The tuition fee for almost all universities in the UK is unaffordable for most prospective international students. Thus, many students rely on some of the scholarships offered to international students to be able to get an education in the United Kingdom. Let’s explore some of the different types of UK scholarships offered to international students.

The different types of scholarships for international students

It is important to note that even need-based scholarships do take an individual’s educational qualifications into consideration before allocating them a scholarship to help. Universities offer scholarships of their own. However, it is always recommended to look into other types of scholarships. Scholarships are usually applied for at the time of course registration or after you have successfully registered. As scholarships are usually offered early in the year, it is important to start all your research on this subject carefully and ahead of time. The different types of scholarships that are offered include:

Part scholarships

Part scholarships can either help to pay off a small portion of your tuition fees or even cover your total tuition fees. These types of scholarships do not usually cover dorm or living costs.

Full scholarships

Most international students strive to qualify for a full scholarship. Full UK scholarships cover not only your tuition fees but also living costs. They are extremely difficult to get, as you need to be one of the top-performing students in order to qualify for a full scholarship.


These scholarships differ according to the country you belong to. For example, Saltire Scholarships are applicable for students applying from the US, Pakistan, India, Canada, China and Hong Kong.   If you research, you will come across a variety of UK scholarships offered for students from different countries.


These types of scholarships are given only for specific courses that a student is applying for.


Apart from country-specific and university-specific scholarships, many NGOs, governments, and even individuals offer to sponsor students from their country, so it’s advised to search for such entities who offer to do so if you need.