Top 10 world ranking universities in the uk

Our findings will be based on the latest rankings published for the year 2020. Without further ado, here are ten of the best universities in the United Kingdom:

1. University of Oxford

At numero uno is The University of Oxford. One of the oldest and most prestigious institutes not just in UK but in the world, Oxford is worthy of all the acclaim and superlatives it attracts. It is held in the highest regard by students, teachers and employers as well.

The University of Oxford also runs the world’s largest university press in addition to the phenomenal academic work that is done at the university on a daily basis.

2. University of Cambridge

Cambridge is eternally locked in a battle with Oxford for the coveted crown of being the number one university in the United Kingdom. The earliest signs of the institute can actually be traced back to the thirteenth century!

The University of Cambridge has been home to some of the most brilliant minds, such as the late Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Emma Thompson among many others. Cambridge is also associated with the Assessment International Education (formerly CIEs).

3. Imperial College London

There are several universities based in the capital that rank high in league tables each year. One of these is Imperial. Like the aforementioned universities, it is also in the top ten for universities in the world.

Imperial is linked with supremacy in pertinent fields like science, engineering, medicine and business. It is well regarded by professionals anywhere in the world, which is part of the reason it ranks so highly.

4. University College London

At number four is another London based institute: UCL. Known as one of the best and most diverse universities in the UK, UCL has a staggering student population of 38,900! In fact, nearly 40% of these students originate from outside the United Kingdom!

5. University of Edinburgh

Number five introduces the first Scottish university i.e. University of Edinburgh. Located in the capital of Scotland, it was founded in the 16th century! Some of the brightest minds have studied here, including Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell and more recently, J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series).

6. University of Manchester

Manchester University is regarded as one of the best by students and employers as well. Its numbers are even greater than Edinburgh, since it has more than 40000 students. More than 25% of the student populace is from outside the UK!

7. King’s College London

The third university from London to feature in the top ten, King’s College is also in the top fifty institutes on the planet. Known for its research intensive studies, particularly in medicine, King’s is the first choice for many bright students from around the world.

8. London School of Economics

Fully known as the London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE offers various programs but is regarded for its social science subjects. It enjoys a stellar reputation among employers and international students too.

9. University of Bristol

Bristol was created in the 19th century (1876 to be precise) and is linked with dozens of Nobel Prize winners. It is also in the top fifty universities in the world.

10. University of Warwick

Rounding off the list of top ten universities in UK is Warwick. Based in the outskirts of Coventry, Warwick is a popular destination for local and international students. Like all of the universities mentioned above, it is also a member of the prestigious Russell Group (group of 24 research intensive UK institutes).

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Uk university september intake 2022