Students who wish to study at a UK university must fulfill a number of prerequisites. In the following passages, we will discuss the UK university entry requirements comprehensively.

Naturally, the requirements vary based on a number of determinants such as what you wish to study. For instance, undergraduate will have different requirements compared to postgraduate ones. Typically, universities in the UK offer international students a number of pathways to secure admission at a university of their choosing.

English Language Skills

If you want to live in England or Scotland, then being fluent in the native language is a must. All students are required to have a decent comprehension of the English language in order to apply to UK as part of study in UK requirements.

The most prevalent option that students undertake is the IELTS exam. The abbreviation means International English Language Testing System and must be taken in your country of origin. It can be completed online and in person as well.

The IELTS has gained a reputation as the foremost examination of a candidate’s English skills. This is why the vast majority of UK universities cite it as a prerequisite. The IELTS tests the four fundamental skills: listening, reading, writing and of course, speaking.

Moreover, students also take the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) exam. This is administered online at designated Pearson testing centers.

Undergraduate Study

This brings us to the next step i.e. undergraduate studies. There are several stipulations that must be met in order to gain admission into an undergraduate course of your choosing. First and foremost, students need a minimum of 13 years of education prior to their application.

Basically, they must have taken any qualification that is tantamount to the A level exams conducted in UK or the Scottish Highers or National Diploma.

The list of study in UK requirements does not end there. If students want to study HND, they need one or two A levels or two Scottish Highers. Even a Higher National Certificate or BTEC National Diploma will suffice. The only other requirement is a score of 5.5 or higher in the IELTS exam.

Those who want to begin their studies at Foundation level must have a couple of UK A levels or the equivalent of two Scottish Highers or a National Diploma. Of course, a 5.5 band score or higher in IELTS is also mandatory for admission.

Next, we have the diploma level. Students need two A level passes or three Scottish Highers or even a National Diploma. Even completing an international foundation year will do. IELTS is also a necessity at a minimum 5.5.

If you wish to move directly into your degree, then you need three A level passes or four Scottish Highers. A Higher National Certificate, Diploma, BTEC National Diploma or a foundation year will also do the trick. An IELTS score of 6 and higher is also needed.


Postgraduate Study

To study for a master’s degree, the main requirement is an undergraduate degree. A grade of 2:1 or better in a subject that is directly related to what you want to pursue at postgraduate level is also obligatory.

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