From ancient institutions that pioneered university education to modern institutions of technology, spiritual studies, and beyond, studying abroad in the UK is no stranger to educational institutions. Russell Group names such as Oxford, Cambridge, Queen’s University Belfast, Warrick University, London Metropolitan University, and Canterbury Christ Church University, are some of the hundreds of UK universities. It’s not only the quality of education that attracts students from both the UK and abroad.

Life around different colleges and UK universities provides a different atmosphere while studying abroad in the UK, a different perspective on life, and different life experiences. That is why all international students always want to know about the best UK cities for international students. From the canals around Birmingham to the cobblestone paths around Scotland to metropolitan London, opportunities to live a new life and pursue newfound freedom in a different country come once-in-a-lifetime.

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10 Best Cities for Students in the UK

Ever since universities have existed in the UK, different cities have attracted international students from around the world. Each university, each city is unique in its own way. For those who are not familiar with the nuances of each city and each country in the UK, finding the right one can be difficult. Hence, we’ve put together a small guide with the ten best UK cities for study in uk. Discover each virtually before deciding which one is the best for you while Study Abroad in the UK.

1. London

London is first on many lists for a reason. It’s abundant with opportunities for education, work, and a thriving social life. It is home to more than 15 grand educational institutes that rank in the QS World University Rankings, The Guardian Rankings, and Times Higher Education Rankings and others. First-time university goers, people pursuing graduate degrees, and even working professionals make their way to London in pursuit of an excellent education. There is a population of over 400,000 students living in London that vouch for its opportunities.

In addition to great institutions, London has great employability and a lively social life. There are plenty of pubs, bars, theatres, cinemas, restaurants sporting cuisine, sports activities, festivals, libraries, parks, and more. Engrossed in the culture, some of the UK universities in London you can apply to include Queen Mary University of London, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, King’s College, and others.

2. Manchester

Still staying in the English territory, Manchester is also a great university city to study in the UK. There are plenty of university amenities, employment opportunities, and a great standard of living. It’s student-friendly and near enough to London that students can easily make their way there on the weekends. The University of Manchester is in the Russell Group and one of the most reputable institutes not just in the UK but in the world.

It ranks in the top 20 in various lists and provides access to great social and other opportunities for students. There are plenty of venues and locations for people pursuing arts, music, sports, history and other subjects. Besides the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Salford, and the Royal Northern College of Music are great institutes with plenty of opportunities for scholastic and research goals.

3. Coventry

Coventry is one of the most student-friendly cities in the UK with over 40% of the international student population residing there. Because of this, the city is highly diversified and provides exposure to various cultures, languages, and social experiences. When it comes to educational institutes, the University of Warwick is one of the best universities in the UK with prospects of academic and research excellence in various fields. Coventry University also has plenty of opportunities. In addition, students can indulge in music, dance, theatre, poetry, literature, and other cultural avenues.

4. Edinburgh

Make your way up to the Scottish country to Edinburgh to be surrounded by nature’s most beautiful bounty, illustrious history, and great academic opportunities. With plenty of greenery and historic architecture like Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh is a great student city. There are plenty of universities in the city including the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Queen Margaret University, Royal College of Surgeons, and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC). Outside of universities, there are plenty of contemporary theatres, galleries, museums, and more social activities such as clubs, traditional pubs, shopping centres, restaurants, and others.

5. Glasgow

Best city for international university

Glasgow is the fourth-best city in the UK for student cities. The city also ranks within the top 50 for university rankings and prospects for students, holding a diverse student population for international and national students to engage with. The University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde are both prestigious educational institutes along with Glasgow Caledonian University and the Glasgow School of Art. After school, students can engage in the city’s history and culture at museums, theatres, pubs, restaurants serving delicacies, live music venues, and more.

6. Birmingham

Birmingham is the seventh city in the UK for student-friendliness. It’s the second-largest city in the United Kingdom and is in the centre of the country. It is also the 49th best student-friendly city in the world, consistently being ranked in the top 100. Some of the universities you can apply to include the University of Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham City University, and Newman University. The city also has great restaurants, shopping centres, markets, pubs, historic locations, canals and other natural spots around. There are also plenty of festivals that take place throughout the year.

7. Brighton

Going back to England, Brighton, surrounded by its beaches, it a lively student city in the UK. It is home to a highly diverse student population with students coming over from around the UK and other countries in the world. Besides the University of Sussex, there are plenty of other schools that rank well in QS and other school rankings. Outside of educational institutes, Brighton has a thriving community with plenty of activities for students to indulge in.

8. Aberdeen

According to QS World Rankings, Aberdeen ranks in the ninth position in the best UK universities ranking. With miles of coastline and countryside locations, the city is home to universities such as the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University among others. With lower living costs, the city is great for students, especially international students living on a budget. It’s also a great location for nature enthusiasts.

9. Newcastle

In the ninth place in this list is Newcastle. With a high student mix ratio, there is plenty of diversity to be engaged with. More importantly, some of the UK’s most reputable universities, including Durham, Newcastle, and Northumbria, are located there. Besides great schools, the nightlife in Newcastle is pretty active and thriving. You can go dancing, clubbing, drinking, live music, sports, cultural festivals, theatres, galleries, and more.

10. Nottingham

The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University offer great educational and research fields. The city is especially great for sports enthusiasts as it has earned the name of Home of English Sport.

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The city is also affordable and a great public transportation system, which allows students to live affordably. If you need further assistance for Study Abroad in the UK, feel free to contact us.


Which city in the UK is the best deal for students?

According to the NatWest 2021 research, Sheffield is the most budget-friendly city in the UK. It has 60% green space. The city is known for giving students the best value for their money when it comes to education and fun. There are also some of the most affordable places to go to college in the city.

Is it hard to study in the UK?

To study well in the UK, you have to be able to start things on your own. Even though it seems like you have a lot of free time, you will need a lot of it to do all the learning for your studies. You’ll need to learn how to plan your time because the time that isn’t scheduled tends to go away.

What brings students from other countries to the UK?

International students come to the UK because of the proper education, the chance to work, the fun student life, the variety of cultures, and often more.

Why are students better off in the UK than in other places?

Courses in the UK are relatively short and more intense than in most other countries. This means that you can finish your education faster without sacrificing quality. In the UK, it takes three years to finish an undergrad degree, but only one year to finish a graduate or post-graduate program.