What can a uk mba degree do for your career

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is no easy undertaking, with thousands of people applying to study an MBA in UK universities each year. But, having this exciting further degree alongside your university education can have transformative effects on your career, in both the short and longer terms. Whatever area of business you specify in – and wherever you see your future career progressing – many higher-level managerial and executive jobs ask for a candidate with an MBA or the strong desire to undergo one. If you need a little more convincing, however, we’ve put together just a few things that having an MBA can do to help your career.

Increase your skillset

Regardless of what you studied at undergraduate level, you probably came out of university with a diverse set of skills to apply to the workplace. Whilst you’re also learning on the job, certain aspects of your job can only truly be unlocked by further education. An MBA focuses on developing you in a managerial sense, rather than just looking at you as a standard worker for the company, and can even help you develop your interpersonal and leadership skills. You will study your chosen field of work, the general market, the science and psychology of the topic and how you can apply these in the workplace and with the people you work with.

Personal development

An MBA can be a deeply personal experience, particularly as it requires you to examine yourself and your strengths and weaknesses within the business. Because an MBA suggests that you want to advance into a managerial level position, you have to look within yourself to see how others view you and what elements of your personality can be woven into your leadership style. You will begin to understand the nuances that come with leading a group of people and working as a functioning part of something much bigger than yourself.

Opening up jobs

You may discover that, with an MBA, you qualify for a wider variety of jobs than before. With your increased skillset and clear know-how, recruiters could view your CV more favourably than other candidates without this qualification.

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Uk university september intake 2022