Social science degrees are becoming increasingly popular both in the UK and around the world. In addition to giving individuals transferable skills, they also provide them with the opportunity to focus on a variety of subjects and gain a breadth of experience.

Students from around the world choose to major in social sciences and do so at a UK university. There are various reasons for wanting to pursue social science degrees in the UK, including the quality of education and multicultural experience. Read on to find out more about social science degrees and why increasing numbers of students are choosing to focus their social science education in the United Kingdom.

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What Is a Social Sciences Degree?

Social science degrees deal with global society’s issues and study human beings and their behaviors at both an individual and collective level. Social sciences often cover various subjects, including Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Social Policy, Economics, Political Science, and more.

Why You Should Get a Social Sciences Degree from a UK University

There are various reasons international students choose to get a social sciences degree from the United Kingdom. The following are some of the most popular reasons for doing so.

Transferable Skills

Those who graduate with social science degrees have adaptable and transferable skills that can be applied to various jobs. The holistic curriculum studied provides them with a breadth of knowledge that they can use in different fields.

Some of the skills that make social science graduates so attractive to employers include excellent communication, critical analysis, and research skills, along with awareness of different cultures, emotional intelligence, and more. These skills are useful no matter what career direction is taken.

Flexible Career Options

When individuals get a social science degree, they’re studying many different subjects and, thus, are qualified for a range of jobs. Their career options are flexible, which means they can go into various fields, including human health and social work; support services; education; business; media; public administration; finance, and more. Companies also employ social science graduates for roles that aren’t always associated with the major. For example, Google hires anthropology majors for the interpretation of internet search patterns. Therefore, social science graduates benefit from the flexibility of taking their careers in many different directions.

World’s Best Universities for Study Social Science in UK

While social science degrees are available worldwide, many international students choose the UK for this specific degree. One of the reasons for this is that British universities are among some of the best in the world. In addition to focusing on both academic and research, many universities are regularly featured in international rankings.

UK university degrees are also recognized all over the world and can help individuals take advantage of lucrative job opportunities.

Various Subjects to Choose From

Social science is an umbrella term and covers a variety of subjects, including development, economics, sociology, psychology, and more. Because there are so many subjects to choose from, individuals studying social sciences not only benefit from a well-rounded education but also have the flexibility to focus on and specialize in one or two subjects, combine degrees, or study various subjects.

High-Quality Education

The UK is known for having some of the world’s best universities and teachers, with many institutions providing extremely high-quality education. In addition to an excellent education, students also benefit from the prestige that comes with studying in the United Kingdom and going on to have strong careers.

Multicultural Environment

The UK is a true mix of different people, and thus, students studying in the country are exposed to a variety of different cultures and ideas. This multicultural environment not only allows students to flourish but also expands their horizons. This helps them learn more about human beings and the social sciences as a whole. No matter which UK university you end up choosing, you’ll be exposed to a diverse community of people. The importance of globalization cannot be understated. It exposes children to different intercultural skills, cultures, and ideas they may have never previously considered.

Lucrative Job Opportunities

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One of the most popular reasons for majoring in social science is the excellent career prospects that come along with it. Nine out of ten social science graduates have been found to work, continue studying, or do both one year after graduating. 66% of those who earn a social science degree are employed either in the UK or abroad within a year of graduation.

According to UCAS, 159,670 students studied social sciences in 2014/2015. Of these, 74.3% were employed directly in fields such as health and social work, public administration, education, wholesale and retail trade, and different scientific and technical fields.

Social science graduates also go on to become global leaders in their fields. In fact, 60% of global leaders have a social science or social science-related undergraduate degree. Additionally, according to Forbes, one-third of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have liberal arts and social science degrees.

The Campaign for Social Science also notes that those who study social sciences are more likely to be in senior and management roles. 7.6% of social science graduates had senior or management roles, compared to 3.6% of science graduates and 6.2% of arts and humanities graduates.

High Demand

According to a Campaign for Social Science report, approximately 4 out of 10 individuals graduate with a social science degree. Despite this, there is a continuous need and demand for more social science graduates. Since social sciences play such a large role in today’s world, it remains a great field to work in.

Positive Impact and Making a Difference

Those with social science degrees can go on to work in important fields such as politics and social work and can make a difference in the world through policy change, market research, working in public health, social work, and more. Since the degree focuses on societal issues, those who graduate with social science degrees are uniquely positioned to deal with social problems and other important issues.
Thus, there are many reasons people choose to not only study in the UK but opt for a social science degree. We hope this article helps you make up your mind about pursuing such a degree.


How many types of social science are there?

Psychology, economics, and political science are all common majors in the social sciences.

Is a degree in social science a wise idea?

If you choose to major in the social sciences, you can get well-paying jobs in fields like economics, politics, and urban planning. If you make a career in social science, you could indeed expect to gain expertise that you can use in many different jobs.

Where can I get a job if I have a degree in social science?

Social science careers –
– Sociologist
– High School Teacher
– Criminal Justice Professional
– Economist
– Social and Human Service Assistant
– Political Scientist
– Social Worker
– Paralegal

Is it difficult to study the social sciences in higher education?

The social sciences are sometimes defined as “soft,” in contrast to academic sciences and hard sciences.