Most of the students who are considering applying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree find the process tedious and difficult. When they do not have anyone to take advice from, that’s when they fall into a state of despair. In such situations, the best place where you can get your answers is from study fairs. An education fair can be a great opportunity for existing students and potential applicants to learn all that they can about their dream university and its programmes. Here are some reasons why students should make sure they attend an education fair.

1. Test Prep Consultations

Be it for a bachelor’s programme or a master’s, the entire application process requires your full attention and concentration. Along with the application package, the applicant also has to submit their admission test scores. Depending on the requirements of the university, the applicant will have to submit their GMAT or GRE score. International students will also have to submit proof of their English proficiency by submitting their IELTS or TOEFL test scores, for instance.

When you attend a UK Education Fair, you also get the advantage of meeting with language test expert consultants who can better guide you on the how you should prepare for the tests and how much should you score in order to secure your position in your dream university.


2. Funding and Scholarship Advice

The one question that most Master’s applicants are concerned with is the matter of funding. Especially for those students who are planning on applying to a university from abroad, they worry about how they will pay for their studies.

Attending a UK education fair can be a great way for such students to learn about their financing options. The representatives of the university are also present at the education fair. They are the best resources to take guidance from. You can ask for any detailed information about scholarship opportunities you are eligible for.

Scholarships are also given on a merit basis or need basis. Once you visit the UK Education Fair, you will be able to get valuable funding advice. Most students, especially international students, are unaware of their options regarding scholarships. It’s when they visit the education fair that they come to know of their various funding and scholarship options.