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Student Life in the UK

UK is a hot destination for study for students from all over the world. If you opt for studying at any of the UK universities, you get to learn many things, meet a lot of people from varied backgrounds and cultures and enjoy every moment of your stay there. Your student life in the UK would be awesome for sure!

  • UK is a diverse nation with a lot of cultures and languages. The UK culture is amazing with theatres performing a variety of plays. You find many art galleries which have old paintings and sketches too.
  • English is the language mostly spoken in the UK, though not the only official one. There are people speaking different languages here. To help your English, universities provide language support.
  • Living cost for students depends on where they live. London is a bit costly compared to the smaller cities. There are university accommodations available but you can also explore private student accommodation. Don’t forget to read the guidelines of accommodation providers. You could also rent a flat by yourself or by sharing with other students.

There are a lot of job opportunities for students in the UK. An international student has work rights of working 20 hours a week if he/she is studying at a university which is a “recognized body” list.

Students can also work part-time to support themselves so that their accommodation and living cost are well maintained.

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  • You can enjoy holiday and festival in the UK all through the year as it has a rich and diverse culture. You have holidays for New year’s day, Valentine’s day, Easter, Eid, Notting Hill Carnival, to name a few.
  • Food is one thing that students miss while studying abroad. But food in the UK can be the best thing! There are food markets where you get cheap and fresh food. If you choose to live in catered halls at the university, you get breakfast and dinner. You can also find a lot of restaurants to suit every taste and budget.
  • Religion in the UK that is most practiced is Christianity. But students of all faiths are welcomed in the UK. UK is a multi-faith, tolerant society.
  • UK is a country with a history and culture dating back to centuries.

You can enjoy the stunning countryside, and enjoy the world-leading modern art. Don’t forget to experience the design, culture, mountains, green hills and the modern cities during your stay in the UK.

There are also lots of interesting things that keep happening on the fashion and sports fronts.

So make the most of your life while you are in the UK!

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