Best universities to study medicine in the uk

Medicine is an expansive and relevant option for students. There is so much on offer in terms of the various branches of medical study. So, which are the best UK universities for medicine? We will get straight to it and look at some of the most supreme options.

Imperial College London

Imperial’s medical program is without doubt one of the best in Europe. They offer a wide range of teaching principles which includes theoretical study and a variety of practical tasks as well. Another interesting facet of studying medicine at Imperial is that students are able to engage with patients, which is not a feature at other universities in UK.

The typical medical course at Imperial lasts six years and includes an undergraduate degree which leads to an MBBS. Like many of the best medical institutes in Europe, they place an emphasis on clinical practice as well as intensive research techniques.

Naturally, if you want the best, then you have to meet a number of prerequisites. Falling among the best UK universities for medicine, entry requirements are high which means prospective students must have extraordinary grades in science subjects like biology and chemistry. In addition, they must have an excellent BMAT score too.

When applying to Imperial College London for medicine, potential students must prepare for an interview as well. Those who reside in other countries and wish to pursue medicine at Imperial must note that competition is fierce when it comes to admissions of overseas students.

The University of Warwick

In the latest rankings released this year, Warwick climbed three places and moved into the 54th slot in the worldwide rankings. That is testament to the work done at the university and the field of medicine is no different.

Located in the outskirts of Coventry, The University of Warwick recently became a member of the illustrious Russell Group of Universities. This is essentially the equivalent of the Ivy League in the United States and includes two dozen of the best research intensive universities in UK.

Falling among the best UK universities for medicine, Warwick also ranks high when it comes to employability rankings. This is another factor that students consider when seeking options because quality of education is one determinant while employment is another matter altogether.

At The University of Warwick, students can pursue a four year long MB ChB or Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. The course can be arduous but the challenge is extremely rewarding. By the time students are finished, they are trained to become diligent and determined doctors. They are able to execute the highest standard of clinical practice and patient care.

The University of Bristol

Another member of the Russell Group, The University of Bristol and its Medical School offer wonderful opportunities for students. It is ranked in the top ten for universities in UK and is 51st in the world.

Bristol offers an MB ChB Gateway to Medicine (6 years) and MB ChB Medicine (5 years). The former is an intercalated degree which is highly rewarding and includes a year away from conventional medical, dental or veterinary studies, hence the additional year.

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Uk university september intake 2022