A student guide to choosing who to support you on your academic journey to the uk 1

Selecting the right education agent is crucial for students planning to study abroad. A good education agent can provide invaluable guidance, streamline the application process, and help you make informed decisions about your education and future.

Here are some key steps and considerations to help you in choosing academic support for your UK journey. Find the best resources and mentors tailored to your needs.

  1. Decide if the UK is the best study destination for you
  2. Understand what course options are available
  3. Identify institutions that meet your academic and lifestyle preferences
  4. Apply to your chosen institution
  5. Gather and submit the documents you need for your visa
  6. Prepare to come and study in the UK

AHZ is committed to the National Code of Ethical Practice for UK Education Agents, which sets out the behaviours and values that are expected of education agents that represent the UK.

As part of this commitment, all our staff are required to complete the British Council Education Agent Training Programme, and you can find more information about that here: Database of certified agents and counsellors | British Council


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If you are a partner looking for more information about our commitment to the National Code of Ethical Practice for UK Education Agents, please contact our Director of Partnerships, Katharine Ovens.

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