Top uk courses for graduate employability

Top UK Courses for Graduate Employability

It’s always challenging or tricky to choose a course for a degree in the UK for prospective students. A number of things students need to consider before choosing a course here. In the UK tuition fees begins with £9,250 for Home and EU Students in Universities which is even more for the International students. So, it is the most important thing to get the Course selection right where students spending a good amount of money for their courses. It becomes essential to choose the right course for student’s expected career and here we are the AHZ Associates bringing the top UK courses for you which has the highest graduate employability rate in the UK.

10. Building

Graduate Employability: 81%

Building degree does not always sound like laying the bricks and mortar yourself. This degree also has the important role of quantity surveying, property development or building economics. And statistics say 81% of Building graduates are becoming full-time professional level employment within six months of graduating.

9. Land & Property Management 

Graduate Employability: 85%

This course looks into how the environment development and surrounding countryside put an impact on human life. And the graduate from this course can find themselves in a number of professional fields such as Rural Practice Surveyor, Estate agent, etc.

8. Occupational Therapy
Graduate Employability: 88%

This is one of the best course among the university courses for graduates to secure a job. Study this course at a UK University and you will become an Occupational Therapist very soon.

7. Optometry, Ophthalmology & Orthoptics
Graduate Employability: 89%

This course is related to the human eye side and courses which fall into the section. Optometry, Ophthalmology & Orthoptics courses explain the general scientific study of the eye and related issues such as diseases, examining, diagnosing and treating conditions of the eye.

6. Medical Technology
Graduate Employability: 89%

This course is related to the development of medical tools in identifying and treating human disorders.

Top courses in uk
Top UK Courses for Graduate Employability 2

5. Medicine
Graduate Employability: 93%

This course takes a bit longer to finish(at least 5 years) and develops the practical and clinical capabilities to practice as medical doctors. Even though after graduating this course a student has to take more training but he/she will get a well-paid position in future.

4. Veterinary Medicine
Graduate Employability: 94%

A student can become a specialist as a veterinary practitioner and it could be in general practice or in specific fields such as farm animal or equine. This course is highly vocational where students have to spend a huge amount of time on clinical placements.

3. Physiotherapy
Graduate Employability: 94%

A student will know how to treat diseases, injuries and illnesses via various methods learned from the course such as massage, heat treatment, exercise, etc. A graduate can work in NHS in the UK or in a private sector at a hospital or for any private companies.

2. Nursing
Graduate Employability: 94%

This course fits students for vocational and such highly professional. The employability rate of this course is continuously increasing day by day.

1. Dentistry
Graduate Employability: 95%

This is one of the most demandable subject areas in the UK. If you are afraid of going to the dentist for your own issue but if you are not then this course is highly advised to everyone.

If you are interested to study one of these above courses then you can contact us. We can help you select the right university for these courses.

Source: The Complete University Guide

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