As Monday is the starting point of the new week, it can be very helpful for students to organise their academic duties and set goals to achieve the highest grades. Recent research in Psychological Science shows that we may be more likely to follow through with our professional or academic goals if we start on a Monday rather than another day in the week.

Track your academic goals

On Monday, what comes to our mind is the duties of the week. The goals that we need to accomplish but also the new purposes that we have set for ourselves for the upcoming week, there is no better day to do so.

Plenty of time

You have five upcoming days, which means that you have enough time to organise your plans but also to execute them. Even if you set Monday as the ideal day to organise yourself, it means that the rest of the week will be the days when you implement your plans. You’ve still got plenty of time!

Set new goals

There is no better day to set new goals. Students can be motivated to start learning a new skill or to improve the skills that they already have. They can organise a new learning session for themselves or a group activity with their friends. Engage in new activities, perform, and achieve your goals.

Go for Monday!

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