Liverpool John Moores University and the British Council are pleased to announce the introduction of the GREAT Scholarships 2024. This initiative presents a remarkable opportunity for students hailing from Bangladesh, Egypt, and Indonesia to do a one-year master’s study in the United Kingdom.

The scholarship, which is a collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University and the British Council, has an amount of £10,000. Its purpose is to cover the cost of tuition fees for the specific degrees that are chosen.

The primary objective of this effort is to provide assistance to those who possess exceptional abilities in order to facilitate their pursuit of higher education and the attainment of their academic aspirations.

GREAT Scholarships 2024: A Pathway to Academic Excellence

Check out the offers:

  • £10,000 as scholarships
  • Only for one-year master’s programme

Programmes you can apply to:

  • MA Education
  • MSc Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • MSc Biomedical Sciences

Eligibility requirements:

  • In order to be eligible for scholarship assistance, individuals must first receive an offer of study and thereafter confirm their acceptance of the offer.
  • If the students have not yet pursued a postgraduate teaching degree.
  • Have sufficient funds to cover the rest of LJMU tuition, living expenses, travel, and other charges.
  • To be eligible for international student fee reasons, individuals must possess a valid passport and hold nationality in either Bangladesh, Egypt, or Indonesia.


The current application period has begun and will conclude on May 15, 2024.

This presents a remarkable opportunity for prospective students to achieve exceptional success in their selected area of academic pursuit at a prestigious educational institution situated in the United Kingdom. Ensure that you seize this opportunity to transform your academic aspirations into tangible achievements.

Seize this opportunity to explore uncharted territories in your scholarly pursuit! We kindly invite you to submit your application for the GREAT Scholarships 2024.