large number of businesses depend on computers to function productively, there are a lot of opportunities for Computer Science graduates. Official statistics from 2017 indicated that employees earn approximately £30,000 annually, owing to the fact it’s such a desirable skill set.


The Bachelor of Engineering is an academic degree achieved in the undergraduate level under the school of Engineering Science. Moreover, this degree is academically equal to the Bachelor of Science. Construction, infrastructure and development are ongoing, therefore the need for engineers is expected to increase roughly by 130,000 new jobs throughout the next decade.During the Engineering degree from international tech school the students will learn how to solve Engineering problems using scientific equations, mathematics. Also, they will gain knowledge of new methods of technologies. The popular engineering fields of studying in the UK are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering. Projections indicate that industrial, electric and mechanical engineers will be particularly in demand and can expect an average salary of £33,000 per year.

Business Administration

When it comes to studying in the UK the School of Business is one of the top priorities for international students. Furthermore, as a well-rounded and adaptable degree, this has become a popular choice for graduates seeking employment in a wide array of companies and corporate environments.The students will also learn fundamental business theory and can visit London based organizations where the learners can gain practical knowledge. It also complements creative degrees brilliantly for those looking to break into the creative and marketing industries. The Business graduates can build their career in various fields. Such as,

  • Product Specialist
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Business Development Representatives
  • Business Analyst
  • Public Officer Consultant


Popular courses in uk

Generally, finance refers to handling or obtaining of money and funds. A finance graduate can achieve fundamental knowledge of all finance areas. Such as,

  • Macro and Micro Economics
  • Accounting and Statistics
  • Financial Management
  • International Finance
  • International Forecasting

Financial experts are highly sought after, as they are key to maintaining stability and spending within the business sector. Generally, graduates with a mathematical specialism earn 30% more than other graduates and potential employees can expect to earn up to £40,000 per year.


The United Kingdom is the home of world’s top-notch Law schools. Law is one of the oldest academic degrees and prestigious professions in the world. There is no doubt that a Law degree is highly prestigious. The interesting thing is that a lot of popular world leaders, for example, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto have studied law.

The United Kingdom is well recognized for its Law degree. This is why a lot of British universities offer various types of Law degrees. A law degree opens the path of many opportunities. The Law students gain the skills to become a successful lawyer, but they will also learn valuable expertise and knowledge they can apply to a range of industries. Furthermore, lawyers can make a difference in social and environmental issues in society. The benefits of studying law are:

  • Mass Career Opportunity
  • Financial Security
  • Increase Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills
  • Awareness of Rights and Responsibilities


Medicine is not just a subject to study in but a lifelong decision and career which can turn the students’ lifestyles. Medicine is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. The medical schools in the United Kingdom quality research, internationally recognized programs.

It is not an easy task to manage admission in UK’s medical schools especially for the foreign students. They need to go through a lot of interviews and academic tests.

In the health service students may find a lot of opportunities. They can become specialized in different medical aspects. Medicine is open for every individual who wants to be a doctor and has the right attributes to work in the medicine field.

Most Demanding Courses in the UK 2

Art and Design

It is a stereotypical idea that in the faculty of arts and design students learn painting and drawing only. However, a degree in Arts and Design can lead a student into various industries such as, fashion, textile, photography, multimedia, TV production, museums and so on.

The students can increase their creativity by joining the department. They can also show their creative arts, and turn their passion into a gainful career. Since the United Kingdom is an exciting and inspiring place and has a long history of art and culture it can be a great place to study Arts and Design. There are a number of branches of this school. Such as,

  • Music and Animation
  • Photography
  • Fine Arts
  • 3D Design and Textiles
  • Creative Writing
  • Script Writing

In conclusion

Ultimately, it’s important to consider all the pros and cons of your course, wherever you study. Even if your chosen subject isn’t in demand, there may be some flexibility to change that to your advantage. Is there scope to learn about a key industry? Could you do a joint honours degree? What about an MBA instead?

Whatever university course you decide to invest in, UK universities are renowned for offering unique, ground-breaking courses which tailor to your career goals. So it’s always advisable that you research your chosen university before making an application. To learn more about admissions in UK universities, reach out to one of AHZ Associates’ representatives today to discuss your options.

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