Business and finance degrees are highly competitive programs that open the doors to multiple opportunities as soon as you step off the University. These degree programmes equip you with various transferable skills that can help you quickly become a valuable asset for any organisation. 

However, you’ll only get to enjoy these benefits if you can choose the right University to pursue a degree programme in business and finance. The University of Essex makes a perfect choice to study Business and Finance in the UK.

Offering world-class teaching and research facilities, the University of Essex allows students to reach their full potential while grasping the latest concepts they can quickly put into practice. Hence, the University of Essex makes one of the best places in the UK to expand your knowledge and gain real-world experience in the business sector.     

Read on to find out all the top reasons why the University of Essex makes a great choice for students looking forward to pursuing Business and Finance degrees.

Why University of Essex is best for study Business and Finance Degree

There are some reasons to choose the Business and Finance degree at University of Essex

1. Exceptional Rating 

One of the most prominent reasons you should consider choosing the University of Essex for a business and finance degree is that the University is ranked among the top 40 universities in the U.K. Moreover, the University has also been crowned the University of the Year in 2018. Furthermore, it ranks 22nd in the U.K. for its Business and Management Studies degree research intensity. 

Given the exceptional ratings of the University of Essex, it makes one of the most sought-after choices of universities for a Business and Finance degree. 

2. State-of-the-Art Campuses and Facilities 

Another reason you should choose the University of Essex for a Business and Finance degree is that it offers state-of-the-art campuses and facilities at both its locations, including the Colchester and Southend Campuses.

The attractive state-of-the-art campus of the Essex Business School on the Colchester Campus is the U.K.’s first-ever zero-carbon business school. With abundant plants and stringent measures to regulate the air quality, the campus makes an environmentally-friendly choice for all environmentally-conscious students. The zero-carbon campus is part of the University’s initiative for sustainable business practices. 

Other prominent features of the Essex Business School on the Colchester Campus are the winter garden that serves as a positive space for international students. The green winter garden ambiance helps promote the mental well-being of the students. Moreover, the campus also features a Bloomberg Trading Floor that allows students access to financial data in almost real-time. The data helps students build company profiles while allowing them to learn how to trade. 

One of the other distinguishing features of the Colchester Campus is the Innovation Centre. This facility aims to provide young students with a conducive environment that allows them to pursue their ambitious entrepreneurship plans. The facility is designed to produce a student body of young and ambitious entrepreneurs who can contribute positively to society.

Suppose you take a look at the other campus of the university, which is the Southend Campus. In that case, you will be surprised to notice that the campus also embodies innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, the campus provides students access to the library and study pods, which are functional and open 24/7.

Given the facilities that the state-of-the-art campuses of the University of Essex offer to its students, it is ranked 3rd in the UK for investment in facilities and student services, which is a good enough reason to consider the University of Essex as a choice for a university for a business and finance degree. 

3. Professionally Accredited Degrees 

One of the most significant advantages that students enjoy when they enrol in a business and finance degree programme at the University of Essex is the professionally accredited nature of their degrees. 

The degrees awarded by the University of Essex are approved by professional bodies, which means these degrees are up-to-date and will teach you the latest skills that meet the industry requirements. 

Moreover, professionally accredited degrees also mean that your degree studies may also count towards an additional professional qualification with a registered professional student body. As a result, it gives students a chance to progress in their careers much sooner. Moreover, it also enables students to benefit from the university’s network with other leading professional bodies. 

4. Exposure to Real-World Experience and Knowledge 

When you choose a business and finance degree at the Essex Business School, you get multiple opportunities for work placement. And every work placement provides a valuable opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and learning to the real world of business. 

Moreover, as international students get exposure to real-world experience and knowledge, they develop essential skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership.

5. Offers Exceptional Support to Students   

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While there are many reasons the University of Essex sets itself apart from the rest, one of the most prominent features is the exceptional student support and guidance it provides for its students. 

The university conducts various events that reveal the culture of care it offers to its students. From workshops to training sessions, mentorship, and study skills modules, there are many facilities that the University offers to enhance students’ skills and improve their likelihood of getting a better prospective job as soon as they complete the programme.  

Apart from the skills that better equip students with skills required on the job, the University also provides support to entrepreneurial students who receive support from the Essex Startup’s team. The team hosts a series of funding competitions, workshops, and boot camps that equip potential entrepreneurs with the skills and experience they need to pursue their dreams beyond completing their degrees. 

6. Inclusion and Equality 

The University of Essex works on the principles of equality and inclusion and strives to incorporate these two essential aspects into every part of the university experience. Regardless of gender, work experience, nationality, and ethnicity, the University offer a safe space that is continuously progressing toward an exceptional working environment.

The principles of which the university flourishes allow students to grow as more socially and gender-aware business leaders who continue to excel in various fields. 

Choose the University of Essex for a Business and Finance Degree and Shape Your Future

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Why do you choose the University of Essex?

Regarding information-sharing partnerships in the United Kingdom, the University of Essex is a leading contender (Innovate UK). More than 300 institutes worldwide have joined forces with them to push education and research to new heights.

Why should I study at Essex?

When you graduate from Essex, you’ll be ready to go out into the world and make a difference because of the education you received here. They have always welcomed unconventional thinkers and those not afraid to take risks to tackle complex issues head-on.

Is the University of Essex good for business?

According to The Times Higher Education (THE) 2023 World University Rankings by Subject, Essex is in the top 150 institutions for business and economics. Most of our programmes also offer a yearlong internship or study abroad options. This group has 2,000 researchers, students, and businesspeople, making it one of the top 20 in the United Kingdom (Chartered Association of Business Schools). Both their undergraduate and graduate programmes will teach you how to examine information critically and question established ideas.

Why is the UK famous for business studies?

The United Kingdom is a leading economic power and the world’s sixth-best place to launch a company. It is also home to London, the world’s financial capital, which is responsible for maintaining over six million jobs.