As a consequence of overwhelming interest, some universities in the United Kingdom, in a surprise announcement, some renowned British University has shocked their postgraduate students by ending September Intake ’23 courses early.

The University of Bradford reported an increase in demand for its postgraduate taught courses from around the world during the outbreak. Before the outbreak, the university already had 1,815 international students, the majority of whom were enrolled in the academic session 2020-21.

Admissions have been halted in several programmes, including those dealing with social work, human resource management, and international business and management. 

Bradford asserted that the growth in demand was due to the “outstanding” record it has maintained for the quality of instruction and the support it offers to incoming students from other countries. Most entries come from India, Pakistan, and Nigeria, the top three sourcing nations.

A university spokesman added, “We are actively developing new markets to support our diversity and inclusion agenda.”

Applying to graduate programmes is a lengthy process, with many institutions accepting applications for the upcoming academic year until September. Nonetheless, because of the increasing demand from outside, universities are starting to limit new students far earlier in the academic year.

International students interested in applying to postgraduate programmes in International Business Management, Finance, or Marketing at Oxford Brookes University must complete their applications by the end of February 2023.

Applicants from Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan should expect an earlier application deadline for all undergraduate programmes at the university. Applicants from these countries have until April 30 to submit their applications, while students from everywhere else have until May 31, 2023.

The University of Salford has temporarily halted the enrolment process for all of its business degree programmes in an effort to prevent “over-recruiting.”

The application window coincides with those of the vast majority of colleges throughout the world. Nancy Cooke, the university’s associate director of international development, has said that the university’s most popular courses will have a second application window for the September Intake 2023 later this year.

“It is critical that we accept the correct number of applications for conversion to enrollment and are able to process all applications in good time,” she continued, “so that our students have the best possible experience.”

The university has assured its students that it is working on alternative arrangements to ensure that they receive the education and support they need to complete their degrees. It has also said that it will provide additional information and support to students affected by this decision.

The announcement has come as a shock to many postgraduate students, who have been working hard towards their degrees. Some students have expressed their disappointment and frustration, while others are concerned about the impact this will have on their future careers.

In conclusion, the recent announcement by UK universities to end postgraduate courses early in September 2023 has come as a shock to students who were expecting to complete their studies as planned. This sudden change in plans has raised concerns among students, who are now faced with the dilemma of having to make alternative arrangements in the midst of an already challenging year.

The universities have stated that the decision was made in response to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, but the move has been criticised by students and experts who argue that it will have a significant impact on the education and career prospects of the affected students. The situation highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the education sector in the wake of the pandemic and the need for universities to find creative and innovative solutions to support their students.