MSc in Engineering course help students to gain experience in the field that they are interested. At the same time in terms of academic knowledge and progress, they are exposed to different kinds of teaching methods and practices that provide a hands-on experience to all of them.

Some of the Masters Courses in Engineering that are available in the UK Universities are highlighted below

  • Electronic Engineering in UK with mobile and Secure Systems

  • Civil Engineering (Hons)

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics -Engineering Management

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering- Naval Engineering

  • Computer Science with Cyber Security

  • Communications and Information Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • Electronic Engineering with Computer Systems

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Motorcycle Engineering

  • Computer Science (Hons)

  • Civil Engineering and Construction Management

  • Engineering (Aerospace) (Near STEM)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Hons)

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Integrated Masters)

  • Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Management

Course Details

Masters degree can be of any field of engineering in UK. Who want to become chartered engineers registered with the Engineering Council (EngC) UK can go for it. Depending on the bachelors’ courses these degrees are also designed with theory classes, lab tasks, project works and etc. The courses are designed with some advanced practical works and seminar programs. It helps to achieve deep knowledge of the subject and become skilled professionals.

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelors’ degree with good scores
  • English language test: minimum 6 in IELTS or TOEFL with good scores
  • Different universities set different requirements

Fee range

Starts from £8,000 per year



Master’s in engineering is a highly specialized postgraduate degree. Engineers have value whether the field is teaching or any other corporate world. They earn attractive salaries by their skills. Experienced engineers solve difficult problems and research about new things. So, there are many opportunities out there in different industries. The salary of a graduate starts from £25,000 to £35,000.


How much does it cost to study engineering in UK?

Tuition Fee for study engineering in UK- £24,500- £44,240

How can I study engineering in UK?

Engineering programmes typically require a minimum duration of four years for completion, although an additional year may be necessary for students who opt to undertake a year-long work experience.

Is it hard to get an engineering job UK?

It is widely acknowledged that there exists a scarcity of engineers in the United Kingdom. However, it should be noted that obtaining a graduate position in the field of engineering is not a straightforward task. The term "shortage" as used by employers refers to the insufficient number of engineers possessing a suitable combination of technical proficiency, interpersonal aptitude, and practical expertise in particular domains.

Is engineering in UK hard to study?

The field of engineering has consistently been recognised as one of the most challenging disciplines to pursue among students in the United Kingdom. The challenges encountered in pursuing an Engineering degree primarily stem from the complexity of the tasks at hand and the meticulousness required in utilising specific equations to accomplish said tasks.

Which engineering has highest salary?

These are the 10 highest paying engineering jobs to consider-

• Aerospace Engineer
• Computer Hardware Engineer
• Petroleum Engineer
• Systems Engineer
• Electrical Engineer
• Chemical Engineer
• Big Data Engineer
• Nuclear Engineer

Do engineers earn more than doctors in UK?

On average, doctors tend to have higher earnings compared to engineers. In the United Kingdom, the mean annual income for medical professionals is recorded at £76,300, while individuals in the engineering field earn an average of £48,000. Nevertheless, one could contend that frequently a highly skilled engineer may receive a higher salary compared to a highly skilled doctor employed within the National Health Service (NHS).

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