A lot of students often become confused about where to study in UK, as the UK has a large number of universities. The United Kingdom has become an education hub for overseas students. The UK is not only famous for its renowned universities but also for its high standard of living facilities. It might be difficult for overseas students, as there are over 150 universities spread across the four countries in the United Kingdom. So, life for international students in the UK will be exciting and adventurous.

Anyone considering studying at a UK university has a lot to consider before they finally make a choice. What subject do I want to study? Which university has the best teaching for my subject? What kind of extra support does it offer to international students?

The town or city where your university is based can also have a big influence on your student experience. Where you choose to study should consider your own personality, and what you hope to gain from your student experience. Getting good results is important, but to get the most out of your experience, there are other things to consider. If you have not decided on your university and degree, this article can be highly beneficial for you.

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Where to study in UK?

These are the top recommendations for overseas students looking to study in the UK.

Big city buzz or cosy and laid back?

You can find excellent UK universities across the country. International students will find a lot of things to do in the British urban areas. Such as cultural attractions to beautiful streets, beautiful venues and excellent English nightlife. The vast majority of English people prefer to live in large bustling cities. In the UK, it actually does not matter whether your university is located in historic towns or even small rural hideaways. Because where your university is located will have a huge impact on your experience.

Capital life

The UK’s capital is one of the most vibrant and popular cities and most of the time students face difficulties where to study in UK. London is home to some of the world’s best universities and a place of excellence in education. Moreover, if you’re looking for city life, London would be a perfect choice for you. There are more than 7000 bars and pubs, 5000 restaurants and over 350 music venues. A vibrant, global city filled with incredible history, great culture and nightlife, you’ll find people here from almost every nation on the planet. Moreover, when you explore the British nightlife, London is nearly unbeatable.

While the capital itself might be expensive, the University of Hertfordshire located near St Albans, just north of the city, gives you great access to all that London has to offer. These universities also give you the option to study in the UK with scholarships. Furthermore, at the time of your studying at London universities, you’ll be able to choose your contact field which is one of the valuable things.

Additionally, studying in London will give you overseas the opportunity to meet a diverse range of professionals both in your degree and chosen professional sector. Additionally, if you’re a man of high ambition, studying in London will help you to create a situation to find a post-grad job in a city where you already feel familiar and settled. In addition, London is one of the finest and most magnificent cities in the world. Even, people visit the United Kingdom just to explore London.

Northern Pride

Some of the best universities in the UK are located in the great cities of Northern England. Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle are all thriving, lively cities with large student populations. Moreover, according to the TES, the Northern part of the UK is the home of the top 25 UK universities. These universities also offer a lot of scholarships so international students can study in the UK for free. They’re home to great bars, amazing museums and galleries, and world-famous sports teams.

Accommodation and the cost of living are generally cheaper than the capital too. It is the second most important consideration that makes the Northern UK a favourite for international students. Northern England is much cheaper when it comes to the expense of accommodation compared to London.

Slightly off the beaten track is Teesside University, which is well placed if you want to explore the beautiful countryside. In addition, some of the best British cities are situated in Northern England. In the Northern side of the UK international students will not only get access to high-quality universities but also get exposure to the buzzing environment of a vibrant city. Later on, Northern UK is also reputed for its flaunting cultural heritage and overseas students can take decisions about where to study in the UK.

Furthermore, as the education system in the UK is quite stressful, the Northern part of the United Kingdom offers a dazzling nightlife. For example, cities like Liverpool and Leeds host varieties of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs. On top of that, in recent years Northern England has seen considerable economic expansion.

Where to study in uk

Historic cities

The UK has an incredible history, and some of its universities are located in some of the world’s most beautiful historic cities. The University of Bath is located amid the Georgian grandeur of Jane Austen’s famous town, while the University of York is not far from the beautiful buildings and narrow lanes of the old capital of northern England.

Besides, Bath would be up there on the catwalk if cities were supermodels. The city is also thought to be one of the best-preserved by the Romans in the world. Besides, if you’re interested in naval history, the University of Portsmouth is the best institution for you. The reason behind this is that you can’t beat a trip to Portsmouth, where the historic dockyard is a wealth of fascinating stories from the ocean.


To sum up, the UK is a diverse and fascinating place, and its universities reflect that. While deciding where to study in the UK, be sure to explore and experience all that it has to offer. Such a range of choices can seem daunting when it comes to deciding which university and course are best for you. Contact AHZ Associates for personal advice and guidance tailored to your interests.


Where to study in the UK?

  • London
  • Manchester
  • York
  • Portsmouth
  • Greenwich and many more

Where is the best place to study in the UK?

The UK is the world's second most popular study destination, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), with 485,645 international students choosing to study at UK universities in 2018/19, so you can be sure of a warm welcome.

How to pick a university?

  • Research online
  • Consider course structure
  • Join open days
  • Ask questions
  • Think about location
  • Look beyond lectures

Where can I study?

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Coventry
  • Birmingham and many more

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