To keep the international students safe, the Scotland as well as UK coronavirus vaccination program (COVID-19) has included them. This will stop spreading the virus threat and protect both the existing and upcoming students.

UK has the best COVID-19 vaccine roll-out and trying to ensure safe entry for international students by this year. According to Scotland’s Health Secretary Humza Yousaf, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is working on this for the next academic year (2021-22).

The UK is targeting to become fully vaccinated by September 2021 intake. Thus, it will enter the list of first vaccinated countries. Again, if this roll-out becomes successful then all international students will get the faster vaccine even than their own countries.

Mr. Humza Yousaf explained that “Huge number of works is proceeding to confirm that everyone can get vaccinated. This is key to the success of the programme and our efforts to keep the virus under control. 

“The latest data shows, we assume there could be about 65,000 international students studying in Scotland in the next academic year. He added that he is pleased to confirm they will be included in their national vaccination programme.

Universities Scotland Director Alastair Sim said, “International students are an integral part of Scotland’s university community and it’s absolutely vital that they have the same privilege to a COVID-19 vaccination as other students. He added more that they welcome the clarity for international students that the Scottish Government has provided.

Director Alastair believes that “Vaccination is the best route back to normality. For new international students who are coming to Scotland over the next months, it is crucial that they know that they will get all the help they need to stay safe during these sensitive times. For security and wellbeing eligibility for a vaccine is an important part of that sense of.”

Colleges Scotland Chief Executive Shona Struthers said that “They are happy to see the expansion of the vaccination programme to international students.

He also added that “Colleges welcome global students every year – they want them to feel safe and protected while the students live and study in Scotland, and the community around them to be confident that students have had the opportunity to be vaccinated while they are in Scotland.”

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