The UK is one of the world’s most popular higher education destinations. The multicultural society is home to some of the world’s top educational institutions consistently performing well in global higher education rankings. After all, these internationally recognized universities offer top-quality education, ongoing research, and higher education opportunities. 

And given the fantastic learning opportunities universities in the UK offer their students, the graduates from these universities are some of the most sought-after employees. After all, they receive extensive exposure and experience while studying at some of the world’s most renowned universities in the UK, which is why it doesn’t often come as a surprise that employers worldwide prefer resumes with UK degrees. 

In what follows, we look at why employers prefer resumes with UK degrees. Suppose you are a student considering moving abroad for higher studies. In that case, this post will help you clarify why moving to the U.K. for higher education is a suitable stepping stone for your career ahead. 

Let’s delve into four reasons employers prefer resumes with a UK degree. 

1. Internationally Recognized, World-Class Educational Institutions 

The universities in the U.K. are considered to be the best in the world. The proof lies in the fact that some of the universities in the U.K. have consistently performed well in the global rating for higher education. Moreover, the U.K. is home to nearly a fifth of the top 50 universities in the world.  

Furthermore, the education system in the U.K. is such that it fosters critical thinking, analytical ability, and insightful analysis among international students. All these skills equip students to face real-life challenges with confidence. 

Hence, any student who gets admission to such top-ranked universities, studies there, and develops all the skills deemed essential for a successful professional life will be a preferred candidate for any job. 

2. Exceptional Quality of Learning and Research 

The universities in the UK. Uphold exceptionally high standards of teaching, learning, and research that the British government establishes. Moreover, the government also invests a lot of resources to frequently inspect the quality of learning and research so the graduates these universities produce are equipped with the most updated and relevant knowledge and skill set. 

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) maintains top-quality learning and research standards. Moreover, the Teaching Excellence Framework rates teaching at universities in the UK. Furthermore, the Research Excellence Framework (REF) grades all the research conducted at UK institutions. With such extensive quality control and monitoring, you will only get the best education from the most knowledgeable academics once you enrol in a degree programme in the U.K.

Due to the exceptional quality of learning and research for international students, employers prefer graduates from U.K. universities, for they have been through one of the world’s finest education systems that are closely evaluated and updated with the latest global trends. 

3. Enhanced Personal and Linguistic Abilities

English is considered a global language in business as people worldwide widely use it as a first or second language for communication. Since English originated in the U.K., students who study in the U.K. and graduate from a U.K. university gain a good command of the language, which can prove to be an asset for any organization. Hence, employers prefer potential employees with a U.K. degree as it also highlights that the individual has an excellent command of the English language. 

However, while English is widely spoken in the U.K. and is the primary mode of communication, it’s not the only language that people gain command over when in the U.K. Most cities in the U.K. are multi-cultural and diversified, which provides all students (both local and international) an opportunity to gain command over new languages and dialects. 

Hence, individuals who have studied in the U.K. and received a degree from there will have refined language abilities in various languages, which can be an asset for any organization as businesses today heavily depend on oral and written communications. 

4 reasons employers prefer resumes with uk degrees

Moreover, since cross-cultural communication is becoming increasingly common, students who have a diversified language experience due to living in a multicultural country like the U.K. can be valuable addition to any organization. Since most organizations are becoming increasingly global, employers prefer employees from multicultural backgrounds with the knowledge and ability to connect with people from other cultural backgrounds.

Furthermore, as we discuss linguistic abilities, let’s remember personal attributes. When a young student reaches the U.K. for higher education, they may have a limited network. Some students may know no one, and they may have to work really hard to get out of their comfort zone to know people. The skill that most students develop as they push themselves hard to expand their social network can be quite valuable for an organization. Hiring employees who know how to get out of their comfort zone to interact with others prove to be an asset for an organization as they can serve as an agent who promotes their business across various platforms. 

4. The U.K. Offers Various Opportunities for Students 

Students who choose the U.K. for higher education get access to various work opportunities while studying there. Hence, by the time these students graduate, they already have some professional experience. Employers consider this working experience quite important, especially if you are an international student who came to the U.K. for higher education. It’s critical as in today’s competitive global market, employers now look for employees who have international experience. 

If you are someone who has studied in the U.K. and has worked part-time, your education and experience will help your resume stand out of the crowd. A degree from the U.K. and any part-time experience will make your resume a preferred resume for any employer. 

Key Takeaways About Resumes with UK Degrees

Suppose you want to work for a dynamic multicultural organization. In that case, a U.K. degree on your resume will undoubtedly be a huge advantage for employers who prefer resumes with U.K. degrees for various reasons. Studying in the U.K. ensures you go through a top-class, rigorous educational system that prepares you for the real-life challenges ahead. Moreover, since the U.K. is a culturally diverse country, it allows you to develop essential skills to connect with people from various cultural backgrounds. 

Since organizations are becoming increasingly global, employers look forward to various skills, most of which are developed when you study in the U.K. 

So why not get a professional degree from the U.K. and better prepare yourself for a great professional career ahead? If you’re exploring higher education opportunities in the U.K., get in touch with us and learn how to get started.


Do employers check your degree UK?

Virtually every business verifies the academic credentials of prospective hires. They do this by verifying the applicant’s academic credentials to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for the position.

Does your university matter to employers in the UK?

Employers do occasionally check out where you got your degree. Applicants with similar grades and work experience may only stand out enough with the university’s ranking being considered. On the other hand, this is not a cause for alarm.

Should CV be one or two pages UK?

Your resume should be brief and to the point. Unless you’re seeking for a position in academia or research, it should be at most two sides of A4. Keep your resume updated with your most recent and relevant work and experiences. A CV written specifically for this position will highlight your relevant experience, abilities, and accomplishments for the job.

How do employers check qualifications in the UK?

Any prospective employee can be subjected to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check at your request. Some occupations can benefit from a more thorough screening process than others, such as those in the medical or childcare industries. Discover the DBS checks available to you.

Which degrees are most employable UK?

Health care, specifically medical and dental care. The UK’s most employable degree programmes are those in medicine and dentistry, with a 99.4 percent employment rate within six months of graduation. Veterinary medicine; allied medical studies; the academic disciplines of education, architecture, law, and biology; the natural sciences.

Are UK degrees valuable?

The UK is one of the top places in the world to recruit international talent since degrees from UK universities are highly regarded around the world and can impress potential employers when included on a resume.