The world-famous ‘University of Liverpool’ is going to pay the £1,750 mandatory quarantine fees during this vicious pandemic. International as well as new, self-funded students (except those who are sponsored) from “red list’ countries are getting this opportunity. The university is working on official communications to be sent to all agents, applicants, and offer holders to confirm the announcement.

Liverpool University Allocates Quarantine Fees

The UK’s leading research-based higher education institution, the University of Liverpool, is an amazing and life-changing place for students to get experience. This unique institution is ranked 122nd in The World University Ranking. Liverpool University is surrounded by picturesque scenarios as well as an everlasting panorama. Above all, beautiful campuses, departments, libraries, and the sports center are found all in one place. Over here, the international fee range is £14,300–£32,400.

The following countries which make up the current UK red list are mentioned below:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Angola
  3. Argentina
  4. Bahrain
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Bolivia
  7. Botswana
  8. Brazil
  9. Burundi
  10. Cape Verde
  11. Chile
  12. Colombia
  13. Congo (Democratic Republic)
  14. Costa Rica
  15. Ecuador
  16. Egypt
  17. Eswatini
  18. Ethiopia
  19. French Guiana
  20. Guyana
  21. India
  22. Kenya
  23. Lesotho
  24. Malawi
  25. Maldives
  26. Mozambique
  27. Namibia
  28. Nepal
  29. Oman
  30. Pakistan
  31. Panama
  32. Paraguay
  33. Peru
  34. Philippines
  35. Qatar
  36. Rwanda
  37. Seychelles
  38. Somalia
  39. South Africa
  40. Sri Lanka
  41. Sudan
  42. Suriname
  43. Tanzania
  44. Trinidad and Tobago
  45. Turkey
  46. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  47. Uruguay
  48. Venezuela
  49. Zambia
  50. Zimbabwe