As UK universities return to teaching during a global pandemic, students may be faced with the prospect of online learning. Whether your university provides a ‘blended learning model with limited in-person teaching, or you are an international student unable to travel to your university yet, here are 4 tips for getting the most out of your online classes.

1. Make Some Space

Set up a designated workspace for studying and attending online lectures, preferably in a quiet place with little distractions. This is particularly important for students who don’t have access to an on-campus library or study space. Keeping one spot at home specifically for university work can help you focus by separating relaxing and studying.

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2. Manage Your Time for Online Learning

One benefit of online university courses is the time saved by not needing to travel to (or move around) campus. Setting out your personal schedule each day can optimize your free time for working on assignments and preparing for classes. By fitting blocks of independent study around your timetabled classes, you can feel more productive when working from home. Remember to schedule regular breaks throughout the day as well!

3. Turn Up for Classes

Treat your online lectures the same as any in-person lecture, arrive on time, make useful notes, ask questions and get involved in discussions! Avoid the temptation to just watch back recordings of these classes – this is your opportunity to clarify points and ask questions as they come up. Making an effort to treat online lectures like this puts you firmly in the studying head-space.

4. Connect With Other Students

A major downside of online learning is the lack of social interaction, particularly if you’re a new student looking to meet people. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to connect to others through social media so students have plenty of ways to connect virtually. Get involved in online group discussions or invite classmates to a video call. Have a look for student societies and groups which host online events, where you can make friends with similar interests. Before long, hopefully, you’ll be meeting up with them in person!

4 tips for making the most of online learning 1

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What are your strengths as an online student?

Online students that are successful at completing their weekly tasks, sending out class emails, and collaborating with their peers do so because they are self-disciplined and motivated.

What is the most prevalent issue with online courses?

The majority of students find online learning unpleasant and frequently express a lack of enthusiasm to complete their coursework. Even professors frequently criticize the lack of resources to make classes interesting, resulting in a loss of interest on both sides.

How might online lessons be made less stressful?

A regimented daily schedule makes one more attentive, productive, and responsible. Before joining an online class, a student must complete daily cleaning chores/work. Also, a lack of social connection can lead to anxiety and sadness. Ensure that you meet or converse with someone every day.


Homeschooling may help pupils to learn in a more relaxed environment. Online courses may assist the mental health of students who face discrimination, anxiety, bullying, or harassment.