The UK is a hot destination for quality study among the talented students from all over the world. If you opt to study at any of the UK universities, you will get to learn many things, meet a lot of people from varied backgrounds and belonging to different cultures, and enjoy every amazing moment of your stay there. If you get admitted in any renowned UK university, your student life in the UK would be awesome for sure! That is why International Student Life UK is most popular around the world. Here are some excellent tips for easy living in the UK.

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The UK is a Diverse Nation

The UK is a diverse nation with a lot of cultures and languages. The UK culture is amazing, with theatres performing a variety of

plays on different perspectives. The UK is known for its multiculturalism in the world. You will find many art galleries that have old paintings and sketches too. In addition, the UK is a multi-nation, multi-ethnic land of diversity and distinction. To mention the pattern of student life in UK, you will find quite different rules of study and social power from what you are used to.

Spoken language

English is the language which is mostly spoken in the UK, though not the only official one. There are a lot of people speaking in different languages here. However, in schools, colleges, universities, marketplaces, and shopping malls, the British prefer to speak in English. In the UK, there are some native languages too, which you will experience here. Each year in the world, a lot of meritorious students choose to enrol themselves in the best universities, as they get recommendations from friends and families for the best UK universities for student life as well as the comforts for using the English language in that universities. To help your English, universities are providing language support as well.

Living Cost in UK

Living cost for students depends on where they live. London is residing a bit costly compared to the other smaller cities. So student life in London is more expensive rather others. There is an opportunity for university accommodations available but you can also explore private student accommodations too. Don’t forget to read the guidelines of accommodation providers. You could also rent an apartment by yourself or by sharing it with other students. This scenario indicates your flexible student life in the UK that will make you confident. Life in the United Kingdom will give you a lot of opportunities in terms of economic benefits. There are a lot of job opportunities for students in the UK. If you want to have a successful career then you will find many choices in job market of the UK cities.

You can get both part-time or full-time job options in the city. An international student has work rights of working 20 hours a week as they will have a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) card for being a full-time student of UK. In addition, he/she will get 3 to 4 years of legal permission to work as an international student in the UK. If he/she is studying at a university that is a “recognized body” list. On the other hand, an international student will get permission for part-time job opportunities as legal work for up to 10 hours, if he/she studies for a foundation course. Students can also work part-time to support themselves so that their accommodation and living costs are well maintained as well as enjoy the student life in the UK. Moreover, students will get opportunities for working at different institutions in the UK. For example Hospitals, Restaurants and shopping malls, etc.

Holiday, Food, Religion and Culture

Holiday in the UK:


Living in UK as a student is really amazing in terms of experiencing festivals. You can enjoy holidays and festivals in the UK all through the year as it has a rich and diverse culture. You have holidays for New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Eid, and Knotting Hill Carnival, to name a few. The UK has a rich history of local celebrations, public holidays, and contemporary cultures that are considered the world-famous events in the UK cities. If you search for the UK events calendar you will find 01 January as New Year’s Day which means this is a public holiday and its traditional culture to celebrate the last parts of the night. That is why student life in England is colourful all the time.

Food in the UK:

Another fascinating thing of student life UK is the opportunity for the delicious food. Food is one thing that students miss while studying abroad. But food in the UK can be the best thing! There are food markets where you get cheap and fresh food. If you choose to live in catered halls at the university, you get breakfast and dinner. You can also find a lot of restaurants to suit every taste and budget. As fuel of your brain for learning and studying, UK is the best place to experience every food or cuisine that the British culture usually offers.


The religion in the UK that is most practiced is Christianity. But students of all faiths are welcomed in the UK. UK is a multi-faith, tolerant society. This supportive environment will provide you the independence to maintain your personal beliefs. It will make you confident enough to deal with the everything in UK.


UK is a country with a history and culture dating back centuries.

You can enjoy the stunning countryside, and enjoy the world-leading modern art. Don’t forget to experience the design, culture, mountains, green hills, and modern cities during your stay in the UK. Student life UK will be memorable to you for such captivating experiences in the rest of your life. There are also lots of interesting things that keep happening on the fashion and sports fronts.

So, make the most of your life productive and enjoyable while you are in the UK! If you’re interested to know more about life of international students in the UK, feel free to contact expert counsellors.

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How is life in UK as a student?

The United Kingdom is the most familiar study destination to the genius students all over the world. The world’s most famous universities are located in this nation. Student life in the UK is amazing and opportunistic. Students can fulfill their dream to have a successful career throughout the world through studying in the UK.

How much can I earn in UK as a student?

As an international student in the UK one can earn sufficient amount in which he/she can manage the need. There are so many full-time and part-time jobs available in the UK for student. During holiday periods, students will be allowed to work unrestricted hours. Students can support themselves by their earning so that their accommodation and living cost are well maintained.

Is UK good for international students?

UK is a place where every individual is respected and well treated. International students get all the support required, right from enhancing the English language skills, making students familiar with the new culture, academics from UK universities. The main reason behind choosing UK for the studies are supports in every aspect. With so many benefits, student can consider getting a degree in the UK which is really good.

Is student life easy in UK?

Life in the United Kingdom is easy for the students due to their unique supporting rules. Student life in the UK is more exciting for the students, this is a chance to explore themselves while study in UK. They get a lot of opportunities to grab new knowledge and skills which make them efficient for their successful career.