Cheapest dba in the uk university for international students

A DBA is a Doctor of Business Administration degree. It is a research doctorate that is awarded on the basis of significant study, projects and research. Typically, such a degree lasts a number of years, which means that the accumulated costs are substantial. This begs the question: what is the cheapest DBA in the UK?

Costs of DBA

There are several universities in the United Kingdom that facilitate DBA studies. Given the popularity of the program, students are always seeking cost effective courses. Naturally, given the variables in the degree, costs are variable and may also be altered if a student is able to acquire a scholarship. When it comes to finding the cheapest DBA in United Kingdom, scholarship awards can be quite beneficial since they reduce the tuition fee considerably.

If students pursue a full time DBA, it lasts 3 years. On the other hand, if they wish to be involved in a part-time capacity, then it may last between four to six years. There are exceptions as well. Teesside University conducts a DBA program with a duration of only 2 years and 3 months in total.

On the whole, there many universities that offer a DBA program and some of these charge a much lower tuition fees than others. If students can obtain a scholarship, then that is the proverbial cherry on top.

Generally, a three-year DBA course costs 18000 to 35000 pounds on average. If students are looking for more cost-effective alternatives, then they must look into cheaper options. These programs can be beneficial for not just the lesser fees but other reasons as well.

Besides the affordable tuition fees, some of these universities do not require work experience either. This is a concern for many universities worldwide, not just in the UK. If a student has completed their undergraduate degree, then they may wish to enter a postgraduate degree immediately after. However, certain universities warrant a few years of practical experience before students can gain admission.

Another advantage for international students is that the Tier 4 (student visa) enables candidates to work part-time in addition to their full-time studies. This means that in an ideal scenario, if students can find the cheapest DBA in UK, they could acquire a scholarship and work part-time in order to meet daily expenses and support themselves in the process. It may be an ideal scenario but it can transpire. Typically, international students can work up to 20 hours per week while they are actively pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

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Beyond the financial aspect of the equation, there is the matter of reputation. With over 120 universities in the UK, a British degree is well respected around the world. The vast majority of UK graduates are able to find employment easily.

Last but not least, once students have successfully completed their DBA program, they are well placed to start their professional careers in a top management position anywhere in the world.

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