There are several reasons international students choose to study in the UK. The United Kingdom attracts thousands of students every year, and for a good reason. In addition to UK universities being highly reputed and globally ranked, students can choose between thousands of courses and thrive in a multicultural environment. Here are some of the reasons why international students get a UK degrees over those from other English-speaking countries.

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1. You’re Desirable to Employers

Studying abroad is an excellent way to impress future employers. However, studying in the UK has its advantages because of its reputation for excellence in education. A UK degree makes international students more desirable to employers and gives them an edge over other potential employees. This way, they can get the jobs they want easily.

2. Variety of Degrees

UK degrees are amongst the most diverse globally, with students having thousands of options to choose from. Therefore, no matter your passion or interest, you’re sure to find the perfect degree to suit your needs and career goals. In addition to having so many subjects to choose from, international students studying in the UK can also choose different modules and types of education depending on their needs. While some UK degrees are more theoretical, others are more practical. Students can also opt for shorter degrees instead of long ones, opt for work placement, or study abroad.

3. Affordable Education

While a UK degree isn’t the most inexpensive one you can get, it’s a lot more affordable than alternatives such as degrees from the US or Australia. Additionally, since UK degrees are generally shorter than those in other countries, this cuts down on tuition and accommodation costs and the overall cost of the degree. International students are also eligible for various scholarships and grants and can choose to study at some of the more affordable universities in the UK.

Furthermore, living costs in the UK can be quite affordable. Of course, this isn’t true for larger cities like London, but outside of these, students can choose to live affordably. But a larger city like London has more part-time job opportunities than another city.

4. Reputation of Excellence in Academics

The United Kingdom is known as a hub for learning and boasts centuries-old universities. Oxford and Cambridge were both founded more than 800 years ago, and UK universities as a whole have enjoyed high rankings in some of the world’s most popular and trusted university lists, including the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

International students prefer UK degrees over those from other countries because these degrees are recognised and respected worldwide. No matter where you end up seeking employment, your degree will help and highlight your potential. With unrivalled excellence in education, world-class campuses, and some of the world’s best teachers, it’s no wonder that the UK is the second most popular study destination in the world.

5. Shorter Degrees and Earlier Graduation

Studying full-time in the UK allows international students to finish their studies earlier than in other countries. While undergraduate degrees take four years to complete in the US, this is reduced to three years in the UK. Similarly, instead of the usual two years, master’s degrees can be finished in one year. In addition to graduating sooner, students can benefit from reduced tuition fees.

6. Multicultural Environment

Unlike some other countries, the UK has always been welcoming to international students. Being a multicultural and tolerant country, the UK is an excellent choice for students who want an inclusive and diverse university experience. In addition to sampling various cuisines and attending various events and festivals, students will be exposed to different religions, faiths, and languages present throughout the UK.

7. Work Opportunities


The United Kingdom allows international students to work as they’re completing their degrees. Those studying abroad often need financial assistance, and this allows them to earn some extra money while also completing their education. International students can work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during the holidays.

8. Graduation Immigration Route

One of the most beneficial aspects of studying in the UK is the opportunity for international students to find work in the country after they graduate. The UK government has created the Graduate Immigration Route, a post-study work visa programme for international students who have graduated with UK degrees. This programme started in summer 2021 and allows international students to work in the UK for two years after they graduate. PhD students can stay up to three years after graduation. Because of this, international students have the opportunity to find excellent work opportunities and build up their resumes in the UK. This can help with career advancement.

9. Access to Europe

Another reason international students prefer UK degrees is because of the easy access to different European countries. Both plane and train travel are affordable and quick, and individuals can reach different countries in hours. Additionally, studying in the UK itself provides students with access to different countries such as England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This allows them to explore and adds to their university experience.

10. High Student Satisfaction

International students studying in the UK usually have positive experiences and an excellent time at their chosen universities. In fact, according to the UK Higher Educational International Unit, the country has one of the highest student satisfaction rates in the world. 85% of international students said they would recommend UK degrees to others, with their overall satisfaction being 91%.

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These are only some of the reasons international students decide to study in the United Kingdom. Many other reasons and plenty of considerations factor into the decision. Still, these are the major factors involved when deciding to study in the UK. If you’re an international student who has been on the fence about whether or not to pursue a UK degree, we hope this article was helpful and serves as a guide on whether a UK degree is right for your particular needs.