If you are preparing to come to the UK for university, you will have heard of our infamous Freshers’ Week at university. That first week of the first term is when thousands of students up and down the country let their hair down, meet new friends, and get familiar with the campus and course. But with COVID-19 still disrupting our lives, it’s unlikely that the big social gatherings and freshmen’s fairs will go ahead as planned. So, what can you expect instead?

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What is Freshers Week?

The first week of classes in UK universities is known as fresher’s week. You can meet new people, let off steam, and discover more about your course, the university, and groups. You should use this time to get to know your new area, campus, course mates, and flat mates. The first few weeks of university are known as “fresher’s week” or “welcome week” in the UK. This is due to the first-year students’ inexperience at the institution.

When students arrive for the new academic year, freshmen week often begins at the end of September. Some institutions may start a little sooner in the middle of September since they may have two weeks of “freshers”. Your institution will host activities, meet-and-greets, and other events throughout the next week (or two) to encourage students to mingle and get to know their school.  Students can also apply for their student ID cards at this time, register for their library cards, and join the local health centre.

Fresher’s Week at UK University for non-drinkers

It’s safe to assume that drinking plays a significant role in student culture, particularly during freshers’ week at UK universities. Freshmen have the ideal combination of circumstances to become intoxicated: you have all just turned 18; student loans have just been deposited into everyone’s bank accounts; and no parents are around. Oh boy.

Nightlife and Entertainment

The first few weeks at university are designed to ease students into academic life. It’s a time for you to enjoy your first real taste of independence and blow off some steam. If you like to party, there is usually an endless stream of events for you to attend. But with nightclubs looking set to remain closed for the foreseeable future, what will this mean for Freshman Week 2020?

Luckily, many universities are arranging online events so you can still socialize with your fellow first-year students. The University of Lincoln is leading the way with an outdoor cinema, street food vendors, and social sport sessions all planned for their first week back. Many student unions are also planning plenty of virtual gatherings, so you can still get to know as many people as possible in that valuable first week.

The Fresher’s Fair


The Fresher’s Fair is another vital part of your first week at university. They give you the chance to sign up for clubs and societies and learn about all the amazing things going on around campus. not to mention the chance to pick up as many freebies as you can carry!

Again, things are likely to look a little different this year. The University of Chester and the University of Birmingham have already confirmed that their Fresher’s Fairs will be held online. While others, like the University of York Students Union, have said they are aiming to provide some physical society activities where possible.

What happens in freshers’ week?

If you want to meet new people, try out new things, and generally learn more about the area, your institution will offer a variety of events, workshops, taster sessions, and other activities. If folks wish to go, there are plenty of fresher’s activities happening in the neighborhood nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants.


Although moving in dates might be staggered, life in halls will probably look quite similar this year. You will still be able to move in with other people (although the numbers may be slightly reduced), and you can socialize with them as normal. You will also be classed as one household once you are living together, which means you will be able to attend any organized events together. Events will be held in the halls of residence to assist you in settling into your room and getting to know the other students residing there. To assist students in acclimating to the area, the neighborhood’s off-campus eateries, pubs, and nightclubs frequently offer specials, bargains, and themed nights.

How much money do you need for fresher’s week in the UK?

It’s up to you to do this. Fresher’s week at UK University is entirely up to you, so be mindful not to blow over your entire term’s maintenance loan in just seven days. Free admission and inexpensive drinks can be very alluring, but you also need to eat over the upcoming few months. Many universities now provide a wristband service that includes admission to all of the available parties and events.

A pass with varied levels of access and benefits to clubs and events can range in price from £15 to £150. If you’re concerned that the enthusiasm will cause you to overspend, try putting up physical obstacles to prevent it. Maintain the majority of your funds in a savings account, and before you leave the house, transfer only enough to cover the cost of the evening out into your debit card account.

What should you expect from freshers week at a uk university this year? 4


It’s easy to see just how much emphasis UK universities place on their students’ social lives, and this is one big reason why freshers’ week is such a big deal. With the prospect of no tuition for the first three weeks of their new academic term, potential students need not worry about studying when spending time with friends and meeting new people. 

Indeed, it’s all about having fun in many respects, even if that does mean some regrettable or regrettably drunken actions may be taken by individuals looking to have a good time. The majority of students will have a fun time during fresher’s week at UK University, and will enjoy all the new experiences they can get up to.


What takes place during Fresher’s Week in the UK?

During freshmen’ week, you’ll often have a few meetings arranged, including welcoming talks with your department, an introduction to your students’ union, and orientations with the library, the careers office, and your housing provider. Registration will be the most crucial occasion in your welcome week calendar.

What should you do to get ready for Fresher’s Week?

Being a good roommate and maintaining good relations with your roommates will make living arrangements much simpler. People are more likely to remember you if you make an attempt to remember their names.

During Fresher’s Week, what do you do?

Six activities are recommended for freshers’ week. Fresher’s Week should not be complete without attending the fresher’s fair-
1. Join a group of people.
2. Take in the nightlife.
3. Finish the registration procedure.
4. Learn about the campus of the university.
5. Learn about the community or city