One of the biggest decisions you make when it comes to university is whether you should move into student halls or stay at home and commute in every day. If you don’t know which is best for you, here are some examples of why moving out from home for universities in the UK is a major positive.

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You’ll gain more independence

Living away from home means you no longer have your parents around to tell you what to do.

This means you’ll be learning how to provide for yourself by cleaning and cooking your own meals. It sounds like a lot to adjust to, but everyone in your halls will be going through the same thing. You will have to learn eventually, so why not take this step now when you have others around to help you?

Learn life skills

Have you been putting off learning a new skill because you never seem to have enough time? University dorm life allows students to throw themselves headfirst into their studies, frequently out of sheer need. You can avoid eating the same boring microwave dinners every day by learning how to make a variety of dishes and experimenting with different spices and flavors. You could make a treat to share with your roommates, or spice things up by holding a cooking competition. It’s a fun way to practice your culinary talents, meet new people, and sample a wide variety of foods.

Planning your finances is also crucial. If you’re moving out on your own for the first time, you’ll need to get good at budgeting so you can afford to do the activities you enjoy outside of school as well. This entails the cost of groceries, utilities, entertainment, and transportation. Get ready for the real world ahead of schedule by developing your maturity and autonomy. Now we come to the second justification.

More time for yourself

Living close to your university campus means you won’t have to take a lot of time out of your day for travelling. Those students commuting into classes each day may spend hours stuck in traffic, whereas you can crawl out of bed just a few minutes before your lectures start, giving you more time to rest up before your 9 am classes. It’s also helpful if you need more time for essays or revision since you won’t be wasting time sitting in traffic.

Make new friends

Despite your apprehension, relocating to a new place for school can be an exciting opportunity to meet new people, including your fellow students, motivating professors, and the helpful staff at your Student Roost student housing. Keep in mind that if you’re feeling apprehensive, so are your classmates, because you’re all in the same boat. You will not only get to know the other students in your course but also those in the flats around you who are taking completely different classes and are at varying points in their university careers.  Spend some time getting to know each other and you’ll soon find that your worries were unwarranted, and you may have made some lifelong friends in the process.

Better Social life

Living at home means you miss out on a lot of nights out and social times with your course mates because you have to get the last train back or drive home before it gets too dark. If you live in student housing, not only can you stay out until whenever you like, but you are able to join societies and take full advantage of last-minute plans. Living close to other students means you also don’t have to walk home in the dark alone. You can enjoy all aspects of university life while knowing you are safe with other students around.

Learn how to manage life and money

You would learn better how to budget your money once you left home to go to UK University. While living at home, your parents would take care of the grocery shopping, bill-paying, etc. So you probably didn’t give much thought to how quickly money could be spent. You have probably realized that you have increased your purchases and unnecessary expenditures. 

You helped save money by not always using your credit card. This came in handy during my first year of university, when you frequently stopped by the campus store, Simply Fresh, to pick up a quick bite to eat after class. You discovered that working part-time allowed you to save more money since you were more conscious of the effort required to obtain extra cash. You were now self-sufficient and could avoid burdening your loved ones with financial support. 

Learn about Location

Researching not only the university you’re considering but also its location, might help you determine if you’ll be happy there or not. This is especially crucial if you come from a very different cultural background. It may be easier for you to adapt to your new environment if the university you attend has a culture that is similar to the one you grew up in. Another benefit of attending a university near home is that you will already be familiar with the neighbourhood. 

This can make you feel more at ease during your first few weeks there, and you can even invite your new friends to familiar spots.


Final words

Taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you when living on campus means you are more likely to make new friends as you’ll come in contact with a lot more students like yourself. To find out more about student accommodation in the UK, contact us today. It’s natural to feel pressured about making the “right” option when deciding where to relocate for college. However, nobody can tell you what’s best for you, and there is no “right” choice. During your time at UK university for study, you will grow, transform, and adapt, and you will figure out how to make it all work for you. 

A friend of mine decided she didn’t like going to college on the other side of the nation, so she switched to a school closer to home after she had already started. Keep in mind that there are a variety of options for how to spend your time in college and that there is no single “bad” way to do it; just do what feels right to you, and you’ll have a fantastic time!


How many students in the UK relocate for their studies?

Over 600,000 overseas students attended UK higher education in the academic year 2020–2021, accounting for 22% of all HE students.

Is it preferable to attend university at home?

Student housing and residence halls are typically closer to the university than your home, which may require a long journey or walk.

Why should you relocate for university?

Leaving home for university is a fantastic opportunity to learn and hone many valuable life skills. Students who move out for university frequently discover that studying away from home teaches them a lot more than lectures do. it’s a maturing experience that corresponds with gaining a certificate.

How many UK University Students live at home with their parents?

According to the report, over a third (37%) of students currently live at home when at university. Official statistics say this has climbed from just 8% over the past twenty years.

How many students live in student accommodation UK?

British student population by living arrangements, 2015–2020. About 1.9 million full-time and sandwich students attended universities in the United Kingdom (UK) for the 2019/2020 school year, with nearly 361,000 residing in provider-maintained accommodation and over 175,000 in private-sector halls.