The governor of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni, travelled to the UK this past weekend to look into potential partnerships aimed at enhancing the state’s educational system.  This coming weekend, Governor Mai Mala Buni will be meeting with three famous British universities—the University of Sussex, the University of York, and the Crick Institute—to discuss important matters. 

The University of York, like other members of the prestigious Russell Group, places a strong emphasis on innovative research.  The university engages in cooperative efforts with international institutions to advance life-saving discoveries and cutting-edge innovations that address critical global issues. 

Similarly, the University of Sussex is a public research-intensive institution that creates and establishes standards in areas such as global policy, student welfare, scientific discovery, and career development. On the other hand, the Crick Institute is the outcome of a merger between the London Research Institute (LRI) of CRUK and the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) of the MRC.

According to Mamman Muhammed, the Director of General Media Affairs, the purpose of the visit goes beyond mere diplomatic relations; it aims to attract substantial educational support for institutions within Yobe State.

(Mamman Muhammed, Director of General Media Affairs): “The governor’s visit is set to attract significant educational support to institutions in Yobe State.”

This mission builds on previous commitments from these institutions, which have supported Yobe State University in the past by providing essential equipment and pledging to establish a research centre.

(Mamman Muhammed, Director of General Media Affairs): “Some of these institutions have supported Yobe State University in the past and pledged to establish a research centre.”

Governor Mai Mala Buni Elaborates on His Agenda

In addition to strengthening existing partnerships, he aims to explore additional avenues of support for ongoing education reforms. These reforms were initiated in response to the declared state of emergency in the sector.

(Mamman Muhammed, Director of General Media Affairs): “The governor aims to leverage this visit to explore other areas of support for the ongoing reforms in education, addressing the challenges identified during the state of emergency.”

Undoubtedly, Governor Mai Mala Buni’s visit to renowned educational institutions in the UK is expected to significantly strengthen the state government’s commitment to elevating the standard of education in Yobe State.