Universities in the UK organise open days to give students an overview of how their experience is going to be. Open days give students the golden opportunity to get a real-time understanding of the university’s teachings and culture and help them make the right choice based on their experience. Attending various open days at UK universities helps students narrow down their options to the best possible one.

Reasons Why You Should Attend the Open Days of UK Universities

1. Picking the most-suitable academic courses

With so many options available, it often gets overwhelming for students to steer through the course selection process. Open days are your best bet when it comes to making this decision. When you attend open days at UK universities, you are given the opportunity to attend trial lessons of various courses and get up close and personal with the entire department.

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When you meet your lecturers and teachers and get a taste of what your course will look like, it helps narrow down your choices. You will know exactly what courses intrigue you and which don’t. Moreover, when you get to experience the department’s teaching style, you can be a better judge of things and make a more informed decision.

2. To have a one-one interaction with current students

If you wish to get an honest opinion about any university, talk to current students. They have first-hand experience of the university’s academia, culture, and their perspective, which holds great importance for all potential students. That’s where open days come to play. The majority of UK universities have their current students running the show on open days. They offer you guided tours of the vicinity and help you with your queries and concerns. You can enquire about everything you need to know about the university and its student life, using this information to your advantage. You can also get insights about accommodation, culture, nightlife, etc., to get a fair idea of what your life outside of the university will look like.

3. To get a real-time experience of the place

They say seeing is believing. This holds true when it comes to attending open days. Students get to visit and explore the vicinity of their preferred university, all thanks to open days. Campus location play a significant role here as you have to make sure whichever university you pick will give you enough breathing space to survive the next few years of your life here. Make sure to check out the lecture halls, library, sports facilities, accommodation, etc., to analyse the quality of living-standard that the university will offer you. Before jumping to any conclusions, potential students need to explore how a university’s environment and student life play out.

4. To foresee cost analysis and financial planning

Managing finances goes hand in hand with your academics. All students need to do a detailed cost analysis of their degree programme and see how feasible it is in the longer run. While most of the students are aware of UK universities’ fee structure, there are other additional costs that they might not know. For instance, some UK universities also have costs associated with workshops, conferences, field trips, accommodation, facilities, etc. Open days also provide a great platform to look at options for scholarships, financial aid, or bursaries for students. Talking and networking with other students also helps get a transparent picture of the finances and their management.

5. To do a 360-degree assessment of the university

Open days of uk universities

Attending a university’s open day gives you an overall idea of the place and all that it offers. Keeping all factors in mind, it’s highly essential for students to feel comfortable and at home in their preferred universities’ environment. Whether it comes to students, extra-curricular, teachers, places, or facilities, in the end, it all comes down to you and your satisfaction. For smart planning, make a checklist of the things you ideally look for in a university or educational institute and then see how much you can check off. Different people have different priorities, so you need to be mindful of what works best for you.

Preparing for Open Days of UK Universities

It is highly recommended that all students plan ahead before going for their first open day at a UK university. Here are a couple of best practice tips you should keep in mind to make the most of your open day:

1. Do Your Research

Compile a list of all the UK universities you are interested in and look up their open days’ dates and schedules. Review and go through the university prospectus to draw an outline in your head of what to expect and what you need to verify or experience in person.

2. Save the Date

Check your shortlisted universities’ websites for the dates and schedule of their open days—Mark your calendar to stay on top of your game and avoid any clashes.

3. Pre-plan Your Schedule

Each UK university will have a different activity planned for its open days. Check their respective websites to get an overview of the open day schedule and what your day will look like. To manage your time efficiently, plan your own schedule beforehand. For instance, if you need to attend the lectures first and then visit the accommodation, you should have everything organised in your head or in writing. This will help you avoid any last-minute chaos or confusion.

4. Prepare a list of your own FAQs

Don’t shy away from asking questions that concern you. It is best recommended to prepare a list of questions a day ahead to not miss out on any important detail. Keep in mind that the more clarity you have, the easier it will be for you to decide.

5. Book your slot in advance

To avoid any last-minute mishaps, most UK universities require you to book your slots in advance for a confirmed place to attend the open day.

6. Take a company with you 

Sometimes getting a third person’s perspective helps a lot in making a wise decision, especially that of your parents. Many UK universities allow students to bring in their parents or friends to open days to make it an interactive experience for the whole family. If you are given this option, make sure you avail it.

Closing Thoughts

Picking the right university for pursuing your higher studies is one of life’s most important decisions and should be made very wisely while keeping all factors in mind. This decision marks the future of the most crucial years of your life that have a massive impact on your career and character development. An open day works like a ladder in this process, giving you the extra push to reach the top. We hope that now you are more likely to consider why you should attend the UK Universities’ open days.

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How should you dress for a university open day in the UK?

Most of the time, an open day is a casual event, so you can wear whatever you want. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes so that you can walk on your feet for taking a campus tour.

Should you go to university on open days?

By going to an open day, you can clear up any doubts and answer any unresolved questions. When making a short list of universities to apply to, you might not be sure about one or two of them. This is why there are open days.

Do most parents go to college on open days?

Most people will bring someone with them during open days, whether it’s their parents or friends.

Do I need to bring a laptop to the university?

To research, you will need a device that can connect to the internet. You will also need an internet browser to get to the educational activities and material.