The UK Turning Scheme is a new system to allow students to earn overseas degrees and gather work experience. The application is now open and schools, colleges, and universities can apply for their students.

The existing Erasmus+ is a similar initiative, but it is only EU-focused. The records say that the percentage of UK undergraduate students who traveled abroad for study, work, or volunteering in 2018/2019 is only 8%. But, the percentage is high for the foreign students who came to the UK.

The turning scheme is fully an international program. Any institution from any country can be associated with UK academic institutions. The budget of the scheme is £110 million for 2020–2021. Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds can get up to £490 each month, which includes travel, living, and other extra costs.

The government priorities that this UK Turning Scheme is such an initiative that will also help to improve social connections as well as mobility. The Erasmus+ system provides many opportunities for the young people of Europe. But the UK Turning Scheme will be promoted in all the deprived areas and target those students to provide the benefits under this new scheme. All income level students can access these educational opportunities by choosing any country. From September 2021, 35,000 global placements will be available for students.

The UK institutes are encouraging the world institutes and are eager to start a partnership with them. University Minister, Michelle Donelan, said: “The UK Turning Scheme will support our leveling up agenda by opening up the world to young people and children from all backgrounds with exciting global opportunities.”