As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, many educational establishments are quickly shifting their teaching provisions online. For many, this change will feel a little jarring and confusing, particularly if they have never taken an online course before. If you’re getting ready to start learning online or to enrol in an online course in the UK to make the most of your time indoors, we’ve put together some helpful tips for online learning:

1. Get motivated for Online Learning

With face-to-face learning, many students are motivated by interactions with their professors, parents, and peers, who will often remind them when essays are due and when the next classes are. With online learning, you will have to prepare to motivate yourself. One way to do this is to set out a routine for yourself and reward yourself when targets are met.

 2. Use all available resources

Whether you’re embarking on accounting, health sciences, education, humanities, or engineering courses in the UK, it is important that you explore all the online resources available to you. Many institutions go above and beyond in offering students as much educational material as possible online, particularly during times of crisis when face-to-face learning is simply not an option. Your institution may also offer remote support to help you with technical problems, as well as chat forums for you to engage with classmates and instructors. Making the most of these resources could provide the key to success.

3. Familiarise yourself with the relevant technology

Before jumping straight into learning new content, try to familiarise yourself with the relevant technologies you will be using on a daily basis. This could include, for example, webcams, online forums, complex databases, or email software.


4. Avoid complacency after handing in assignments

After handing in online assignments, it may be tempting to give yourself a long break as a reward, particularly if your tutors are not around to remind you to work. It is important to remember, however, that you will not receive immediate feedback on your assignment and should use your time wisely whilst you are waiting. Instead of turning to daytime television, use your time to get a head start on upcoming material. You could even organise an online chat with classmates to discuss the material and learn from each other.

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