When it comes to studying in the UK, a student wants to know about the top UK universities for master’s degrees. Students have to undertake comprehensive research before they can narrow down their choices and begin applying.

Since the United Kingdom is home to over a hundred universities, students from around the world must examine their options. There are a plethora of options for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. For example, some students who are interested in UK universities for a master’s degree may look for rankings of UK universities for MBAs and make their decision accordingly.

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Top UK Universities for Masters Degrees

If you are looking for the best master’s degree in the UK,

Scrutinising universities based on their rankings can be tricky. When students are seeking options, rankings are one of the first determinants they consider. It must be noted that the overall ranking of the institution is one thing, while the ranking of the specific department must also be taken into account.

We will look at the rankings of UK universities for MBA programmes and suggest some worthwhile ones too.

University NameTHE 2022 RankingQS 2022 Ranking
University of Manchester50th27th
Durham University162nd82nd
London Business School (LBS)n/a93rd
University of Glasgow86th73rd
University of Southampton124th77th
University of York169th151st
MBA at UK universities

The University of Manchester

Home to the Alliance Manchester Business School, the highest-ranked post-graduate university in the UK, the university offers one of the most pragmatic Master of Business Administration courses in Europe and the world.

The curriculum includes engagement with clients. Also, elective modules can be studied at centres in Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore as well.

In addition, the course can be completed over twelve months and may be extended to 15 or 18 months in some cases.

According to the Financial Times, The University of Manchester is ranked number 36 globally, while QS placed it at number 55. Regardless, it is one of the foremost options that eligible students should seek.

Durham University

When it comes to rankings of UK universities for MBAs, Durham is a feasible alternative. Students can concentrate on one of three specialist subjects: entrepreneurship, consultancy, or technology, respectively.

Additionally, those who pursue the 15-month programme can exploit opportunities in the industry, get involved in an internship, or even conduct their own business! Durham University’s MBA also offers a chance to visit organisations overseas, participate in language classes, and also undergo a consultancy exercise and the best university in the UK for masters.

An online Masters in Business Administration is also available, as is an executive one that is delivered by Durham University and the German European Business School. Last but not least, Durham is ranked number 64th (Financial Times) and 67th (QS).

London Business School (LBS)

You cannot discuss rankings of UK universities for MBA without considering London Business School. The MBA taught at LBS is one of the best on the planet. For instance, they offer formal education and a Global Business Experience, which consists of a week-long international visit, workshops, and engagement with guest speakers.

London Business School offers an Executive MBA and also two distinct EMBAs. the EMBA Global Asia and the EMBA Global Americas and Europe. The former in particular provides an opportunity for students to study in cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and New York.

Finally, LBS is ranked higher than most in the UK and the world. According to the Financial Times, it is the 4th in the world, while QS puts it at number 5 worldwide.

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University of Glasgow

They offer 300+ courses for master’s degrees. They offered a variety of postgraduate courses; you can enhance your future prospects with a direction-change postgraduate qualification.

You can choose a master’s degree (MSc, MA, MEng, MRes)—a full-time, one-year programme; Postgraduate Diploma (PgD)—similar to a master’s; and a postgraduate certificate (PgC)—the next level of qualification after a bachelor’s degree.

While studying, you will get world-class facilities, innovative teaching with standard equipment, and award-winning student support. They mainly offer a world-class education at an affordable price.

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University of Southampton

Their popular master’s degree programmes are:

  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Audiology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Maritime Engineering

It has world-renowned academics and is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings 2019). They encourage creative attitudes and a spirit of innovation.

However, the university has five campuses in Southampton, one in Winchester and another in Malaysia, and over 21,000 students from more than 130 countries.

It is the perfect place to discover what you are capable to do, turning an idea into reality, and making a real difference to finding new passions and discovering your next step.

University of York

The university is deeply embedded in North Yorkshire. They are a hub for sharing knowledge and enriching lives. Experiencing over 25 years with 252 master’s degrees

They are mainly a dynamic, research-intensive university and a member of the Russell Group. Moving from one country to another can be daunting, but the university provides its own accommodation facilities located near campus. International students can share a room with others for reducing costs.

You can visit the libraries to borrow and return books from their world-class library system. Healthcare is provided by doctors, the NHS urgent care centre at York District Hospital, and various chemists, dentists, and opticians in York.

The University of York has an independent student-led organisation specifically for postgraduates, and postgraduate students will automatically become members. The University of York is full of options, especially in sports: a standard swimming pool, a 3G football pitch, an outdoor cycle circuit, a 250m Velodrome, a spin studio and so on.

The quality of education and academic excellence are the main factors that make the UK one of the most popular study destinations in the world and find the best master’s degree in the UK.

For international students, some Scottish universities offer an undergraduate degree named “Masters of Arts.” This programme is not the same as a master’s degree, so before applying, be careful about it.


Which university is best to do masters in the UK?

The University of Manchester offers one of the most pragmatic Master of Business Administration courses in Europe and the world even.

How do I choose a university for Masters UK?

There is a plethora of options for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. For example, some students who are interested in UK master’s degree may look for rankings of UK universities for MBA and make their decision accordingly.

Is a Master’s Degree in UK worth it?

The UK is world renowned for its academic excellence, so master’s degree in UK can transform your future career.

Which master’s degree is most in demand in UK?

Business degree, management, doctorate, and so many other courses are mostly known and highly in demand in UK.

What is the most prestigious university in England?

There are so many prestigious universities in England, such as- University of Oxford, The University of Manchester, University of Cambridge, London Business School (LBS) etc.